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The Helpful Psychic has been giving live clairvoyant readings for over 25 years.  He first realized his psychic gifts when he was a teenager.  He is able to tap into the past, present and future.  Most of his clients come to him asking questions about: love, money, career, spirituality, pets, past lives and much more.  He has trained his sixth sense to tap into the spirit world quickly and accurately.


You will find that he knows the answers about your troubles before you even ask.  He is able to pick up on information that you will ask yourself, “How did he know that?”  When you get a psychic reading with The Helpful Psychic, you will feel like you spent your hard earned money on someone that cares about you and has a real psychic gift.


The Helpful Psychic has clients from all walks of life.  He communicates with his spirit guides in order to give you an accurate reading. You may be shocked to find out that he often picks up on specific names, dates, times and locations. He can tell you if the person that you are dating is your soulmate or simply someone wasting your time. He can tap into your business and job. He can tell you if he sees something negative coming for you or if you should be watching out for something that you may not have known existed before.


The Helpful Psychic got his name by his clients often telling him that they got so much “help” from their psychic reading.  The Helpful Psychic knows that having a psychic gift is a big responsibility. His clients rely on him to be guided in the right direction.


You can call The Helpful Psychic anytime in order to get a reading. Many people call him a spiritual healer. Most psychic readings last for around 20 to 30 minutes. However, many clients call for just 5 minutes and get answers fast and accurately.


When The Helpful Psychic is speaking to you, he is actually closing his eyes and looking into the spirit world.  He can see all things in the spirit world that are revealed to him.  You will be shocked and amazed at the details that he will give to you.  His clairvoyance is so fine tuned that you will feel like you have met him in another life.  He can pick up on information that you have no clue how he knows the answers.  Yes, he is really that psychic!


He also tells you the truth.  There is no “fluff” here.  During your psychic reading, you can ask him any question that comes to mind.  However, he cannot answer medical or questions about pregnancy.  These types of questions should be asked to your medical doctor. The Helpful Psychic is not a doctor or professional counselor.


How Is It Possible That You Are So Accurate?

Our clients are often shocked at how accurate The Helpful Psychic is.  They often ask, “How doe he know this? I never told anyone about that and yet he knows?”  This goes with his training.  He has spent his entire life reading people from all walks of life. You will find that his clairvoyant abilities are a true gift. We are all born with certain gifts. When you meet someone like The Helpful Psychic, you begin to realize that there is a higher force that governs the universe.  There is another realm that gives us information.  The Helpful Psychic can tap into that dimension and get answers for you.


How Can You Help Me In My Love Life?

Most of our clients call asking about love.  For most people, love is confusing. However, The Helpful Psychic knows that it is never easy to see anything beyond this world if you are not “psychic”.  His clients come to him when they have questions that they cannot answer for themselves.  It is not easy to figure out love on your own. Therefore, The Helpful Psychic gives you the answers that pertain to your life.


Can You Help Me With Business Questions?

Yes, The Helpful Psychic can see into your business problems. He can tell you what may be coming up for you or what may not be coming up.  He often saves business professionals from making mistakes. You will find that when he taps into the spirit world with his clairvoyance, he tells you what may be coming up.


How Powerful Is The Helpful Psychic?

The Helpful Psychic is extremely powerful and gifted in clairvoyance.  He can tell you exact details.  His clairvoyance has been mastered beyond what most people can understand.  Many of his clients think of him as being a detective. He literally sees your problem in his visions and gives you answers about it.


How Can I Prepare For A Psychic Reading?

To prepare yourself for a live psychic reading with The Helpful Psychic, it is best to be calm.  It is best to meditate and to calm your energies.  In this way, you will not get your reading when you are in an upset state.


How Long Will The Psychic Reading Take?

A psychic reading can take anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour. It all depends on how long you want to speak and how many questions you have. Most questions are answered in under a minute.  However, you have control over how in depth you want The Helpful Psychic to go.  Do you want to just get a fast answer, or do you want more details?  Most of our clients stay for 30 minutes at a time when they call. However, the choice is up to you.