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Virgo men have the most intense and passionate sexual energy of all the star signs. Through communication, creativity, and attention to detail, they can make any woman feel adored and cherished in bed.

However, Virgo men can be a bit rigid when they first start out. This can be a little confusing to some women, but it is not permanent.

1. Be patient

If you want to please a Virgo man sexually, you need to be patient. These men are perfectionists and they need to be sure that what they’re doing is going to satisfy you.

They also like to be guided by their instincts and if you do this, it will make them feel more secure. You can do this by giving him direction during sex and telling him what you want from him.

He’ll also appreciate being told that you think he’s doing a good job. This reassurance will heighten his confidence and make him more eager to please you in bed.

It’s also a good idea to discuss your sex fantasies with him. He will be more likely to accept them if you let him know that you want to explore new techniques and positions.

One of the best ways to do this is by roleplaying in bed. This will allow him to express his fantasies without being judged.

Virgo men are also very curious about the world around them, so exploring new sex positions and trying out wild and kinky techniques will excite them. You can even use fluffy handcuffs and sext role-play costumes to get him interested in oral sex.

You can also give him a lot of space by making your bedroom spotless, neat, and organized. He will love the smell of fresh sheets and scented candles!

2. Be romantic

A virgo man needs a romantic connection with you before he can be fully satisfied sexually. He can be self-critical, so you need to be patient with him and let him know that you will not hurt him or make him feel bad about himself.

He also needs to be told about his hot sexual fantasies so that he can have something to work towards with you. This will help him to relax and feel more confident in bed.

Virgos enjoy foreplay and love to explore their partner’s body. It is important to keep him entertained and interested by trying new sex positions, playing sext role-play games, and using wild and kinky techniques like handcuffing him to a chair for oral sex.

It is important to have a clean and organized environment for him to feel comfortable in. He appreciates a spotless room that smells of fresh sheets and flowers.

In addition, he likes to have a relaxing massage before bed to stimulate his body and release any tension. Virgos also like to have their sex time planned so that they can avoid distractions such as work and other tasks.

It is also a good idea to introduce him to new sex toys and techniques so that he can have more fun in bed. These can include things like fluffy handcuffs, sex role-play costumes, and wild and kinky techniques for oral sex.

3. Be sensual

Virgo is the sign of the virgin, so it makes sense that they are a little cautious at first. However, underneath the protective shell lies a bubbling well of earthy sensual desire.

To please a Virgo man sexually, you need to be very descriptive about what you want. He will get excited and feel a connection to you if you talk about what positions, techniques, and fantasies you crave.

Dirty talk is an excellent way to communicate this, as it will get him in the mood and make him more open to foreplay. Relationship expert Felicity Keith has developed a program called The Language of Desire that will help you use dirty talk to your advantage.

It can also be helpful to discuss things with him beforehand. This will help you both know what satisfies him and can also make it easier for him to relax during your time together.

He also loves to be told how much he is enjoying your acts of foreplay, which can increase his arousal and make him more likely to give you more pleasure. This can be done by whispering in his ears what you are doing to him and what you would like him to do to you.

Lastly, you can also try some physical intimacy to please him. Massages, for example, can be a great way to stimulate his feelings of pleasure and enhance your connection with him.

4. Be a good listener

If you want to please a virgo man sexually, you need to be an effective listener. A good listener is someone who doesn’t just passively absorb your words but also helps you understand the other person’s point of view and perspective.

Virgo men are detail-oriented and perfectionists by nature, so they need to know that you’re paying attention to their every word. Make sure you turn off any devices that might distract you and focus solely on what your virgo man is saying.

He might seem rigid at first, but once he feels comfortable with you, he’ll be eager to explore his kinkier side. So act out his fantasies, bring toys into the bedroom, and play sexy games with him.

You can also use dirty talk to stimulate your Virgo’s mind and body, which will give him a rush of pleasure. Whispering sensual words in his ear will send him into a hyper-aroused state and help him feel more in control of your intimate time together.

Whether you’re talking about sex or any other topic, listening is key to being a good communicator. Good listeners help you amplify and clarify your own thinking, and they also help you bounce ideas off of each other. This is a skill that you can develop over time and will improve your ability to communicate effectively with your Virgo man.

5. Be supportive

When it comes to pleasure, a Virgo man is very sensitive. He wants to make sure that you are enjoying every part of your experience in bed, and he will do his best to make that happen.

He will try to satisfy your every need, and he will take pride in his work. However, if you want to please him sexually, he will be much more satisfied when you give him the lead and let him enjoy the pleasure.

To keep your Virgo man sexually satisfied, you should show him how much you care about him and his feelings. You should compliment him constantly and say things like “You are hot” or “I love your company.”

Be open with him about his fantasies too. He may have some domination fantasies, and he will love to explore them.

The Virgo man is also highly visual in the bedroom, so he will enjoy watching you use his body in different positions. He will get turned on if you playfully push him down and get on top of him.

He will also appreciate the fact that you’re able to communicate your feelings and sensations with him. He can sense how you are feeling at all times, and he will be very responsive to the way you talk.

6. Be disciplined

Virgo men are perfectionists, so they need to be disciplined with their lovemaking. This can get frustrating at first, but it is actually a good thing because it helps them be consistent in what they do and what they say.

They also like to know that you have their best interests at heart. So if you want to please a Virgo man sexually, try to speak directly about what you are looking for.

In addition, try to give him feedback about his performance during sex. This will make him feel good about himself and he will be more confident in doing what you want.

During foreplay, it is often important to tease him so that he can get excited and ready for intercourse. This can include sexy whispers and roleplaying.

He will be able to use his imagination when you do this and it will help him relax and get into the right mindset for sex. He will also be more likely to tell you what he wants in bed if you do this.

Virgos also need variety in their lives so bringing in different sex toys or trying new positions can help them have a better time in bed. It is also a great idea to experiment with role playing in bed and surprise him with some domination. These are just some of the things you can do to keep him on his toes and make sure he never gets bored with your relationship.