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The Helpful Psychic is a website that connects you with world famous Psychic Angelic.  His readings have touched thousands of people from around the world.


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible psychic reading that you had in your entire life.


We wanted to give the world a unique psychic talent that few possess in the entire world.


Our customers come back to us daily because they want to connect with Angelic about their life situations.  They trust Angelic because he is accurate and clairvoyant.

Psychic Angelic

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$4.99 Per Minute

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About Psychic Angelic…………

Psychic Angelic is an “ACCURATE” Clairvoyant psychic reader.  With over 50,000 psychic readings completed to date, he is highly sought after for his insightful visions.  Thousands of people from around the world call to consult with him every single year about their questions concerning: love, money, career, spirituality, pets and more.  

Psychic Angelic first learned about his abilities when he was spending time with his psychic grandmother.  She to was a clairvoyant in her day.  This spiritual gift was inherited and passed down from generation to generation.  

Psychic Angelic is considered to be one of the top clairvoyant experts in the world.  Often picking up on names, dates, times and locations.  His clients often tell us that he is near 100% accurate on what he predicts and sees.  

Getting a clairvoyant reading with Angelic is easy. Simply call or chat with him online or by phone.  He will easily and quickly pick up on your question without you having to give him much information.  Its truly a miracle!

Customers often call Angelic several times a week for follow up readings or with new questions about different situations.  Our phone and chat system is easy to use.

Email us here if you have a question.

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