Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign with a symbol of an archer. A Sagittarius is person who is born between November 22 and December 21. The Sagittarius is considered the centaur, a mythological figure that is half horse and half human. The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Jupiter. If you are a Sagittarius, then you must be willing to know a lot of details about your personality. To more about the personality of a Sagittarius and their strength or weaknesses, read on. You will be surprised to know some of the best traits, marriage and favorites of the Sagittarius.

What Is The Personality of Sagittarius?

The Sagittarians are quite interesting with some great personality traits. Being represented by archer, Sagittarians are considered as intelligent and independent. This is the last fire sign among all the 3 fire signs and has some wonderful traits. Though these traits can vary from one person to another, the most common personality traits of Sagittarius are:

  • Independence: The strongest personality trait of the Sagittarians is independence. Although they can be loving and warm, Sagittarians can be quite independent and they will not rely on anyone for anything. They are strong-willed and follow their own plans. No one’s judgment or opinions can change their plans much.
  • Honest & straightforward: The honest for the Sagittarians is more of straightforwardness without any filter. People who are Sagittarius will speak exactly what they think and they will never back off from those words. If you are truly looking for an honest opinion, then it is better to ask a Sagittarius. But be prepared to know the unvarnished truth that they speak.
  • Adventurous & rebellious: One of the common personality traits of all fire signs is adventurous. Sagittarians are no exception and along with that they are rebellious too. They are quite jolly and cheerful as well as they love freedom. These make them a perfect companion for adventurous trips and impromptu plans. If you want to be firm with them, they can turn into a rebel very quickly.
  • Optimistic: In another word, the Sagittarians can be quite naive. Because of this naïve nature, they think that all the people around them have good intentions. And due to their optimistic nature, they easily believe or trust people. One thing that you will notice about the Sagittarius people is that they don’t engage themselves in any sort of negativity. They love to stay positive and quite reluctant to give away the positivity which can make them naïve at times.
  • Philosophical: Though on the face value, most of the Sagittarians will look passionate, party animal and follows their own rules (they do), but deep down inside, they are also a deep thinker. The Sagittarians love to unravel problems and figure things out and bring a theory out of everything. They actually love the intellectual and mental realm than that of the emotional side. More than feeling, they love thinking.
  • Witty and wicked: The Sagittarius can be quite humorous at times. Don’t be surprise to see their ridiculous side ever. But they can always combine the humor with some ruthless sarcasm for people. If you are a very dear friend of a Sagittarian, then you can notice this quite closely.
  • Restless & impatient: Being restless about anything or impatient is a personality of a Sagittarius. They get easily frustrated with the boring life and want excitement all the time. They always want a pace in their life and when things don’t move at their pace, they can become restless and impatient too

These are some of the popular traits of the Sagittarians. Being a fire sign, they are always energetic, proactive and motivated. They can get easily inspired by effective and inspirational leaders. They have a beautiful combination of intelligence, independence and compassion which make them a wonderful and caring person at the same time. But they are not perfect, like any other signs.

Who Should Sagittarius Marry?

Marriage is a commitment for lifetime and it should with someone who is a perfect match. Though Sagittarius people don’t fear commitment, they love their freedom and independence. They are fire and hence they are energetic too. They need someone who can match with their level of energy and enthusiasm. Based on the personality traits, the perfect match for the Sagittarius can be another Sagittarius.

Also, the Aries can be a perfect match for the Sagittarius as well. They both are energetic, adventurous and independent in nature. Hence, they can have a lot of commonness in them which can lead to a good partnership. But Gemini, Taurus and Pisces are not at all a good match for the Sagittarians. Sagittarius is highly incompatible with these three zodiac signs. Besides that, Leo and Libra can also be a great match for Sagittarius. To some extent, Aquarius too is considered a nice match. Read on to know more about the compatibility of the Sagittarius with these signs.

Sagittarius and Aries: Both being the fire signs, they are easily attracted to each other. This relationship can be quite successful because none of them are clingy and needy. Both being equally independent, they love to have their own space. Hence, neither the Aries not the Sagittarius will feel trapped or suffocated in the marriage. This is the most preferable and best match for both Sagittarius men and women. There is no such remarkable downside to this compatibility.

Sagittarius and Leo: Again as both of them are fire signs, there are a lot of common things between them. This can be a highly energetic and fun loving match. The compatibility is great as both them are carefree, optimistic, enthusiastic and generous in nature. This can make their lifestyle quite fast and exciting all the time, just what Sagittarius likes. This is a pretty good match for marriage.

Sagittarius and Libra: Libras are quite outgoing, optimistic and attractive in nature. These are all the traits that Sagittarius loves and enjoy. This can be a great match for marriage as it will draw intensity, spontaneity and passion into their relationship. But sometimes Libras can be diplomatic in nature while Sagittarius is always straightforward and extremely honest.

Sagittarius and Aquarius: Sagittarius and Aquarius can make a great team together. Both being forward thinking and highly enthusiastic, this can make a perfectly solid match. As there are a lot of things that are common in both, it can bring great chemistry making them a perfect soul mate for each other. But one downside of this relationship is that Aquarius is very stubborn while Sagittarius is more flexible. This can sometimes be an issue for the relationship.

What Is The Weakness of Sagittarius?

As you can see, Sagittarians have a very dynamic personality with loads of great and amazing traits. But there are certain weaknesses too in a Sagittarius. These are also a part of the personality of a Sagittarius. Sagittarius weaknesses are – lack of patience, extreme straightforwardness and inability to fulfill the promises.

Sagittarians love excitement all the time and they want to live life on fast track. They don’t believe in monotonous life and hence when things are not going at their pace, it can make them extremely impatient. This is a weakness when it comes to professional as well as personal life. They can get easily frustrated and impatient while waiting.

Also, being straightforward is fine, but the Sagittarius can get extreme sometimes. Hence, they lack the tact and forget the filters while speaking their mind. This can hurt people who are close to the Sagittarius. Even this can come out as a ruthless sarcasm hurting someone’s feelings too.

The inability to fulfill the promises comes from the fact that they don’t like to follow a particular plan all the time. Sagittarius loves to explore. So, it is tough to bind them into a particular agreement. This can also make them fear commitment and relationship, at times, because they fear to be tied down.

What Is The Favorite Color Of Sagittarius?

The favorite color of the Sagittarius is Purple. It is their power color. As the Sagittarians are deeply philosophical in nature and they love to think deeply, purple is the ideal color for them. Purple is a color that can improve your awareness towards life and make your more open minded to think and see the world in different perspective. Besides purple, Sagittarius also loves the color blue. It is considered their lucky color. Blue represents thoughtfulness and compassion while purple is a color of sensitivity and big heart.

Where Does Sagittarius Like To Be Touched?

The Sagittarius can be a great a great partner on bed. The fire in them and energetic personality of a Sagittarius can make them completely irresistible on bed. The erogenous zone of the Sagittarius men and women are their thighs, upper leg and hips. They love to be touched here as these are the most sensual parts of their body. Being the fire signs, the Sagittarius men as well as women love to be the dominant on bed but can agree to be submissive at times. But if you really want to turn them on, then massage their hips in circular motion and thighs in vertical strokes. This can make their erotic sensations shoot up.

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