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The scales and balances of justice are the symbolism of Libra, a cardinal air sign. People born under this sign are fair-minded, charming, graceful, nonviolent, cocky, and keenly perceptive.

They need to weigh logic and intuition before they reach a decision or take a stand, which often requires intercession or the balancing blade of another person’s will. This full moon brings a chance to finally assert your justice, even if it’s a bit painful at first!

House of Relationships

The seventh house, ruled by Venus, is all about relationships. It's the home of partnerships in love, business, and your BFFs, according to astrologer Rachel Brooks.

Libras, whose sun and moon occupy this area of the chart, are always on the lookout for harmony and justice. They're also skilled at discerning the needs of others and navigating social dynamics.

They're known for being old-school romantics, planning dates that reflect their deepest sense of connection. For them, it doesn't matter whether it's a posh cocktail at a tapas bar or a spontaneous charity event; they'll find the perfect way to express their heart-felt affection for someone special.

This is what makes them so popular with their friends and a great partner in life: they are good listeners and they can understand their partners. They're also very patient, as they want to make their partners feel fulfilled and loved.

A Libra is a dependable, loyal person and they're very committed to their relationships. They don't want to be alone and they need a good partner to support them.

Libras are also extremely intelligent people and they are very logical when it comes to making decisions. This is why they are often considered to be one of the best decision makers in the world.

Despite their natural tendency to see both sides of any situation, they're very hard to manipulate or control. They can be quite possessive and they have a very strict set of rules when it comes to relationships.

Besides that, they're great communicators and they know how to handle themselves well in public. This is why they are usually very good partners for other people who want to become more successful in their lives.

House of Communication

The House of Communication is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is the house of communication and intellect. This house also governs writing and communications skills, as well as media, advertising, journalism, art, and crafts.

Having this placement in your birth chart means that you have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and you're good at communicating your ideas to others. You're also good at relating to people at a social level and making them feel comfortable around you.

Libras are very sensitive to their emotions and they have a strong sense of empathy for other people. They want to make everyone around them happy and they understand how difficult it can be sometimes.

They can make others feel better by being sweet and charming to them and helping them through the hard times in their lives. They can also be quite manipulative in order to get what they want from people.

Their intelligence is great, and they can be quite creative, as well as able to solve many problems by using their brainpower. The only problem is that they can get bored easily by unstimulating activities, like studying a subject they don't find interesting.

This is because their mind is so active and they're unable to sit with stagnancy for long periods of time. They have a strong interest in learning, and they're always eager to try new things. This can be a good thing, but it can also cause them to lose interest in school or studies. They might need constant stimulation in order to complete their work.

House of Finances

The House of Finances is ruled by Venus, the ultimate planet of wealth and luxury. When Venus is placed in the first and eighth houses in a person’s birth chart, it strengthens their financial stature by giving them sufficient resources to lead a luxurious life. It can give them wealth from their spouse, inheritance or sudden windfalls.

However, if it is not well placed in the horoscope, they may face difficulties regarding their investments and assets. In addition, Venus also gives them a tendency to overspend, so they should learn to save money with a healthy sense of discipline and control.

Another factor that can influence their finances is their indecisive nature. They often find it difficult to make decisions about their savings and investments. This could result in impulsive overspending, which can cause financial problems in the long run.

On the positive side, Mars is also positioned in the 2nd house of wealth and finances in 2023, which means that natives shall enjoy good income during this year. This would include earnings from property related investments and purchasing ornaments, etc.

Despite all the positive factors, it is important to note that the 3rd quarter of this year may be quite hectic for them as they will have to manage a lot of expenditures. It is best to be careful and avoid any kind of injury during this time, as it can cost them a lot.

It is also important to note that the nodal planets- Rahu and Ketu are placed in the first house in this sign, which might give them problems related to their work. This is because they might not be able to finish their tasks and will feel unsatisfied with the job that they are doing.

House of Creativity

The House of Creativity is one of the most important astrological houses. It is the place where you can express your creative abilities and bring your unique personality to life. It also deals with performance, drama, and all other forms of artistic expression.

Those with the Sun or Moon in this sign are very confident and expressive in their creative endeavors. They are very passionate and love to share their ideas with others.

People with this sign usually appreciate the beauty of life and take a lot of inspiration from it. They love to paint, sing, dance, and write.

They are very good with words and have a strong imagination that can turn an ordinary object into something special. They are also very meticulous about their work and tend to finish projects until they are flawless.

Libra individuals with the Sun or Moon in this house are always looking for a partner who can help them in their creative pursuits. They also love to have a harmonious relationship with their loved ones.

This placement is also very beneficial for career advancement. They are very good at working in groups and sharing their innovative ideas.

The Fifth House is the house of pleasure and is linked to romance, creativity, and children. It is the house of festive activities and celebrations that make you feel good.

The Fifth House is ruled by the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Neptune. Each of these planets will point to a different aspect of your creative process, from the raw creativity of the Sun and the memory and emotional content of the Moon, to the sense of beauty and balance provided by Venus or Neptune, and the discipline required by Saturn in order to tap into “right brain” imaginal realms.

House of Art

Libras are famous for their love of art and the ability to see beauty in everything. They also have a talent for making people feel seen, understood and accepted. This is why they’re often a great mediator, bringing two opposing parties together to resolve conflicts.

In a similar vein, they’re also at their best when they lean into their own sense of humor and break away from the expectations that society has placed on them. Take comedian Lenny Bruce, who got his start performing at seedy strip clubs in the 1950’s.

A more modern example of libra in the house of art is the work of British artist Lucy Whiteread, which earned her the Turner Prize on November 23, 1993. Located in London’s Victoria Park, the sculpture was created using concrete.

Like many of her fellow Libras, Whiteread was concerned about the state of the world and wanted to make it a more beautiful place. Her work, entitled House, was a reflection of this desire.

As a Libra, she believed that all people deserve happiness and justice. She hoped that her work would serve as a reminder of these ideals and encourage the broader population to think about how they can contribute to a more just world.

In her own words, Whiteread “wanted to create something that was a visual metaphor for the way we treat each other.” Her goal was for the piece to reflect on the ways we build, inhabit and maintain our homes. She and her team cast the house’s interior walls in concrete and placed a metal armature inside to support the work.