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Aries is a fire sign, so the color red has long been associated with strength and energy. It is also associated with Mars, the planet that rules this zodiac sign.

In addition, the vibrant hue of red can symbolize passion and zeal, which is a natural extension of Aries’ personality. But wearing too much of a bold shade can take a toll on their calm, level-headed nature.

Aries: Red

Whether you’re looking to get more out of your career or you just need some inspiration for your next big project, finding the right color for your zodiac sign can be a great way to boost your positivity. That’s because each zodiac sign has its own lucky color, according to astrologer Guadalupe Terrones.

Those who fall under the sign of Aries should consider wearing red. This bright, fiery color can symbolize passion and energy, and it’s also associated with the planet Mars.

Yellow and orange are other favourable colors for those who belong to the fire sign, because they represent their positive qualities like courage and confidence. Those who are born under the sign of Pisces should also consider pink as a favourable color, because it helps them gain the inspiration they need to excel in work and relationships.

Taurus: Pink

Tauruses are often referred to as the “Heavenly Bull”, and many ancient cultures associate this zodiac sign with the planet Venus. This makes pink a perfect choice for this sign, as it’s a color that represents romance and femininity.

Besides pink, pastel blue and purple are also associated with this zodiac sign. They add a feminine flair to your wardrobe and help elevate the overall mood of any space that you wear them in.

As you can see, the power colors for every zodiac sign have a specific meaning and can bring out the best in you! Whether it’s confidence, calm restless energy, or strength, each zodiac sign has its own color that can really boost your personality and style.

Gemini: Yellow

The color yellow is a natural fit for Gemini, as it symbolizes their bright, open-air attitudes. It also fits the sign’s tendency to always be evolving and adjusting to new conditions and situations.

It can even help them stay on the bright side if they feel like they’re going through a tough time. However, make sure to avoid deep or dark colors as these can exacerbate their drama-filled tendencies.

The mystical and emotional Pisces are the last of the water signs, and they’re driven by their desire to know life’s hidden, mystical and occult sides. They should wear soft sea greens to express their empathetic and compassionate natures.

Cancer: Blue

As a moon ruled sign, Cancers are often shy and sensitive. Blue is a color that keeps them at their best, as it represents stability and control of their emotions.

It also rekindles their hopes and dreams. When paired with white, it’s a great color palette for Cancers who love to look to the sky.

Another blue that works well for Cancers is seafoam green, which is a color reminiscent of the sea. It adds a softness to an otherwise bold palette, and works with medium blues to create a refreshing, fresh look.

Leo: Orange

When it comes to a fire sign, orange is the color that best mirrors Leo’s bold personality. This vibrant hue is a great choice for this zodiac sign because it represents the sun’s energy and dynamism, bringing out a sense of optimism in those born under this sign.

The color orange also reflects Leo’s passion and drive for life. As a result, this is a color that Leos will love to wear in their everyday wardrobe.

There are several different shades of orange to choose from, so it’s important to find the color that best complements your personal style. This will ensure that you’re wearing the right color to reflect your personality and amplify your good fortune!

Virgo: Green

Virgo is a zodiac sign that’s ruled by the planet Mercury. As a mutable sign, it tends to adapt to situations and challenges.

Despite this, they are a very particular sign when it comes to detail and making sure they stick to a plan. They are also very precise in weighing up all options to reach a conclusion.

As the color of growth, green is a great fit for Virgos. This is because Virgo is a sign that’s in tune with nature, and they tend to love anything associated with agriculture and new life.

So if you’re a Virgo, you should definitely wear a shade of green or a shade that has the same color as green. This will help you stay focused on your goals and keep your logical approach to life intact.

Libra: Blue

If you’re a Libra (September 23 – October 22), then you are most likely looking for peace and harmony. You strive for balance, fairness and justice in every aspect of your life.

You’re also a great negotiator and mediator in both personal and professional relationships. You are loyal and committed to others, but you can be stubborn in your pursuit of justice or truth.

As a result, you can become indecisive and may second-guess yourself if you aren’t sure of your decisions. But blue is a color that can help you to make the best choice for yourself, while bringing mental clarity.

Scorpio: Oxblood Red

Scorpios are the darkest and broodiest of all zodiac signs, and they can be very moody. They're also loyal, sensual, and a bit mysterious.

This makes them very powerful and charismatic, but they can be difficult to get along with. That's why they prefer to wear colors that evoke trust, intimacy, and security in their partners.

The best color for a Scorpio to wear is black, which is a power color that matches their compelling personality. It symbolizes sophistication and mystery, and it helps deter negative energy from their surroundings.

In addition to black, deep, rich purples and navy blues are also a good choice for the Scorpio. These colors have the same impact and importance as black without being so dark.

Sagittarius: Purple

When it comes to color, Sagittarius should go for purple. It embodies spirituality and awareness, which pushes Sagittarius’ philosophical mind towards enlightenment and openness.

Sagittarius is always aiming to broaden their horizons, and they do so by continually exploring new places. It’s this adventurous nature that ties in with the zodiac sign’s ruling planet, Jupiter, which encourages good fortune and optimism.

Despite their independent personality, Sagittarians are known for being genuine and straightforward when it comes to talking about their feelings. They’re also very big picture-oriented and seek out philosophical debate as a way to connect with others.

Capricorn: Green

A strong, hardworking Earth sign, Capricorns are always on a mission to achieve their goals. Their ambitious nature makes them a great partner for projects that require far-reaching plans and resolute dedication.

They want to see their plans through to completion, even if it means putting in extra hours and sacrificing other opportunities. They’re also great at prioritizing their time and making flexible changes when something comes up that needs to be addressed.

They’re also quite sentimental. They want to feel loved and secure, which is why they value friendships with people who are sensitive and open-hearted.