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The Helpful Psychic is a website that connects you with world famous Psychic Angelic. His readings have touched thousands of people from around the world. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible psychic reading that you had in your entire life. We wanted to give the world a unique psychic clairvoyant talent that few possess. Our customers come back to us daily because they want to connect with Angelic about their life situations.  They trust Angelic because he is accurate and detailed.

Psychic Angelic has spent his entire life using clairvoyance. He taps into spiritual realms that few people in the entire world can connect with. He is the REAL DEAL.  We are not joking.  Try it out and see for yourself.  

Our business provides both chat and phone services.  

The Helpful Psychic, Inc.

453 S Spring St Ste 400 PMB 218
Los Angeles, CA  90013

(919) 341-0090

(Please note that this phone number is for customer service only.  If you need to call Psychic Angelic for a live psychic reading, please dial:

USA CAllers

(833) 666-3436

International Callers

(213) 337-7656