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The Libra season starts in September and ends in October. This season marks the start of fall and represents the balance scales in nature.

This astrological sign is the seventh of the zodiac signs. It is a cardinal sign and has a strong desire for order in life.

Libra Season

If you were born under the zodiac sign Libra, you may already know that this fair-minded, aesthetic air sign is your prevailing star. The Sun travels through this sign every 30 days, bringing a new vibe to your life. And, just like the seasons, the astrological energy of each “season” has its own unique story to tell.

During Libra season, which begins September 22 and ends October 23, you’ll notice an emphasis on balance, relationships, and beauty. It’s a time when everyone (including you) is focused on finding equilibrium in their lives, whether that means redecorating your space, reworking your relationships, or simply feeling more in-tune with how you want to feel about your home and family.

This is also a great time to take a closer look at your closest friendships and examine how you’re feeling about them. Especially around the solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25, you may be asking yourself what it is that matters to you most, and how your relationships are showing up for you right now.

It’s time to clear out old relationships and power dynamics, or to get rid of any that no longer serve you. This can be a tough task, but it’s an opportunity to move on and to create more positive connections with people who support you, even when the drama is rough.

A good way to approach this is by taking stock of your closest friends and how you’re connecting with them, especially when they aren’t as supportive as you would like. Then, you can work on letting go of any lingering negativity or feelings of not being enough that are holding you back.

It’s also an excellent time to reconnect with a spiritual practice that you haven’t really done much of lately. This could include joining a Moon circle or engaging in therapy sessions, either through traditional or alternative means. You’ll be able to find some clarity in these types of healing sessions, which will help you to make more conscious choices and be happier in your everyday life.

Scorpio Season

Scorpio is one of the zodiac’s three water signs, along with Cancer and Pisces. This sign embodies emotional and psychic intuition, as well as profound transformation.

Those born under this sign are intensely focused on their goals, and they often dig their heels in to see them through. This fixed quality is sometimes a winning trait, but it can also be a risky one because it can cause you to get “stuck” or make you lose your drive.

While a Scorpio’s innate intensity and drive might be viewed as a negative thing, it’s actually a sign that shows us how deeply we want to connect with others and ourselves. It’s an energizing force that can help us to discover our true selves and live more authentically.

Because of this, we might be tempted to play a psychological mind game on those around us or to repress our deepest emotions. This can lead to feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, or paranoia, but it’s important to remember that these are all tools of the trade.

The best way to use this energy is to be honest with yourself and with those around you about your feelings. If you’re feeling a bit anxious or overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to reach out for support.

Another great way to use Scorpio energy is to try something new. This might be as simple as traveling to a new country or meeting someone from a different part of the world.

This is also the time to take a class or start a new hobby that will help you grow as a person and bring you some serious joy. Getting more involved in the community can be just what you need to feel connected to the people around you and improve your life in the long run.

If you’re in a relationship, this season is a great time to talk about how to be more supportive of each other. It’s also a perfect time to schedule a date night and spend some one-on-one time together. This can help you to better connect with your partner, and it might even help you to uncover some untapped feelings that you’ve been denying yourself.

Libra Cusp

The astrological cusp, or planetary transit, is one of the most complex concepts in astrology. Understanding it takes some time and patience, but once you have a clear understanding of it, the universe as a whole opens up to you.

The Libra Scorpio cusp (also known as the cusp of drama and criticism) is a period where the signs on the zodiac wheel change from Libra to Scorpio. This happens between October 19 and 25.

People born during this window of time often feel a sense of collective energy that comes from the world around them at this time of year, and it can be reflected in their individual personalities. For those who are born during the Libra-Scorpio cusp, this can make their personal lives particularly unique and meaningful.

During this period, the sun and Venus will be in Scorpio, meaning that you may experience a feeling of intenseness as you focus on your own growth and transformation. It is also a time when you may want to delve deeper into your own personal beliefs and values, as the sun enters your eighth house of transformation on October 23.

It is also a time when you may have a tendency to see things in black and white, with extremes on either end of the spectrum. This is because the Libra sign can be prone to excessive over thinking and the Scorpio can be impulsive.

However, this can lead to a lack of empathy or compassion for others. If you are a Libra-Scorpio cusp, then it is important to be patient and supportive in order to give yourself the opportunity to learn more about the other person’s perspective.

In relationships, Libra-Scorpio cusps can be extremely loyal to the people they love. This loyalty can lead to jealousy, though if they are careful with their ego, they can find a way to balance it out in a positive way.

These two signs are very different, but they complement each other perfectly when it comes to love and relationships. When they combine their innate love of partnership with their deep devotion, they can create a strong, lasting bond between them.

Scorpio Cusp

If you’re born during a cusp between the end of Scorpio season and the start of Sagittarius, you have the potential for a unique mix of characteristics that comes from these two zodiac signs. We’ll dive into a few of these traits to help you get to know your own Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp personality better!

One of the best traits that come from this combination is a gift for sussing out what’s true. They are able to make a bold statement and deliver truth bombs with humor, inspired by the spirit of wanting to awaken or enlighten others.

While this is a great quality in a leader, it’s important that they don’t become self-righteous and try to control everyone around them. They are a good listener and are often sympathetic.

They may also have a tendency to overcommit themselves and let people down, which can deplete their energy reserves. This can be a problem for a Libra, who prefers to maintain a measured approach to life and a sense of order.

In a relationship, the Libra-Scorpio cusp can be romantic and loyal, but their jealousy can be a downfall. They need to keep their ego in check or else they will be in danger of losing the person who is most important to them.

The Libra-Scorpio cusp are also good communicators, able to convey their feelings in a clear and precise manner. They are often sexy and passionate, and they enjoy putting themselves out there in new ways.

This is a great trait in a partner, and the Libra-Scorpio cusp may be able to create a very passionate connection. They are also very intuitive and can feel when someone is feeling uncomfortable or nervous.

Their love life can be a challenge, as they don’t like to be in an overly committed relationship. However, their loyalty and tenacity can be a great asset in love.

When it comes to the professional world, the Libra-Scorpio cusp is a great team player. They have a natural ability to see the big picture and are determined to achieve their goals.