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The first step to finding love is to understand who you’re compatible with. Astrology can give you an answer to this question.

For instance, a realistic, no-nonsense Virgo can’t stand the impulsiveness of Aquarius or the impractical thinking of Gemini, two signs ruled by Mercury. They also might not get along well with Cancer, which thrives on chaos and disorder.


A virgo woman is an intelligent and hardworking person who radiates with the highest vibration. She is also very loyal to her loved ones and has high standards.

She is a people person and keeps a very close circle of friends. This makes her a very discerning partner. She also prefers to date someone who is a little different than the norm.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which represents independence, intuitiveness and creativity. They are also very progressive and aware of things around them.

Despite their contrasting personalities, they can have a great connection with each other when it comes to communication. This is especially true if the relationship has been established properly and both have been honest in their dealings with each other.

On the other hand, their lack of initial chemistry may lead to a slow start in this kind of relationship. This is why a lot of virgo-aquarius romances start off as friendships, where both signs enjoy being together for a while.

This is important because if you want to build a healthy, happy and long-term relationship with your Virgo partner, you need to keep communication open and compromise when needed. Otherwise, it will be too easy for your Virgo to become stubborn and let you down in any way.

Virgos can be very clingy to their loved ones, but this can often cause their partners to get a bit impatient with them. This is because they want to be there for them in their times of need.


Pisces is a water sign that is associated with love, devotion, pleasure, and all of the beautiful and tender things in life. They are compassionate and gentle in nature, but they are also extremely generous with their partners. They will require a real connection with their partner to find a love that is pure and unchanging.

They may be impulsive, but they have a tendency to slow down when they are in the flow of their lives, which makes them extremely adaptable and flexible. This is why they are often considered to be passive, but their frankness and ability to listen make them easy to get along with.

According to astrologer Elizabeth Garbis, Pisces is ruled by moody Neptune, so they are subject to varying levels of emotional intensity. “One day they may be sunny, sweet, and cheerful, and the next they can be moody, intense, and very dramatic,” she says. The Virgo may find this to be unsettling and will likely not enjoy Pisces' changing tenor.

Despite their differences, Virgo and Pisces can complement each other intellectually and share common interests. They will help each other to achieve their dreams, while also encouraging each other to be more stable and calm in their approach to life.

Friends – These are sensitive people, and they need to have close friendships. They are always willing to listen to what others have to say and will offer them the chance to talk through their problems when they feel like it.

A Virgo woman is most compatible with a Pisces man, as they have a natural sensitivity and empathy for each other, which makes them very appealing to each other. If both the Virgo woman and her Pisces man open up their hearts to each other, the relationship between them will be a very harmonious one, as they will be able to understand each other and appreciate the other person for their uniqueness and beauty.


Tauruses love comfort and familiarity, and they are all about being satisfied with the simple things in life. They crave stability and consistency, and they will do anything to keep their loved ones happy. In a romantic relationship, they value consistency, kindness and loyalty.

Virgo women are often a good match for Taurus men, who tend to be more devoted and patient than other zodiac signs. They also have similar values and interests, making them a good fit in friendships.

However, Virgos can be a bit controlling and micromanaging of their partners, which can cause problems. They aren't comfortable with authority figures and might be hesitant to change their opinions or beliefs. This can also lead to conflict, so it's best for them to keep their ideas and views separate.

Another sign that can clash with a Virgo woman is Leo. This is because Leo is always out and about, enjoying the spotlight, while a Virgo can be overly narcissistic and self-centered at times.

It can be hard for a Virgo woman to deal with these traits in a relationship. They can be overwhelmed with their own feelings and have trouble expressing them.

Likewise, a Taurus man can be a little too laid back and may not make much of an effort to learn or improve his skills. This can make it difficult for him to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of an Aries man.

These two signs can have a strong bond, but they will need to be patient with each other in order to get to that point. They will develop a close friendship before moving into relationship territory, and they will commit to their partner once they are completely sure that the relationship has staying power.


A Virgo woman who is most compatible with a Gemini is one who is grounded, thoughtful, and communicative. She might be a bit of a perfectionist, but she also has the ability to think of ideas and put them into action quickly.

A Gemini is a fast-moving, dynamic sign that thrives on new experiences and change. She isn’t afraid to get off the beaten path and try something different, and she won’t take things too seriously when they don’t work out the way you expected.

She also loves a good laugh and can make you smile at any given moment. Her impulsive personality will sometimes lead to a conflict with her partner, but she’ll be able to find a way to resolve it.

Moreover, she is a very intelligent person who loves to talk about different topics. Luckily, she can communicate well with her Virgo partner as they are both ruled by Mercury, master of communication.

Although they can be a little awkward in the beginning, Virgo and Gemini will eventually become best friends. They have a strong communication bond that will last a lifetime.

In love, Virgo and Gemini are great together because they can be adventurous and romantic without losing touch with each other. They aren’t afraid to surprise each other with a spontaneous long drive or a trip to a fun water park.

Virgo is also a good match with Gemini because they share a mutual planet that rules communication, intellect, and ideas. This can give them a common language to speak in, and their shared sense of humor is likely to keep them comfortable together. But even with all their similarities, these two may need to be careful about putting too much faith in their partnership because Gemini can get quite jealous and suspicious.


Cancer and Virgo compatibility is high, with these zodiac signs often having a close bond. The two are both caring, loving, and intuitive, which is why they make great friends. They're also big family people and understand the importance of a strong home life.

Both Cancer and Virgo are sensitive water signs, so they can feel each other's emotions and communicate their needs easily. They're also both committed, so they work hard to meet their goals.

However, both Virgo and Cancer have a tendency to be critical of others, which can be difficult for the other to handle, according to Emily Newman, astrologer and psychic reader at The Best of Psychic Readers. She suggests that both signs try to keep their eyes trained on what they're truly feeling and not get too caught up in the drama of it all.

Virgos can be loyal partners for Cancers, as the water sign shares their desire to live in harmony with nature and the environment. They also share a similar sense of aesthetics and love the finer things in life.

As a result, they can be very supportive and caring in a relationship. They might have a hard time confronting each other about certain issues, but they'll find ways to resolve them.

A Virgo woman can be most compatible with a Cancer man, who is caring and protective of her feelings. They'll both work to maintain a good balance in their lives and can help each other to achieve their dreams.

Virgo and Cancer are also highly compatible in friendship, as they have a close bond that is tough to break. They are both naturally good at crisis management and protect each other from adversity, which makes them a tight-knit friendship that is difficult to shake off.