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The second sign of the zodiac, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Because of this, Libras are passionate about art and beauty.

They also thrive on socializing and bringing people together in a way that makes sense for everyone. They’re good mediators and diplomats, especially when it comes to bringing justice to the table.

Libra is the second sign of the zodiac.

The astrological sign of Libra is known for its balance. This astrological sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. The zodiac symbol for this sign is the glyph of two scales in balance, representing Libra’s ability to walk the middle path and avoid being too impulsive.

The first of the three air signs, Libra is intellectual and communicative. Their brainpower can be a force to be reckoned with, as they’re often seen as leaders in their field. They’re also known for their diplomatic and social powers, big-picture thinking, and love of art and beauty.

Their ability to think about the world from many perspectives can help them solve problems and change the way people see the world around them. They’re always searching for answers and are highly sensitive to the injustices and anomalies in society.

They’re also very logical and analytical, which makes them an excellent negotiator. This can be a backfire, though, as they can become overly appeasing and unnecessarily accommodating. They may be willing to compromise if they can feel that it’s going to benefit them in the long run, but they don’t like making decisions quickly because they want to consider all of their options carefully.

Those with this sign are often paired with other air signs, including Gemini, Aquarius, and Leo, as they’re compatible with one another. They can also find common ground with fire signs, such as Sagittarius, Aries, and Cancer, which are also ruled by air.

The first full month of fall is a time of transition and change for Libras. It’s the time to start re-establishing their routines and preparing for harvest celebrations, Halloween parties, and the winter season.

It’s also a good time for Libras to look out for the stars and constellations they were born under. The constellation of Libra is located between Scorpius and Virgo in the southern sky at about 15 hours 30 minutes right ascension and 15deg south declination, according to the astronomy website Planet Guide (opens in new tab). It’s best to view the constellation during the evening hours during June and July, although it can be visible anywhere in the world.

Libra is the goddess Themis.

Themis was one of the Titans, a group of deities created from the union of earth and sky. She was the daughter of Gaia (mother of the planets) and Uranus (father of the sky).

Known as the goddess of justice, she presided over the ancient oracle at Delphi. She was also a prophetic deity and interpreted the will of the gods. She also oversaw a series of human assemblies, where a king would hear petitions and rule on law and justice.

She was a powerful goddess who helped the humans of ancient Greece understand their place in the natural order of things. She helped them navigate life on their own planet, and she was a source of wisdom in the face of the adversities that often confronted people in the world around them.

As a goddess of justice, she was responsible for overseeing everything from the family unit to the governance of nations. While she did not take direct action against those who broke her laws, she was an active presence on Mount Olympus.

Themis had several daughters who were also considered gods, including Eunomia (goddess of legislation), Dike (goddess of fair judgment), Eirene (goddess of peace), and Moerae (fates). These goddesses each influenced the proper conduct of humans and upheld their own particular laws.

Libras are good at listening to their own conscience, a talent that Nietzche called “moral relativism.” By spending time away from outside influences and streams of information, they can connect with this voice in their own minds. They can then intuitively know what is right and wrong for them.

They are also very sensitive to social dynamics, a gift that has made them great painters, performers, and musicians. Their use of unconventional materials and mixed media collage techniques are famous.

In the poem Prometheus Bound, Themis is said to be the mother of the mythological hero Prometheus, who was a man with godlike powers who had rebelled against the Titans. She is also credited with saving the world from a massive flood that was caused by Zeus. Despite the horrors that the gods had created, Themis was compassionate and tenderhearted.

Libra is the goddess Venus.

Libra is the zodiac sign that governs Venus. The goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, Venus can give a person an abundance of energy.

People with Venus in Libra are known for their classiness and sophistication. They can be very charming and they often make friends easily.

They are also great teachers and they often enjoy helping others learn something new. Their generosity and kind nature are a huge attraction to them.

This is because they know how important it is to be fair and equal in a relationship. They will take time to understand how a situation affects others, and they will try to make everyone feel good about themselves.

These traits can get in the way of relationships for them sometimes, but they will also help them create happy partnerships. When they are in a harmonious relationship, they are able to focus their attention on the things that matter most, and this helps them maintain the kind of balance that is so important for them.

A Libra can have an extremely powerful imagination and they may be able to use their creative talents in many different ways. They can write poems, songs or even become an artist. Robert Rauschenberg, for example, was born with Libra and is famous for his mixed media collage technique.

The best relationships for Libra are ones in which they can share their feelings and emotions. It is important for them to feel that their partner is safe in their arms and that they are not afraid to show their true self.

Because they are so sensitive and they have such a strong need for emotional connection, they can be very vulnerable. This can lead to a lot of drama in their lives, but if they are careful about how they express themselves, they can be very loving and protective of the people that they love.

Their desire for harmony can make them spend hours evaluating whether a decision is the right one or not. This is because they are so concerned with how others perceive them that they can be easily upset or hurt if they feel like they haven’t been treated the way that they think they should.

Libra is the goddess Mercury.

Libra is the goddess of fairness, justice and truth. She is known by many names across Titan; she is most often depicted holding the scales of justice.

When a person is born under the sign of Libra, it indicates that they have strong communication skills and are very diplomatic and charming. They are also good judges of character and make the right choices, especially in matters of relationships.

These people are able to persuade others to see their point of view and have a clear understanding of the way things work in society, politics, and government. They are savvy with bureaucracy and are aware of how to change or enforce laws when necessary.

This can be a gift, but it also means that they are very aware of the potential for abuse. They may become overly defensive when they feel like others are being unjustly treated or are not listening to them.

The best way to handle this situation is to keep them in the moment and not try to force them into a decision, but rather offer your thoughts and allow them time to consider the options open to them. This will allow them to make an informed decision and avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

They have a strong sense of ethics and value fairness in all aspects of life. They are the archetype for social justice and strive to help all groups of people.

While Libras are often seen as a symbol of fairness, they can also be very judgmental and pessimistic about the future. They can become depressed and hopeless when they believe that life is too unfair to them.

These individuals are often attracted to interdisciplinary art forms. They can be drawn to painting, sculpture, photography, dance, music and more.

In this regard, they can be a lot of fun to be around as they are very social and love to spend time with their friends and family. They are also very talented when it comes to the arts and are able to create beautiful works of art.

They are very sensitive to their appearance and take care of themselves as much as possible. They are also known for their mystical “breakup glow” and coveted “revenge body.” They have a very high regard for themselves and tend to keep their self-confidence in check through grooming, fashion and beauty.