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If you're a virgo woman looking for a taurus man, you'll need to be prepared for a lot of patience. This stubborn sign isn't quick to open up to you, but once he gets past his awkward phase, he'll reveal his deepest desires and thoughts to you.

He wants a woman who can make him feel physically safe, emotionally secure and confident. He values a stable home life and a woman who can show him that she's responsible for her finances.

1. Be confident

When it comes to attrating a taurus man as a virgo woman, confidence is the key. Taurus men are traditionalists, and they tend to have a very high standard for themselves.

They’re also very loyal and committed to their partners. It can take a little time for this to come together, but eventually they’ll settle down and get serious.

A Taurus man likes to be around his woman a lot, especially when it’s just the two of them. He’ll ask questions, tease, joke around, and leave rather loud hints that he wants you with him.

He’ll also try to touch you a lot. He’ll want to hold your hand and smell your hair.

2. Be kind

The best way to attract a taurus man as a virgo woman is to be kind. He may have a tough exterior, but underneath it is a gentle, loving, and caring person who will respect the traditional values of a long-term relationship.

He’s also a hopeless romantic who will make sure you know how much he cares by giving you gifts that are personalized to your taste and needs. Whether it’s flowers, jewelry, or a special meal, he will do anything to show his love.

However, he may not be as open to sharing his feelings right away. It’s important for him to get to know you better and see that you’re trustworthy and responsible before he’ll open up to you.

3. Be honest

The best way to attract a taurus man as a virgo woman is to be honest. It's not easy for a guy like this to open up to someone who doesn't trust him completely, but if you can make him feel safe enough to be vulnerable, he will want to share his most personal thoughts with you.

Be sure to stay available to him and give him time. He's a slow runner, so he may take some time to figure out if you're “the one.”

You can help him by being honest with him and showing that you are trustworthy and reliable. Also, be sure to communicate with him often. He'll appreciate your effort and will value your honesty.

4. Be humble

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to attrating a taurus man as a virgo woman is to be humble. Humbleness is an important virtue, and fostering this quality can help you build stronger relationships with other people.

Humility is the opposite of pride, which is a bad trait. A person who is proud may have an exaggerated view of their importance, and they might not respect or treat others with kindness.

A virgo woman can be very humble and modest, but they are also incredibly skilled in many different areas. Her analytical mind makes her a valuable asset in any situation. She is always on the lookout for potential problems and will work hard to solve them.

5. Be a good listener

When it comes to being a good listener, it’s important not to over-think what the other person is saying. It’s not just about the words that they use but also the nonverbal language. A good listener will be able to pick up on your body language and understand your tone of voice.

Virgo is known for being detail-oriented and efficient. This can be a big attraction for Taurus men because it shows them that they are dependable. Virgos are also very giving and they want to help others.

6. Be patient

Taurus men are hopeless romantics who want to find someone they can share the rest of their lives with. They're also highly reliable and dependable, so they'll put in the effort to make sure your relationship lasts.

The best way to attract a taurus man as a virgo woman is to show him that you're patient and understanding. He may be slow to change his ways, but if you try to understand what he wants and make a compromise that's logical, he'll be more likely to trust you.

Virgo women are naturally gentle and nurturing, and Taurus guys appreciate these qualities in a partner. They also tend to be quite smart, and love to figure out solutions to problems that arise in a relationship.

7. Be honest with your feelings

If you want to attract a taurus man as a virgo woman, then it is important to be honest with your feelings. He is very sensitive and so you need to be careful not to hurt his feelings when you are sharing your thoughts and emotions.

You also need to be sure that you are being honest about what you feel without causing him to get angry or judge you for your feelings. It is better to express your honest thoughts and then discuss them together so that you both can understand each other’s feelings.

This is the best way to get your loved one’s trust and respect. He will value that and will listen to what you have to say. It will be the foundation for your relationship and you can work on a lot of other things to make it even stronger.

8. Be yourself

When it comes to how to attract a taurus man as a virgo woman, you want to be yourself. You need to be confident and you need to be kind. You also need to be honest with him.

This will help you get a clear picture of whether you and he are compatible in any way. If you are, then you can start focusing on how to build the relationship and make it work.

A Virgo woman and a Taurus man are extremely sexually compatible. They appreciate the simple pleasures of sex and enjoy being with their partner.

9. Be honest with him

A virgo man is attracted to women who are honest and who care about their lives. He also likes to be with a woman who is independent and who doesn’t place her relationship above everything else in her life.

Virgos are always focused on the things that matter to them. They don’t want to be distracted by someone who doesn’t understand their work or commitments.

They are very hardworking, so they need to be rewarded for their efforts. That’s why they aren’t going to sacrifice their careers for their relationships.

Unlike other signs, they don’t like fighting because it disrupts their peace and order. However, they do appreciate a gentle persuasion from a loving Virgo woman to bring them back to reality and their routine.

10. Be a good friend

A good friend is someone who cares about you and makes sure you feel comfortable around them. They can share their vulnerabilities with you and encourage you to express yours as well.

When it comes to attracting a taurus man as a virgo woman, one of the best ways to show him you’re interested is by being a good friend to him. That means paying attention to his little details and making sure he has everything he needs.

A taurus man likes to dote on his loved ones – it’s a sign of genuine affection. He will lavish you with gifts and take you out to nice dinners if he really likes you. He may also drive you around in a posh car!