The Helpful Psychic is offering for the first time 10 minutes for $10.00 psychic reading special for new clients. The website focuses a lot on spiritual insights focused on: love, money, career, and spirituality type psychic readings.

The Helpful Psychic is a non-judgmental website that focuses on giving clients clairvoyant readings through their psychics sixth sense.  This website focuses on offering readings 24 hours daily and takes customer calls from around the world. 

To redeem the 10 minutes for $10.00 psychic reading offer, a new customer needs to sign up for a user account at  This offer is for a limited time only. 

The website features helpful categories such as love, money, and career to assist people in making a choice of who the psychic is that they want to read for them.  The Helpful Psychic wants to provide the best service possible to its clients.  The company is also offering a special price deal to speak with their psychic readers. New customers can register for an account and have 10 minutes for $10.00.  Normal price is $50.00 and higher for ten minutes.

The purpose of The Helpful Psychic website is to give guidance to men and women seeking answers to questions in their life.  New users can now try out their service without having to pay the full price with the special discount offer.     

Anyone Can Join The Website By Creating A User Account With A Gifted Psychic

Spirituality is different for every person.  A gifted clairvoyant can help guide someone in a way that makes life more enjoyable.  When a person connects with a psychic that helps them through a difficult time, they realize that its more than a psychic reading. It is a personal touch that only they can personally relate to. 

Fortune telling has been around for decades.  Psychics have been able to guide people in the areas of love and money for thousands of years.  A fortune telling reading can help someone to see what may have gone wrong in their relationship or who their soulmate might be.

Psychics do not know everything.  However, their sixth sense can lead someone in the right direction.  Often, problems create stress.  A psychic reading can easily ease a person’s sorrows and pain.  Clairvoyants often help to ease the pain and heartache that come along with relationships.  

Telephone psychics can tap into different spiritual dimensions. They connect with a spiritual realm that most ordinary people cannot.  When they tap their sixth sense into a problem, they get answers from a spiritual underworld that is not easily seen. 

Phone psychics look deep into the spiritual world using clairvoyance.  Most people get help from psychics because they believe that their visions give them clarity about life troubles.  Online psychics often investigate the spiritual realm for answers about career, money, relationships, and other problems that concern someone.  It is important for someone to pay close attention to the psychic’s advice to find out their future. 

The offer from The Helpful Psychic means that a new customer will only pay $1.00 per minute for the first ten minutes. The Helpful Psychic has a regular psychic reading radio show.  The radio show features people calling in from all walks of life to listen get a psychic reading with the host.  As the callers get answers, they feel a special connection to the spirit world and most say that their problem is resolved. 

The Helpful Psychic gives authentic readings. His clairvoyant abilities often tap into specific dates, names, and locations.  The Helpful Psychic is known for his unique ability to read the spiritual energy of a person and tell the facts surrounding their individual problem.  Most callers want to know more about their love life.  However, others are concerned about their finances or how to get a job.   

The Helpful Psychic website allows callers to spend money on a psychic reading as they go. Their easy-to-use payment system allows callers to have more control over their reading.  They can control how much money they spend on their reading by using an easy-to-use phone system.  The system allows a caller to add money as they go. 

The phone system also allows a customer to specify when they want to get a reading with The Helpful Psychic. A customer can choose when they want the psychic to call them back.

The Helpful Psychic website believes that we are living in a fast-paced society and must give customers what they are asking for.  Customers want to know that they can pick up their phone when they have a problem and get answers right now. Therefore, they believe that having this phone technology works in the 21st century.

 The Helpful Psychic website also has articles on it that are related to astrology, tarot, and horoscopes.  Many of its users often say that they enjoy reading content that is related to something that they are searching for. 

Customers of the website also like being able to leave feedback after their clairvoyant reading to express how they feel the psychic connected with them during their live call.  The website has a fast load time and is user friendly.

Regular pricing on the website ranges from $4.99 to $9.99 per minute.  The 10 minutes for $10.00 special allow a new customer to get a sample reading at a reduced cost.

Some customers write in their feedback that their spiritual adviser helped them to achieve success in their career or romantic life. Many people say that The Helpful Psychic helped them to have restored hope because of future predictions that made them believe in possibilities.

On average, repeat callers will come back to the website once every six months.  This is mainly because they often need updates or new information concerning their problem. 

Once a new customer registers for an account, they are sent discount offers that they can use on the website for future readings.  Discounted rates work well for customers on a budget.

The Helpful Psychic is 5 stars rated because of his accurate visions. Very few people in the world can read clairvoyantly. He uses no spiritual tools such as tarot cards or astrology charts. The Helpful Psychic gets his visions from a God given gift. 

The website believes that clairvoyance is a rare gift and most people in the world do not know how tap into it.  Once a clairvoyant reader like The Helpful Psychic taps into the spirit world, amazing insights begin to flow. 

The Helpful Psychic reaches deeply into the spiritual world for answers.  When he sees information that will be helpful to his client, he tells them. He can often pick up on specific names and even dates. The deeper that he goes into the spirit world, the more answers that a caller receives.

The Helpful Psychic has done over 100,000 readings to date.  He has become a master in the spiritual realms and believes that his ability helps people to see that their problem may not be as bad as they think.  Customers walk away from their psychic reading often feeling as though they got a weight lifted from their soul.

