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Psychics and other spiritual seers are increasingly seeing an uptick in business as people turn to them for guidance in uncertain times. So I asked local clairvoyants what they expect to happen under President Donald Trump.

Kathryn Forestal, owner of Readings by Kathryn in Chicago, has predicted a string of disasters under Trump’s leadership. From scandal to war, she’s got a grim mosaic of events ahead.

Leo Rising

Leo Rising is one of the most charismatic signs in the zodiac, and their vibrant expressions and manes make them hard to miss. Whether they're at a social gathering or on stage performing their heart out, Leos have the power to get people talking.

Their style is fearless, but with a distinctive flair that's both timeless and on-trend. They have a natural gift for finding things that stand out and make a statement. They're also very fond of bold colors and boisterous parties.

When it comes to love, Leos are wildly generous, and they're great at cheerleading for their friends who have big dreams. They're also incredibly devoted to their families.

They're often the ones who are there for their loved ones when they need it most, and they will go above and beyond to help out in ways that might seem out of character for them.

As the ruling sign of the sun, Leos are highly energetic and optimistic, and they radiate this energy to everyone around them. They are known for their charisma and their public personas, but they can be surprisingly quiet about their feelings.

For this reason, they're typically shy in their early interactions, but as they get to know you better, they will open up about their inner life. If they have a close friend who is sensitive and trustworthy, they will be vulnerable and honest about their emotions, because they need the protection of a trusted companion to fully express themselves.

A Leo may not always be the first to tell you what's bothering them, and they will try to avoid conflict as much as possible. But if they do get upset about something, they'll find a way to calm themselves down.

Leos can be remarkably organized, and their closets are like a treasure hunt. They'll have a system in place and will always know where their stuff is.

They can be quite spiritual, and their homes are places of sanctuary for them. They will usually have heavy curtains or an eye mask to block out the light for sleep, which allows them to recharge and rejuvenate.

Gemini Moon

Gemini is an air sign that’s often associated with duality. But it’s also a sign that’s incredibly gifted at communication, with Mercury ruling its position in the zodiac.

Because of this, Geminis love talking about their feelings and sharing their thoughts with others. And, when they’re in the right mindset, they’re able to make connections between people and things that other people may not notice.

In terms of clairvoyant influence, the Moon in Gemini is especially powerful. This mutable energy can encourage you to change your mind about something or see another side to an issue. It can help you take a fresh look at your current life situation or career path.

It’s also a good time to learn more about what you want from your future, or to take a lesson on how to better understand the world around you. You’ll feel a sense of empowerment and motivation as you begin to see the possibilities for yourself.

This energy is especially useful when you’re dealing with emotions or issues that you don’t know how to process. It can give you a fresh outlook on how to deal with them and help you see that everything has its purpose.

When you’re looking for a partner, this mutable energy can be especially helpful. You’ll find that you can easily connect with your partner as long as you share similar interests, such as intellectual pursuits or social activities.

You’re also a great listener, so you’ll be able to provide support and validation for your partner. This can be especially helpful if your partner doesn’t have a strong connection to their own emotions.

The Moon in Gemini can also help you understand your own emotions more clearly and feel comfortable expressing them. This is particularly beneficial if you have any issues with depression or anxiety.

It’s a good time to ask yourself how your own emotions affect the way you interact with others. For example, are you too sensitive? Or do you need to learn to regulate your own emotions more? It’s important to keep this in mind as you talk with your therapist or anyone else who might be able to help you.

Sagittarius Sun

Sagittarius is one of the more energetic and enthusiastic zodiac signs. Their sense of adventure and travel is a major source of joy for them.

They love to go places where they can experience new cultures, people, and ideas. They also find spiritual and personal satisfaction in exploring the world. Whether they’re traveling by plane, train, or car, Sagittarius loves the excitement and thrill of discovery.

These explorers love the freedom of traveling, but they do appreciate a little structure in their lives. They don’t like being rushed in the morning, and they like to make time to enjoy themselves throughout the day.

The archer can also be a great teacher, especially if they are able to teach someone else how to do something they love! They also have a knack for precision and can be exceptional at jobs that require careful calibration.

When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius is a very good friend and can be the most supportive person in the world. They have a strong sense of self-worth and will always try to help out if they can.

They are also very honest and truthful, and expect nothing but the same from others. Lying, deception, and beating around the bush won’t get them very far in their lives.

A Sagittarius will also love you for who you are, and she will make a special effort to befriend you and express her affections to you directly. She will become a very loyal friend, and you can rely on her for everything you need.

If you have a tendency to be psychic, you may have the Sagittarius Sun in your chart. Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are all signs that support this ability, and aspects between Pluto and the Moon, Mercury or Ascendant boost it.

Saturn in the First House

In astrology, Saturn is the planet of order, discipline and perseverance. It can also be associated with authority, elders, religion and power. Its transit to the First House indicates a person's initial impressions and their ideas for future projects.

A person's initial impressions of the world are usually based on the energies of the sign in which they were born. Depending on which planets occupy the First House, this can reveal a person with a strong emotional or intellectual bent that isn't always grounded in reality.

Saturn in the First House can also mean that a person will be very goal-oriented, aiming for certain outcomes in a particular area of their lives. They may be very disciplined about taking action in their chosen field, and they'll often apply restrictions to themselves that prevent them from going overboard in achieving their goals.

This type of person can be very pessimistic at times, as their goals might seem too far out of reach. This can be a form of self-defense, though, as they won't want to risk failure or disappointment by not pursuing their dreams.

Another way that the presence of Saturn in the First House can manifest is in a person's public image. A person with Sun or Venus in this house is likely to be seen as a leader in their field, and they will have a good reputation for their work.

Finally, Saturn in the First House can reveal a person who is sensitive and emotional. They may feel intense emotions, and their sensitivity can cause them to be easily hurt by others' reactions.

It can also indicate a person who is very opinionated, and they'll often have an argumentative attitude to other people's ideas. This can lead to a lot of conflict, and it can even be hard to understand others' points of view.

This is not to say that a person with Saturn in the First House can't be a clairvoyant, but they may have a harder time communicating their thoughts to others than a person with a more supportive natal chart. For a clairvoyant, the best approach is to remain true to their intuition and not let their emotions get the best of them.