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If you want to know how to get a virgo woman to chase you, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first thing you should remember is that she’s a Virgo woman who values honesty and loyalty.

If you aren’t able to be honest and loyal, it won’t matter how much she likes you. She’ll find out soon enough that you aren’t reliable.

1. Make her laugh

When it comes to attracting and seducing a virgo woman, make sure you appeal to her dry sense of humor. This will massively boost your chances of winning her heart.

Virgo women enjoy the company of men who are intelligent and eloquent. This is because they tend to be very good at noticing details that other people miss. This makes them a great listener.

You can also get her to laugh by making her feel good about herself. This will make her happy and reassure her that she is beautiful.

A Virgo woman’s dry sense of humour can be very comical and sarcastic. You can use this to your advantage by using clever wit and curt sarcasm in conversations.

She will also appreciate it if you don’t try to over-act your way through a joke. She is not into big shows of excess and loud laughter, so leave those at the door.

Another way to make her laugh is to ask her thoughtful questions that will make her think. This will also impress her and will make her want to keep talking with you.

If you really want to woo her, seduce her with small gestures like buying her favorite flowers on a random day. This will show her that you are thinking of her and care about her.

Moreover, try to be polite and nice with her. This will help you get her to trust you and like you more.

Lastly, keep your life organized and neat. A Virgo woman despises messes, so you need to make sure that your house is clean and tidy. If she finds it a hassle to put up with your messy living quarters, she’ll soon realize that you aren’t a good match for her.

2. Make her feel special

When you want to get a virgo woman to chase you, there are certain things that you can do. These include using clever words, being confident, and showing her your independent side. These tricks will make her feel special, and she will be more likely to pursue you.

Virgo women love to be treated well and to know that you care about them. They are also very practical and enjoy a man who has a level head.

The best way to make a Virgo woman feel special is to show her that you appreciate all of the little things about her. This includes everything from her personality to the way she looks and dresses.

If she thinks you appreciate her, it will help you to take her on more dates and have more conversations with her. She’ll feel more confident in your ability to understand her and to love her.

One way to make her feel special is to buy her gifts that are meaningful to her. This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it can be very meaningful.

Another way to make her feel special is to take her out for a romantic date. If you’re planning a dinner or a picnic, go for a place with a nice outdoor setting. You can even go all out and throw in a fancy gourmet meal to really impress her!

A Virgo woman is not interested in large, dramatic PDAs, but she loves to feel affectionate. If she’s feeling particularly intimate, she’ll often be quite private about her feelings. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like to talk about her emotions; it just means that you’ll need to be patient and kind to her when it comes to opening up about her feelings.

3. Make her feel comfortable

The number one thing that a Virgo woman wants in a man is a strong sense of confidence. If she thinks you’re capable of handling any situation in a calm and sensible manner, she will be drawn to you.

Having this self-assurance will also make her feel safe and comfortable around you. This means she’ll be more likely to open up to you about her problems and emotions.

You should take some time to get to know her on a personal level before you pursue her romantically. This will give her a better understanding of who you are and what you want out of a relationship.

If you’re interested in a Virgo woman, make sure you’re disciplined and have your life together. She’ll be attracted to a man who takes care of himself, and she’ll appreciate that you aren’t constantly trying to impress her with material things.

She’ll be able to see how much you value her and will be attracted to your sincere gratitude for everything that she does. Don’t be afraid to send her flowers with a handwritten “thank you” note attached to them.

When she feels a little overwhelmed or stressed out, she’ll need you to be her comforting rock. This can be a simple act as she sits and listens to you talk about a topic that she enjoys or something that helps her relax.

It’s important to remember that Virgo women have a high attention to detail. They’re meticulous and perfectionists, so they’ll notice if you wear something that doesn’t look well put together or if your skin isn’t clean.

The best way to make her feel comfortable is to show her that you understand her and are sensitive enough to handle her feelings. She’ll be more attracted to you if she thinks you have a great sense of humor and aren’t too harsh with her when she has a bad day.

4. Make her feel confident

If you want to get a virgo woman to chase you, you need to make her feel confident. The best way to do this is by being honest about your intentions and letting her know that you are serious about pursuing a long-term relationship with her.

She will be impressed by the fact that you aren’t afraid to show your emotions and are willing to put in the time and effort to build a meaningful relationship with her. By doing this, you’re demonstrating that you are trustworthy and stable, two things she looks for in a man.

As with any other kind of relationship, you need to take your time with a Virgo woman before she starts to feel physically attracted to you. She can be very protective of her feelings and wants to make sure you’re not going to hurt her in any way.

Her perfectionist nature makes her very cautious, so it’s important to be respectful of her boundaries. For example, she might say that she doesn’t like to be called after 8 pm, so respect her wishes and don’t call her until she lets you know it’s okay.

You should also be very attentive to her needs and concerns. For instance, she might be struggling with an emotional issue and will need someone to talk to. She will appreciate the fact that you’re available to her and will probably be more likely to talk to you about it.

Getting a Virgo woman to chase you isn’t an easy task, but it’s possible if you take the time and effort to do it right. If you follow these tips, you’re well on your way to achieving the results you desire.

5. Make her feel special

Virgos are often shy, so it’s important to make them feel special. This can be done by showing them that you’re interested in them, making romantic gestures, and being sweet and thoughtful.

A Virgo woman wants to be valued for her intelligence and personality, so she will appreciate a man who has the patience to understand her needs. She also wants to know that she can trust her partner and that he will keep her happy.

She’s also looking for a strong, independent woman who can take care of herself. This means she needs to be able to take time away from her relationship without feeling guilty about it.

Show her that you have your own interests and aren’t afraid to try new things. Whether that’s going hiking, taking an art class, or eating out alone, she needs to see that you can be independent and have a life on your own.

The best way to do this is to show her how much you value her by giving her genuine appreciation for everything she does. She won’t appreciate you dropping over the top compliments, but she will love a simple “thank you” or “you’re gorgeous.”

When talking to her, be empathetic and gentle. She’s sensitive and can easily get overwhelmed by her emotions.

Another great way to make her feel special is to talk about anything and everything. She’s interested in history, music, literature, science, politics, and more. She’s a dreamer and wants to hear about your plans for the future.

A Virgo woman is an incredibly devoted lover and will want to make sure that you have your needs met. She’s often very nitpicky, so she needs someone who can soothe her worries and keep her calm.