The Helpful Psychic only allows psychic readers to work on the website if their gift is 100% real.  The clairvoyant gift is so rare that most psychics fail that they can demonstrate that they have a true psychic ability. 

Customer reviews help new customers to learn more about the Helpful Psychic and his reading abilities.  It helps them to determine whether they want to use their services.

The Helpful Psychic can read in the areas of money, love, spirituality, pets, past lives and more.  When you call in to speak with The Helpful Psychic, you simply give him your first name and date of birth. Afterwards, he begins to read your spirit and tells you what he sees.

His customers say that he has a calm and soothing voice.  The Helpful Psychic often makes his clients feel a sense of ease because they are talking to a professional clairvoyant that understands their situation. 

The Helpful Psychic can often tell the caller what their problem is even before they ask a question.  It is a rare spiritual gift that most people do not have. The fact that The Helpful Psychic taps into spiritual energy so quickly, he makes it possible for someone to get read. 

To understand clairvoyance, a person must understand what using your sixth sense means.  Your sixth sense is in the center of your forehead.  Others refer to this as your third eye.  Once a clairvoyant connects to their third eye, they can see into another person’s past, present and future.

The Helpful Psychic goes into specific details. He does not generalize information.  He lets you know what he sees in his vision exactly as it comes to him.  Customers love his direct and accurate approach to his reading style. The website admits that most customers prefer honesty over “sugar coating” answers.

Most new customers that want to get a psychic reading are looking for love advice.  They usually want to know when someone is calling them or if there is a soulmate connection.  The Helpful Psychic tells the caller what he sees for them.  He got the name “helpful psychic” because customers often told him how helpful he was when they called him for a clairvoyant reading. 

The Helpful Psychic lets their caller know if they are on the right track with their life or not. He will reveal to them what they need to do to improve their chances of success in love and money. 

The Helpful Psychic spent years perfecting his clairvoyant abilities. Often meditating for more than 2 hours at a time and spending significant time in the forest away from distractions. He spent over a decade giving free psychic readings to people to perfect his clairvoyance.  He admits that only practice makes a clairvoyant reading accurate.

The Helpful Psychic taps into the different levels of the spiritual realm and he knows how to dig deep into the spirit on levels that most human beings cannot reach. This is what makes his clairvoyant ability so powerful.  He has trained his sixth sense to go into levels of the spiritual realm that require a tremendous amount of focus and discipline. 

New customers often have some idea of why they are calling The Helpful Psychic. They often want to know something important.  These men and women often feel drawn to The Helpful Psychic because he can give them information that nobody else can. 

The Helpful Psychic says that customers today are searching for real answers to their life problems.  Psychic readings are important because they give you a glimpse into an area of life that can lead to success and happiness.  The customer can ask as many questions as they would like during their call.  Most psychic readings last between 10 and 60 minutes. 

The great feature of is that a user can call 24 hours daily. If The Helpful Psychic is not there to take your call, then you can arrange a specific time.  The website tries to make their prices affordable for the general population.

When a new customer signs up, they will have to do so with a major credit card.  The process is easy and quick.

Once a user signs up for an account, they can also get a monthly newsletter in their email.  It is important for customers to feel a personal connection with their reader.  The psychic reader often becomes their trusted friend and seer. 

The website does tell their clients to not spend more money than they know they can afford.  Getting to many psychic readings can drain your wallet. It is important for callers to get the help that they need at an affordable price.

Dream interpretation is also popular on The Helpful Psychic website.  Dreams are often misunderstood. When this clairvoyant taps into your dream, he tells you what it means and what your life is going to be impacted by it.  Dreams often reveal what is happening inside of your subconscious mind.  Also, spirit guides can often speak to people in dreams as well.

The Helpful Psychic also reads on past lives.  A past live is a life that you had before this one.  People are often unaware of their past lives, and it takes a clairvoyant psychic to tell them information about who they were or what may have been a problem in this life as well.  Past life readings are popular on the website because it tells callers why their life may have not turned out the way that they wanted it to in this life.

General readings can tell you anything that may come up in The Helpful Psychics vision. Perhaps a caller is experiencing an unknown feeling with them.  They may know that something is wrong but does not know exactly why.  The Helpful Psychic can pinpoint and tell them what he sees in his vision that may be of help.  General readings can help pinpoint anything that may be happening right now in a caller’s life or in the future. 

The Helpful Psychic is credible because his clients keep coming back.  They know that the information that he tells them is valuable and accurate. 

Users often care about their finances and ask questions about which job is best for them to take. They also ask questions about a future raise that the company can give to them. 

Clairvoyant readings work best for people that are open minded.  The reason for this is because the clairvoyant reader can see into a person’s spirit only if they are permitted to do so by the client.  Therefore, clairvoyant readers will often ask, “Is it okay that I read for you?” 

The Helpful Psychic wants a customer to know that they are trustworthy.  When they engage with a customer over the telephone, they get the results that they were hoping for. 

About The Helpful Psychic

The Helpful Psychic

We offer Live Psychic Readings. The Helpful Psychic has over 25 years of professional psychic reading experience. You can get a reading with him about love, money, career, spirituality and much more. You can Sign Up Here if you need to find out what your future has in store for you. You will find that The Helpful Psychic is highly accurate and can give you answers quickly.