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Astrology is an ancient and popular belief system that traces its roots back to thousands of years. Your astrology sign, or zodiac sign, tells us a lot about your personality and temperament, as well as how you express yourself.

There are 12 astrology signs, each named after a constellation that the sun travels through when it crosses the sky during each season. Each sign also belongs to one of the four elements, which astrologers believe influences how people express themselves.


Aries is the first astrological sign of the year, represented by the ram constellation. It’s the zodiac sign of energy, enthusiasm, and drive.

People born under this astrological sign are typically natural leaders. They love challenges and see them as opportunities to show off their abilities.

They also like to be in control and feel confident that they can accomplish anything. This can be a good thing, but it can also lead to conflict if you’re not careful.

When it comes to friendships, Aries likes a variety of people. However, they won’t stick with friends who aren’t compatible with their personality or values.


Taurus, the earth sign and ruled by Venus, loves comfort and pleasure. Symbolized by the bull, they enjoy all things opulent and comforting like flowers and plants, fine cuisine, imported chocolates, perfumed scents, and the ability to taste with their sense of smell.

Their innate stubbornness also makes them stand their ground when they believe in something. They will never back down from a cause, even if they feel uncomfortable.

They are also known for their work ethic, and will always try their hardest to get the job done. They often find joy in the journey and can see the end result of their hard work.

However, they can become impatient when they are waiting for something to happen or if their goal is not being met in the time frame that they want. This can lead to frustration and anger.


Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mercury. This air sign is characterized by communication, travel, and curiosity.

It is associated with the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology. This constellation is high in the east in late February and stays visible in the evening sky until around May.

It is a mutable sign, which means that its energy can shift and change from moment to moment. This makes it easy for Geminis to be adaptable at times, but also flighty and fickle at other moments.


Cancer is the fourth astrological sign and the zodiac’s matriarchal water sign. These ladies love to nurture and care for others, as well as themselves.

They can be a bit coddling and protective, but they are very caring and generous. This is due to their intense sense of emotional intelligence and genuine understanding of human nature.

These women are also highly logical, organized and methodical. Their sense of humor is often goofy and ingratiating.

When it comes to romance, these girls are usually a good match for fellow water signs like Pisces and Scorpio as they share the same space-holding energy.

There are many types of cancers, and each has its own characteristics. Some grow faster, spread quickly, and respond to treatment better than others.


Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a fixed fire sign. It is a proud and confident sign with a sense of purpose.

Typical Leo characteristics include being the center of attention, drama-adoring, ambitious, loyal, fiercely protective, generous, luxury-loving, sunny, and big-hearted. They also have strong interpersonal skills and a sense of humour.

Careers – The best careers for Leo are those that allow them to express their artistic nature and leadership abilities. This includes jobs that involve management, teaching, arts and entertainment, or politics.

Love & Relationships – The most compatible relationships for Leo are with someone who shares their enthusiasm and zest for life. They want a partner who is devoted to them and takes a genuine interest in their wellbeing, ensuring they get the emotional support they need.

While Leos are passionate and sincere, they can become fixated on their beliefs and opinions and may not be able to see when they are wrong. They need a partner who is patient and reasonable, with the same sense of intellectual awareness as they have.


Virgo is an astrological sign that combines the sun (light) and Mercury (writing). This means they are good communicators, and they know how to express themselves with clarity.

Despite their analytical prowess, they can also be overthinkers and prone to anxiety. They may have to go through a series of mental checklists before making decisions.

The most common Virgo traits are attention to detail, hard work, and desire for perfection. They are reliable and can often be counted on to help others in times of crisis.

Virgos are natural empaths and love to help other people. They are also adept at sensing faults and recognizing potential.


Symbolizing balance, Libra is an air sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. This airy sign is also known for its intellect and keen mind, making them a popular choice for a job in academia or public service.

They’re also often admired for their graceful, calm presence and sense of justice. They are often the peacemakers of their group, helping people to navigate conflict and reach mutually beneficial agreements.

They’re also known for their ability to tune into their own conscience, a source of right and wrong that is intuitively understood through the practice of silence or meditation. This ability can make them a great philosopher, particularly when they’re away from external influences and constant streams of information.


Scorpio, the eighth sign of the Zodiac, is a water sign and represents oceanic emotion, psychic intuition and profound transformation. It’s ruled by Pluto and has a minor ruler, Mars.

Those born under this intense, fixed sign are extremely goal-oriented and ruthless in their pursuits. They are also passionate and crave experiences that allow them to express their deepest emotions in a physical way.

They are also very sensitive and take time to build trust and respect with their partners.

When it comes to money, they are disciplined with their finances and stick to a budget. They may also accrue debt or loans, but once they’ve built up a good amount of savings, they can be resourceful and manage their accounts with ease.

They are also very jealous and tend to compare themselves to others, which can be quite painful for them. This is not a bad thing though, as it can push them to achieve their goals.


Sagittarius is a fire sign and represents the archer, which is why the constellation is known as “Sagittarius.” It is ruled by Jupiter. This benefic planet oversees fortune, expansion, optimism, and big-picture thinking.

Sagittarians are often adventurous and love to try new things and see the world. They are also very open minded and non-judgmental, making them a great choice for friendships.

They are also very honest with their words and would never lie to someone. However, their bluntness can sometimes hurt someone's feelings.

They are very intelligent and can be funny, too. They like to learn and develop themselves as well as their partner. They are also very good teachers and usually have a lot of knowledge on different topics.