How Do I Get 3 Free Minutes?

If you are a new customer and want to test out our service with a 3 free minute offer, please look for the coupon code under the psychics name.  Please note that each psychic has their own coupon code.  You need to first register for a user account before you can take advantage of the offer.

Who Is The Helpful Psychic?

The Helpful Psychic is a clairvoyant psychic reading website.  We have been doing readings professionally for over 25 years.  You will find that our reading style is in depth. We dig deep into your problem and situatuion and give you an aswer.  Our clairvoyant gifts have helped thousands of people to find their path again. Our psychics can see into the past, present and future.

How Will My Payment Appear On My Credit Card Statement?

We use the click4advisor billing system. It will say click4advisor on your billing statement.

How Can I Sign Up To Speak To The Helpful Psychic?

It is easy to speak toa psychic on our website.  Simply click on the psychics call or chat button.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds.

How Do I Leave Feedback?

You can leave feedback for The Helpful Psychic by simply logging into your account and leaving feedback after you have had a paid session.

When Is The Helpful Psychic Available?

Our psychics are available 24 hours daily. Simply click on the call or chat now button.  Each psychic has their own schedule.

How Often Can I Call The Helpful Psychic?

You can call The Helpful Psychic anytime that the call now button is on.  You can even arrange a call.

What is your email address?

Our email address is

What Kind of Psychic Readings Does The Helpful Psychic Offer?

The helpful psychic offers psychic readings in the area of love, money, career, spirituality, pets and much more.  We answer most types of questions.

How Long Has The Helpful Psychic Been Giving Readings?

The Helpful Psychic has been giving psychic readings now for over 25 years.

How Accurate Is The Helpful Psychic?

Our customers say that The Helpful Psychic is the most accurate psychic website that they have ever been to.  Our customers come back to us each month for updates and psychic readings regularly.  Our psychics come rather close to being 100% accurate.

Are Your Psychic Readings For Entertainment Purposes Only?

Yes, the psychic readings that we give on The Helpful Psychic are for Entertainment Purposes Only.

What Credit Cards Do You Accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover

How Many Accounts Can I Have?

We allow our customers to have only one user account.  You cannot use the promotional offer more than once.  If you are found creating multiple accounts to take advantage of the promotional offer, your account will be closed.

Why Is My Call Not Going Through?

There are many reasons why a call may not go through. A popular reason that happens often is that a customer will try to create a second account while already having a user account. You cannot have more than one user account at a time.   A second reason is because your credit card is declining.