(833) 666-3436 10 Minutes For $10.00 New Customer Special. $4.99 Per Minute After.
How To Get A Psychic Reading With Angelic

In order to get a psychic reading, you need to create a user account.  You can do this by  calling (833) 666-3436 if you are a usa caller and  (213) 337-7656 if you are an international caller.

If you are having problem, please contact us via the chat button on our website or call customer service at (919) 341-0090 (Please note that this phone number is for customer service only and not psychic readings.

Credit Card Is Not Working

If you are trying to place a phone call and its not working, it is because your credit card is not valid. You can try adding your funds using a different credit card. If you need additional help, please contact customer service.

How Much Money Does It Cost To Get A Psychic Reading With Psychic Angelic?

If you are a new customer, the cost is 10 minutes for $10.00 and then $4.99 per minute after.  Regular pricing is $4.99 per minute.