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If you’re looking to seduce a leo-virgo cusp man, there are a few things you need to know. Read on to discover what he wants from a woman and how to appeal to his complex personality.

These cusp people have the fiery passion of a Leo combined with the steady, practical approach of Virgo. This fusion gives them the ability to hit a natural balance between work and play.

1. Be honest with him.

If you want to seduce a leo-virgo cusp man, be honest with him. This is a key ingredient in making your relationship work.

He is a very loyal lover and needs to know that you will be there for him when he is in need. This is something Virgos are extremely good at and it will make your relationship with a leo-virgo cusp guy much more satisfying over time.

Virgos are incredibly generous and always willing to help out others. They are also incredibly selfless and will do anything to make their partner happy.

They want to be loved for who they are and not just what they look like. Virgos are also very observant and they will understand their partners’ needs and emotions.

A Virgo man with a Leo cusp is very outgoing and confident, and he will love being the center of attention. However, he may need to learn how to be more reserved and a little more sensitive with other people’s feelings.

He may seem to be all talk about his love but it is the little things that matter most to him and he will want to see that you value him. This includes showing up to movie dates with his favorite candy or doing the dishes so he can get a good night’s sleep.

He is very strong and he will never be dishonest with you or anyone else he works with. He is also a great father figure and will be a wonderful husband to you.

2. Show him you’re confident.

A Leo-Virgo cusp man will be incredibly attracted to a confident, put-together girl. He’ll love seeing a woman who knows how to dress for success and shows off her personal style in a way that makes her stand out from the crowd.

He also appreciates a Virgo who isn’t afraid to express her opinions and isn’t too critical in her critiques. They’ll have a satisfying relationship as long as they can convince each other that they’re the only one for each other.

Those born on the Leo-Virgo cusp tend to be very ambitious and driven people who love to work hard for their goals. They’re also incredibly loyal to those they care about and won’t hesitate to support their partners when they need it most.

These people are highly analytical and often find it hard to trust others, but when they do, they will be there for them every step of the way. They’re a fantastic team player and leader, though they can sometimes be overbearing or egotistical at times.

They’re very good at organizing things, so they’re a great asset to any team that needs an organized and efficient person. They also have a strong determination to make their dreams a reality, so they’re often successful at accomplishing their big goals. They also like to make a point of giving back to their community, which is why they’re so loyal to those they love.

3. Make him feel special.

When it comes to seducing a leo-virgo cusp man, it’s all about making him feel special. This can be done in many ways, such as giving him a gift he wouldn’t buy for himself, or showing him you appreciate him.

Compliment him in a genuine way, such as by saying that you’re proud of how hard he works and how successful he is at his job. He’ll be happy to hear this and it will make him feel special!

Another way to make him feel special is by taking him out for a meal. Doing this is an easy way to show your appreciation for him and it will also help you bond with him.

If you can’t afford to take him out, try sending him a small gift, like a card or some flowers. These small gestures will make him feel loved and appreciated, which will make it easier for you to seduce him.

In general, leo-virgo cusp men are big-hearted and loyal. They want to feel loved, but they also have their own needs and want to be able to express them.

This is why it’s so important to be honest with him about your feelings. It’s also important to let him know when you’re unhappy with his actions, so that he can understand why you’re disappointed.

A leo-virgo cusp man is a great partner because they have a natural desire for leadership and the power to inspire. But they have to work hard at balancing their ambitions with other people’s opinions. This is not always easy, but it’s worth the effort!

4. Be a good listener.

If you want to seduce a leo-virgo cusp man, it’s essential that you make an effort to be a good listener. Not only does it make you appear more trustworthy, but it will also help you build a stronger foundation for communication in your relationship.

A good listener focuses their attention on the speaker, listening without interrupting them or trying to inject their own thoughts into a conversation. They observe nonverbal cues like facial expressions, perspiration rates, and breathing rates to get a better sense of what the other person is communicating.

In addition, it’s a good idea to write down notes or highlight important points as they are being made. This shows the speaker that you’re actively engaged with them and it helps you remember important information later.

Whether you’re talking to someone at work or on a date, you’ll need to be able to focus on what they are saying. If you don’t, it can become difficult to hear the details they’re talking about.

For example, if your friend is telling you about a recent trip to Europe, be sure to listen closely and ask questions about the details. This will give them the opportunity to clarify their point, and you’ll be able to offer them a deeper understanding of their experience.

Becoming a good listener is a skill that requires practice. But it can be rewarding when you do. You’ll feel better about yourself and your relationships in general if you’re a good listener.

5. Give him space.

If he’s been telling you he needs space or you feel like he’s backed away, then it’s time to listen to him. He may be dealing with a lot of issues or feeling overwhelmed by his life. Taking space will give him time to process these feelings and come back stronger than ever.

The key to a successful relationship is understanding each other’s feelings, so listen and learn what’s going on in his head. It’s not always easy, but understanding why he wants space will help you avoid getting frustrated and pushing him away.

When you’re in a relationship, you can become so entangled in each other’s lives that it can be difficult to separate yourself for a while. By giving your guy some space, you can allow him to live his own life and reconnect with his friends.

A man who’s in a healthy space will be happier and will want to spend more time with you. When you give him space, you’re showing him that you care about him and want to maintain the closeness of your relationship.

While he’s gone, take some time to relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re able to do this, he’ll appreciate it when you come back.

As long as you’re optimistic and polite during space, it can be a great way to improve your relationship. If you’re not, it could lead to an unhappy and stale relationship.

6. Be honest with yourself.

If you’re trying to seduce a leo-virgo cusp man, it’s important that you be honest with him. This is because he has both fixed and mutable modes of behavior, meaning that he will be very loyal to you if you tell him the truth.

He also needs to know that he can trust you and that you will be there for him in the times of need. This will help him feel secure and happy in your relationship.

In general, the Leo Virgo Cusp is a driven person who works hard to get what they want out of life. They’re also very proud of their accomplishments and will be a great inspiration to others.

But they can be very controlling in social situations and can be a bit aggressive in the way that they go about their business. This can be a problem in a relationship with a Virgo woman because she may find it offensive.

Moreover, he may be very critical of himself and his actions. He may try to cover up his mistakes or he might feel like he’s a failure in some way.

Being honest with him will allow him to grow and realize that he has flaws. It’ll help him realize that he can change and be better, which will make him feel happier in your relationship. It will also help him learn how to be more flexible and adaptable.