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Psychic ability is one of the most intriguing and fascinating things that humans are capable of. Those with psychic abilities are able to read other people's thoughts, have intuition about future events, and more!

It has often been said that psychic ability runs in families. However, there have been no scientific studies to date on the subject.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that are not normally seen. It is also known as extrasensory perception (ESP). The term comes from the French word clair, which means “clear,” and voyance, which means “to see.”

If you have clairvoyant abilities, you will often be able to tell someone about a future event that they cannot physically observe. This is because clairvoyance is an intuitive type of ability, and it uses the power of your mind to see information that the physical senses cannot.

Some clairvoyants are also able to see spirits and spirit guides that come to help you. These guides can be very helpful and can guide you in your everyday life. They can be helpful when you need guidance or are confused about what to do next.

Another sign that you are clairvoyant is if you have the ability to see things before they happen. This can be extremely useful if you are trying to plan a project. It can help you decide how to use your time and resources.

Psychics can also have a strong visual imagination. For example, if you are going on vacation and have planned all the details in your head, you will often be able to visualize the whole trip before it begins. This is a very common trait among clairvoyants, and it is very useful to have.

The most important part of developing your clairvoyance skills is to learn how to develop them correctly. One of the best ways to do this is to practice. A great way to start is by strengthening your third eye, the chakra center that is responsible for clairvoyant visions.

You can strengthen your third eye by practicing meditation, reading, journaling and observing what is happening around you. This will help you develop your intuitive abilities further and increase the amount of information you can see with your clairvoyance.

A clairvoyant can use their vision to predict the future, or they can even be able to read someone's thoughts. They can also be able to communicate with deceased people and animals. These skills can be very useful, but it is important to note that these skills should never be used to harm or hurt other people.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear psychic messages or tones from a spirit, either outside or inside your head. This can include hearing voices of loved ones who have passed away, as well as noises that barely sound human at all.

Some people are born with clairaudience, while others develop it over time through practice and meditation. It can be scary if you have a bad experience, but most people who have it enjoy their gifts and find they’re useful in helping them to solve their problems and make sense of life.

To test your clairaudience, try listening to the sounds around you for a few minutes. Are there rustling leaves, birds singing, or any other natural sounds? It’s important to pay attention to each sound, as it will improve your listening skills.

If you hear a voice giving you advice or reassuring messages, this may be a sign of clairaudience. These messages often come from a spirit guide or angel, and are delivered with love.

You might also start hearing noises that no one else hears, such as footsteps or a child playing. This could be the spirit world communicating with you to get your attention.

Another way to test your clairaudience is to meditate and listen for messages from Higher Spirits. This will help you to expand your range of hearing and make it easier for you to pick up auditory messages from the Spirit world.

Then, try to tune into a specific sound, such as leaves rustling, and focus on it for a few seconds. It can be difficult to do, especially if you’re used to hearing the entire world around you, but it will improve your clairaudience and help you to pick up sounds from the Spirit world.

You can also test your clairaudience by meditating with music. It’s best to choose classical or new age music, as these can help you to hear discrete sounds that are not normally audible to you.


Clairsentience is the ability to sense and experience subtle energy in a person, object or location. This can be in the form of emotions, physical sensations or feelings like pressure, gut intuition, goosebumps, heart flutterings, static, tingles or sweaty palms.

It’s a highly sensitive psychic sense that often requires a lot of practice to develop. Practicing clairsentience can help you develop a stronger psychic connection and increase your ability to use your intuitive skills in everyday life.

Many clairsentients also have a strong sense of empathy and can pick up the energy of other people. They might feel the emotional pain of someone they know or they may even feel a physical pain that resembles their own.

This sensitivity can lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety, as well as negative vibrations around dark energy or energies that are uncomfortable. This can be very damaging, and clairsentients should take measures to protect themselves from these feelings.

One of the best ways to improve your clairsentience is by practicing psychometry. This is an exercise that you can perform by placing an object in front of you and trying to feel its vibrations.

Alternatively, you can place crystals in the room or near your body to help you develop your clairsentience and receive more information. Some of the most popular crystals for clairsentient development are amethyst, rose quartz and amber.

You should practice this exercise daily until you start to get accurate answers to questions you have about an object. This can be difficult to do at first, so try to focus on the energy of a person or an object until you can feel their vibes and receive information about it.

Another way to develop your clairsentience is by learning to listen to clairaudient guidance. This is the same as listening to a radio, except you are asking for answers and then you are hearing them. You will hear words that you cannot explain, sometimes loud and obnoxious, sometimes soft and reassuring.

Intuition knows more than the logical mind, and it can tell you when something is off. This is why it is important to pay attention to your feelings and not ignore them or think yourself out of them.


Psychometry is the ability to read the history of an object by simply touching it. This is a paranormal power that can be used by many psychics and mediums.

It is also the ability to pick up energy from things like objects, photographs, or people. Some readers even have the ability to pick up information from smells or emotions.

The best way to learn about psychometry is to practice reading objects that you’ve gotten a strong feeling about. These might include your favorite objects, items in a store, or something you’ve been seeing around the house.

You can also test your psychic abilities by going to a local shop and asking for a free reading. The person giving the reading will take your hands in theirs and ask you to hold the object that you’re feeling about.

When you’re done, you should have a paper copy of your results. These are usually presented in terms of numerical scores. These are usually the number of items you answered correctly, or in some cases, the accuracy of your answers.

Most tests have a percentile score that shows how well you performed compared to others who took the same test. The results are displayed with a standard distribtion (bell-shaped) curve. The graphs can be useful in comparing your results to others’, but keep in mind that they are merely averages and do not represent your actual performance.

Some psychologists and other professionals use this type of test to determine the underlying reasons for a specific behavior or personality trait, such as depression or drug abuse. They can then identify potential problems and recommend methods for overcoming them.

As with all types of psychic testing, the results should be treated with caution. Although the results may be suggestive, high scores are also sometimes due to chance. It takes repeated tests to distinguish between genuine psi abilities and luck.

Psychometric researchers work to create and apply new procedures for data analysis in the field of psychological science. This can range from improving the reliability of testing procedures, creating user-friendly software packages, to better understanding human behavior in order to improve health care. Ultimately, they want to build useful structures that make it easier for psychologists and other professionals to perform their jobs.