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Virgos are very observant, and they pay close attention to the small details. This can be something as simple as a name of a childhood pet, a favorite band, or the color of your dress.

If he takes the time to learn these things about you, it’s likely a sign that he really likes you. If he doesn’t, it may be a sign that he doesn’t like you.

1. He pays attention to you

One of the most common signs that a virgo guy likes you is that he pays attention to you. He will constantly ask you how you are doing and will remember even the tiniest details about your life. This is not a normal trait for him, and it’s a sign that he cares about you.

He is a perfectionist and will do everything possible to ensure that you are the best person you can be. He will help you with anything that you need to do, from bringing an extra umbrella on a rainy day to picking you up a pizza.

These acts of service are always a sign that he likes you, and they will continue to happen even after you have gone on a date. He may also start giving you thoughtful gifts or cards to show how much he cares for you.

Virgo men are the most attentive of the zodiac signs and this is one of the biggest clues that they like you. They are also very observant and will watch you closely from across the room to make sure that they understand what you are doing.

They are the most analytical of all astrological signs and will always try to understand you better. They will analyze everything you say and lock it away in their memory bank for future use.

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2. He compliments you

If a Virgo likes you, he will make sure to pay attention to you. He may even take note of your good qualities and accomplishments. This shows that he appreciates your intelligence and wants to be with you because of it.

He also may ask you questions about you and your family to help him get to know you better. He will try to understand you and your likes and dislikes, so he can figure out how to get you to like him.

Another sign a Virgo man likes you is that he will be willing to help you out when you need it. For example, he will be happy to take your dog for a walk on the weekends or help you pet your kitties if they need it.

Virgos love a challenge and are constantly looking for ways to stay mentally stimulated. They can be very critical and analytical, but if you show that you’re willing to accept their criticism and try to understand them, they will be more likely to be open to talking to you about your feelings.

If your Virgo man likes you, he will be happy to give you compliments when you’re feeling great. It could be something as simple as saying “You look really nice today” or telling you how much he admires your smarts.

This is a big deal because Virgos can be very hard on themselves. They need to feel confident and self-esteem before they can be completely honest with others, including their partners.

He also may start to notice small details about you, such as the way you carry yourself or the fact that your hair is a certain shade of blonde. He will be interested in these things because they are clues that you’re a special person to him.

3. He makes an effort to be around you

If a Virgo man likes you, he will make an effort to be around you on a regular basis. This can include texting and calling more frequently, planning outings and dates with you on a consistent basis, or just asking how you’re doing.

He’ll also make an effort to help you out when you need it, even if it’s something as simple as taking the dog for a walk. This shows that he values you and wants to be in your corner when you need him the most.

Virgos are incredibly detail-oriented people, so you can be sure that he’ll pay close attention to everything you say and do. He might ask you questions about your job, your family, or your life in general – and he’ll be fascinated by the way you respond to these inquiries.

In addition, he’ll be very attentive to your movements and tone when you talk to him. He’ll be able to identify your personality from the way you smile, laugh, and move, too.

His attention to detail is one of the biggest signs that he likes you. He’ll also be able to pinpoint your likes and dislikes, so he’ll know if you’re compatible with him.

Another sign that a Virgo man is into you is that he’s always polite and respectful to everyone. This is a rare quality that most men can only dream of having, so it’s worth noting.

Virgo men are very protective of their feelings, so you can expect him to be extra cautious when you first meet and try to make you feel at ease. He might be a little nervous and avoid eye contact when you’re talking to him, but he’ll eventually warm up to you.

4. He makes plans with you

One of the best ways to tell if a Virgo likes you is to notice how he makes plans. If he’s always planning something special, that means he wants you to be there. Whether it’s a date night or a trip to the movies, he will shift his schedule to make it work for you.

Another way a Virgo shows his interest in you is when he makes an effort to be well-groomed on a regular basis. He may even go out of his way to dress up for special occasions just to impress you.

Virgo men are also excellent listeners and will pay close attention to what you have to say. This is a sign that he really cares about you and wants to know more about your life.

He may also want to hear what you have to say about current affairs. He understands that everyone has different opinions, but he is willing to listen to what you have to say and respect your views.

In addition to being a good listener, Virgos are also detail-oriented and are capable of organizing everything they need to do in a day. They will often discuss plans for the future with you to ensure that both of you are on the same page.

This is a great way for him to show you that he loves you and values your friendship. He will take the time to think about things such as your career and family, and try to make sure that you are happy in your relationship.

Ultimately, he will want to be with you as long as possible, and he’ll do anything to keep you happy. But if you’re worried about him becoming overly available or clingy, it’s important to remember that he’s a sensitive soul and will only go after you if you are truly attracted to him.

5. He tries to make you happy

One of the biggest signs a Virgo likes you is that he will do everything in his power to make you happy. He wants to give you all the attention and love you need, whether it’s a little surprise or something extra special.

He also pays attention to the smallest details, noticing even the tiniest changes in your hairstyle or the song that you’re currently listening to. He’s a perfectionist, and he wants you to know how much he appreciates you.

Virgo men are detail-focused to the point of obsession, but that’s also part of their charm. They experience the world through a giant magnifying glass, and they notice the little things that other people miss.

They’re always looking for ways to improve their life and help those around them. This is why he’ll go above and beyond to help you out in any way he can, whether it’s fixing your car or giving you advice on how to solve an issue at work.

He wants to be able to provide you with the comfort and security that you need, so he’ll do whatever he can to keep you happy and safe. He’ll do anything from picking you up from work to arranging an outing with you.

If he’s serious about you, he’ll talk to you about plans for the future. This can be very practical, such as discussing insurance or future home purchases, but it can also be more romantic.

Virgos are good listeners and observers, so they’ll always be on the lookout for opportunities to bond with you. Whether it’s by talking about books, going on adventures, or sharing a meal together, they will always make you feel like you matter to them.