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What horoscope is October?

Horoscopes are an ancient form of astrology, utilised to predict guidance correlated to human behaviour and events. These predictions are based on the planets and zodiac signs.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac (September 23 – October 22). It's ruled by Venus, which governs love, art, and harmony.


What horoscope is October for Libra?

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is an air sign with a keen sense of beauty and style. They’re always looking to make the world a more aesthetically pleasing place, and enjoy the finer things in life: beautiful jewelry, stylish clothes, exquisite foods.

Despite their desire to have everything in its place, Libra is still very much an emotional sign. When it comes to their relationships, they want to build lasting partnerships that include mutual respect, honesty, and a sense of fun.

They’re also incredibly patient and often willing to listen to someone’s view point. However, they can be rather indecisive at times. This can be frustrating if they’re trying to make a decision that involves more than one person.

Love is a major concern for the air sign, especially as Venus enters Libra on October 1. A romantic relationship is in the spotlight this month, and you’ll be spending a lot of your time pouring creative, flirtatious energy into a partnership that’s just beginning to bloom.

Your astrology forecast for October 2022 tells you that this is the perfect time to take your mate’s love story to the next level by showing off your unique, playful side. Your ability to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones is an asset that’s hard to resist, so try to bring a little sparkle and lightheartedness into your dates this month!

As Venus moves into Scorpio on October 23, you’ll have an opportunity to make some big changes in your financial life. You’ll have the chance to get rid of things that are clogging up your financial space, and this will open the door to the income you deserve.

You’ll also have the opportunity to set up healthier money habits, and this can make a big difference in your bank account over the coming weeks. A solar eclipse in Scorpio on the twenty-fifth can also help you see how your lifestyle choices are shaping your finances, so it’s time to make some changes!

The planetary alignments that are happening this month will encourage you to work harder and be more confident. They’ll also be a great opportunity to clear out any negativity that’s been lingering in your mind. With this, you’ll be able to achieve your goals and be happy again.


Scorpio season is beginning on October 23, with a new moon in this intense water sign, offering a time to explore and express your inner truths. The astrological influence of Jupiter is strong during this period, providing you with an opportunity to reconnect with your creative interests and artistic pursuits.

As you navigate the coming weeks, remember that your innate power to heal and transform others is also yours to harness. The intuition that sits deep within you desires to guide you, hold you where you may rather run away and show you what you may rather not see, all in the hope of helping you feel better about yourself.

You’re able to channel your innate healing abilities through your hands or simply by holding another’s pain in your arms, allowing them to release it in a way that makes sense for them. While your presence alone can do wonders for others, you must be careful to only use your power when necessary and never manipulate people for your own selfish ends.

When it comes to love, this month brings an abundance of passion and romance to the table for Scorpios. If you’ve been longing to have a passionate affair, autumn could be the perfect time for it!

The first week of this month will likely be rocky or conflicting for you, but things should settle down as the month progresses. Mars and the North Node are influencing your career sector, which suggests that you may need to make some extra efforts to find the right match for you this month.

A full moon in your relationship sector on October 9 may bring up lingering issues or problems that you’ve been struggling to resolve. While these disagreements may cause tension in your relationship, the time around the full moon will allow you to settle them and build a more harmonious connection with your partner.

Your ruling planet Mars will begin a retrograde in Gemini on October 30, which can lead to breakdowns in communication as suppressed negative emotions start to surface. It’s best to tread carefully during this tense time, choosing your words wisely and avoiding confrontation.


Sagittarius is the sign of adventure and travel, but the zodiac rules education, too. Your intellectual mind thrives on sifting through information and finding the core of truth, so teaching and higher education are often good fields for you to pursue.

Your tenth house is where relationships with authority figures and superiors are in focus, so your communications could be especially effective during this cycle. You're eager to please, but it's important not to overdo your social skills.

You're also energized by a desire to work hard and make things happen. This can lead to a lot of late nights and long hours at the office, which can be tiring for you. It's important to make sure you get plenty of rest and eat right in order to maintain your energy levels.

A few misunderstandings or conflict with your partners may crop up, and they could be challenging to sort through at times. Try to keep an open mind, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Mars squaring off with Neptune in Pisces on October 12 might leave you unsure about what to do in a relationship or partnership situation. You might feel a little anxious or paranoid, and it might be tempting to push yourself to a decision that doesn't fit with your values.

Alternatively, you may find yourself thinking back to previous situations that didn't go well, and this can make it difficult to decide how to move forward. Instead, do your best to stay grounded and avoid any confrontations that might push you to choose something that doesn't feel true to you or anyone else involved.

You're a natural team player and this month could bring you many new opportunities for collaboration with others. You're particularly interested in developing your relationships with other people who have a similar passion for their work, so this is a great time to make new connections! Getting out and seeing what's happening in the world around you can be an incredibly empowering experience for you.


What horoscope is october?

The October horoscope for Capricorn is a month of transformation. On October 8, Pluto ends its retrograde in your sign, helping you tap into a deep well of inner power. And Mercury transits your solar fifth house, bringing a strong mental connection to creative self-expression.

Jupiter reenters intuitive, creative water sign Pisces on October 28 after spending some time in Aries: This can bring a big boost of communication. You might be able to open up more and share your ideas, and you could have big discussions that are full of inspiration.

In your work life, you can expect to get a lot done. You’ll feel more energized than usual and you’ll be ready to take on new responsibilities or challenges in your role. This will help you to progress in a meaningful way, and it can also lead to more success and higher earnings.

You may have some unexpected expenses this month, but you’ll be able to weather them with some careful planning. And as you look ahead, this is a great time to set financial goals and make some changes in your spending habits.

Your relationship with your parents will be strained this month, but you can resolve the issue through compromise and understanding. You might also want to make an effort to spend more quality time together.

If you’re married, this is a great month to focus on strengthening your bond with your partner, and it might be a good time to begin some romantic endeavors. It’s a good time to learn more about your partner’s interests and needs, so you can communicate them effectively in the future.

As you continue to build your foundation, you’ll have the strength to support others in their own journeys. You’ll be a great partner for those who are struggling, and you’ll also find that it’s easier to forgive and forget the past when you’re strong enough to hold onto your own integrity and values.

You’re feeling like you have an important message to communicate, and you’re eager to share it. You might be able to start working on an idea that will help you to reach your goals and realize your dreams. And with Mercury trine Saturn, you’ll be able to articulate your vision in an engaging, practical way.