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Gemini season is a time for everyone to reorganize their lives, get social and go on new adventures. During this astrological cycle, which runs from May 21 to June 20, the sun makes its way through the curious, information-loving mutable air sign.

But it's also a time for rest and quiet introspection, explains Narayana Montufar, an astrology expert and author of “Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power.” For Cancers, it's a great opportunity to find a deeper sense of spirituality.


The Sun, the planet of light and energy, moves into Aries on March 20. It will be there until April 20, marking the start of a new zodiac cycle.

During this season, you may feel impulsive and motivated to move forward. But you'll also need to temper this desire for action with caution, says astrologer Celeste Brooks.

This is especially true if you're feeling a bit of ego fatigue, she adds. Be sure to take care of yourself by focusing on the things that matter most, like your health and your relationships.

Lastly, you'll be learning a lot about your surroundings this Aries season. As the Sun travels through your third house of neighbors, community, and education, you'll be able to communicate more with those around you. Learn to appreciate others’ ideas and experiences, and let them help you grow as a person.


After the busy energy of Aries season, Gemini season comes with a much-needed rest. It can be a time to take stock of your priorities, reflect on your core values, and ground yourself in self-care.

For Taurus, this means letting go of the things that don’t serve them and surrounding themselves with people who support their beliefs. They’re a loyal sign, and this is especially true of their friendships.

This season, hunker down and focus on your goals, whether that’s in business or relationships. And, don’t forget to nourish your physical needs.


The zodiac's first air sign, Gemini is known for its innate curiosity and open-hearted adaptability. That's why you'll have no trouble navigating your social life this month — whether it's meeting new people or soaking up some buzzy new experiences, you're likely to be pretty darn happy exploring all the opportunities this season brings.

This is the perfect time for you to take some much-needed time off, especially if your work and home lives are starting to get hectic and you need some relief. Luckily, this Gemini season is all about breaking free of the tyranny of routines, and you're going to feel so much more energized once summer rolls around.

It's also an ideal time to adopt new wellness habits and start your routine off on the right foot. If you've been feeling tired or sluggish, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a new exercise routine or adopt some more mindful meditation practices.


Once the summer solstice ushers in the longest, most sunshine-filled days of the year, it’s time to welcome wise, nurturing, emotive Cancer into our zodiac family. And while it’s easy to feel a bit muggy and heavy with all the introspection of Cancer season, if you can accept your feelings as valid and move through them rather than trying to suppress them, you’ll find yourself more resilient than ever before.

This is a crucial period for those who are seeking to heal from emotional trauma, and for anyone trying to shift a relationship that’s stuck in an unproductive cycle. This is also a great time to tap into spiritual practices that support your well-being, like meditation.


The sun’s astrological lion ruler, Leo, is confident, charismatic, and outgoing. They’re generous, loyal, and fiercely protective of their close relationships.

While they’re often a little over-the-top and exaggerated, Leos can also be very humble and kind. This season, they’re urged to use their innate self-confidence to take bold steps forward on projects that feel exciting and fulfilling to them.

Around July 28, the New Moon in Leo lands, urging you to zero in on your dreams and start working toward achieving them. This is the ideal time to begin a new creative project or pursue a romantic relationship that may heat up later in the month.


A mutable sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo is known for being very organized and on top of things. This year, Virgo season is all about getting in the swing of a new routine and tightening up.

As a selfless sign, Virgos are always looking for ways to help others and improve the world around them. This can be a strength, or it can cause them to get overwhelmed by the state of the world, USA TODAY astrologer Renee Watt tells me.

This can lead them to become overly critical, especially with their friends and partners. They’re also prone to wanting things to be perfect, but this can be a weakness, Watt says.


After a long Taurus season, Gemini brings back the lightness and happiness in your life. This season is all about enjoying the things around you and giving yourself time to take it easy.

This is the best time to spend time with your friends and family. This is also the perfect time to make new connections and get a break from work!

Libra is the zodiac sign ruled by Venus, which is all about pleasure, beauty, and love. Typical traits include being well mannered, graceful, and romantic.

In addition to this, Libra is the planetary ruler of the seventh house of relationships, which oversees one-on-one relationships. This means this month is the perfect time to focus on your partner, friends, and any other relationships that have a major impact on your life.


Scorpio season is all about rebirth, reinvention and taking control of our lives. This can mean anything from redecorating our homes to rekindling the passion in our love lives.

When it comes to our relationships, we’ll be craving deeper conversations than ever before. This is because the upcoming solar eclipse on October 25th will bring mood lighting to our closest friendships and connections, asking us to tune into what we really need from our ride-or-dies.

And, of course, if you’re single this season, don’t be afraid to experiment with sex (just keep in mind the sex-ruling planet Mars will be retrograde by October 30). As an earth sign, we tend to be more interested in building relationships than grabbing a quick hookup, but this isn’t a bad time to try something new.


The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd kicks off a season of optimism, adventure, and travel. It’s also a good time to start manifesting your dreams.

The sign of the astrological god Jupiter, Sagittarius thrives on change, innovation, and creativity. They’re inspired by all things big and bold, and they’re always on the lookout for new ways to expand their worlds.

Your friends and family will support your efforts to go for it and make your wildest dreams a reality this month, especially with Jupiter moving through your 7th House of Relationships. They’ll help you connect in a way that’s fresh and revitalizing.

As a result, you may find yourself more open and honest about what you need from others these days. Whether it’s a new perspective, a different set of opinions, or simply someone to listen when you need to chat about your feelings, these relationships will be key in helping you navigate your transformational Sagittarius season.


Capricorn season is a time of year dedicated to celebrations with loved ones, plenty of analytical self-reflection, and setting ambitious intentions for the new year. It’s also an astrological moment for creating step-by-step, pragmatic plans to turn lofty aspirations into reality.

This sign’s ruler is Saturn, the planet of commitment, discipline, and boundaries. Because they see life as a series of mountains to climb, Capricorns are perpetually motivated to graduate to the next level and put their noses to the grindstone.

As a result, they often put their heart and soul into work and relationships. And this is why Capricorns are considered some of the most committed zodiac signs.