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If you’re a Leo, then you know that they are ruled by the sun. That means they’re prone to a lot of ambition and determination.

They’re also known to be generous and have a huge circle of friends. But they can be difficult to love because of their intense pride.

July 23 – August 22

The month of July is ruled by the Leo zodiac sign. It begins on July 23 and ends on August 22.

Leos are known for their ego, energy and royalty. They always want to be the center of attention and often dazzle others with their beautiful smiles.

They’re also natural leaders and like to take charge of things. However, they can sometimes be stubborn when it comes to achieving their goals.

When it comes to relationships, they may find it hard to build deeper connections with those around them. They’re not great at showing their vulnerabilities, and it can be difficult to understand their emotions.

As a result, they tend to make superficial connections and aren’t good at keeping them. But, they value their family deeply and will do everything they can to protect them. They’re also proud of their roots and ancestry.

September 23 – October 22

Leo is one of the fire signs and governs the period of around July 23 – August 22. This is also the fifth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the sun.

This is a regal and powerful sign that is proud to be the center of attention. Their innate charisma and optimism make them natural born leaders who want to shine the spotlight on themselves, their work, and their values.

Their generosity and loyalty are also some of the traits that make them popular with others. They are a people pleaser and love to show others how special they are by doing nice things for them without expecting anything in return.

However, there are times when Leos can be a bit self-focused or narcissistic. They can become resentful or bitter when they feel they’re not being treated as a valued partner. They may also fall into a negative mood or have a lack of energy and enthusiasm.

November 23 – December 21

People born under the zodiac sign of Leo are natural leaders and embody the lion, which is the symbol for this spirited fire sign. They are highly self-assured and have a sense of generosity that is incredibly genuine.

Their strong personality and confidence give them the ability to lead, set an example, guide and mentor others. They are a force of nature and their zeal for life is infectious!

In November, Leos may find themselves in the spotlight for their creativity and innovation. They could also find new ways to express their passion and enthusiasm for the work they love. During this time, they will be able to find a balance between their professional and personal lives.

January 22 – February 19

Leo is the zodiac sign for people born between July 23rd and August 22nd each calendar year. They are represented by the lion.

They are highly intelligent and are always trying to learn new things. They can be very outgoing, but can also be shy or timid at times.

These fire signs are known for their leadership qualities and love to have fun. They are also very loyal and affectionate.

They are master planners, able to see the big picture and are not afraid to work hard to get what they want out of life. They are also perfectionists, and they love to make sure that every project is done to their standards.

March 20 – April 19

The month of March is the Leo zodiac sign. It is the fifth of the zodiac signs and represents leadership, confidence, and creativity.

It is also ruled by the Moon. This lunar body empowers the natural charisma and leadership abilities of Leos.

Leos are confident, comfortable being the center of attention, drama-adoring, ambitious, loyal, fiercely protective of their nearest and dearest, generous, luxury-loving, sunny, and big-hearted.

They are also the positive self-and body image crusaders, who are happy to push themselves to the limit in order to achieve their goals.

As a result, they may be prone to acting out or overreacting in times of stress or conflict. This is not unusual for a fixed sign, but it can lead to a lack of compromise and empathy on both sides.

May 20 – June 19

Leo zodiac sign dates run from July 23 to August 22. People born under the sign of the lion are naturally charismatic, confident and determined, making them exceptional leaders who can inspire their team to excellence.

They’re also generous, loyal and devoted friends who are known for their ability to make others laugh and feel loved. But there’s more to Leo than just their irascible personality.

Leos can be incredibly lonely and isolated, but they know the value of companionship and emotional connection. To be happy, they must have a network of loving friends who understand their needs and are there for them when they need them most.

July 20 – August 19

Leo zodiac sign is ruled by the sun and it is a fire sign. It is a ruler of the heart, and Leos are known for their warmth and enthusiasm.

They are very romantic and enjoy attracting attention to themselves, especially when they are feeling a lack of affection in their lives. They are also very impulsive and spontaneous in their actions.

In friendship, they are very attentive, loyal, and generous. They will often spontaneously do nice things for their friends.

However, they do not understand that friendships are a work in progress and need constant attention. This is not always easy for them to achieve and they might get frustrated because of this.

This month, they will have to take a step back and give themselves some space to grow. This will be helpful in the long run for them to build solid connections and a strong foundation of friendships.

September 21 – October 22

The month of September 21 – October 22 is related to the leo zodiac sign. It is a time when the Sun moves into the air sign Libra and you will experience success on both the professional and personal front.

Your family and partner are also likely to benefit during this period. Avoid any arguments and altercations, and take good care of your health.

In your career, you may have some obstacles and hurdles. However, this period will provide you with opportunities for expansion and new projects.

The coming month will be a great time for you to start something new, and make your dreams come true. A new job, a significant award or promotion could happen during this time and bring you recognition and fame.

November 22 – December 21

The kings and queens of the celestial jungle, Leo zodiac sign is the sun's ruling sign. Its energy is expressive, flamboyant and exudes bold leadership and daring attitude.

These natives have an innate drive for the limelight and stardom and never shy away from taking on superhuman challenges. They're self-confident, determined and fun to be around.

They're also very generous with their love and attention, showering friends and family with gifts and experiences fit for queens and kings. They're incredibly proud of themselves and their accomplishments, and they want to share that with others.

These leaders aren't afraid to take charge and lead their peers towards a common goal, but they're not afraid to let their feelings and passions guide them. They'll often lead a group philosophy or project, and their charismatic presence will inspire people to keep going.