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In astrology, there are 12 houses: Each house is associated with a different area of life. Starting with the first house, which represents where the sun was rising at your exact birth time, and moving counterclockwise around the zodiac wheel, the houses represent a person's broader themes of self-expression, identity, relationships, family life, and so much more.

First House

The first house, also known as the rising sign or ascendant, is the house that relates to your self and identity. It determines how you project yourself into the world and how you are perceived by others.

The planet Mars rules the first house, and it governs vitality, energy, drive, and ambition. As a result, the zodiac sign that corresponds to this house is Aries.

The first house also represents issues of security and stability, both physically (like your home and family) and emotionally. It also ties in with your ancestors and your past.

Second House

The second house in astrology is related to money, possessions, assets, resources and values. This house is mainly influenced by Venus and Taurus.

It reveals the ways a person relates to money and their system of values. It also indicates whether they are able to attract or repel money, as well as how much they earn and spend.

People born with a planet in this house will tend to be more concerned about money and their possessions than most other people. They often have a great taste for expensive but beautiful items and will be happy to buy them if they can afford them.

Those with a planet in the second house will also be good at saving and managing their finances. They can be a bit possessive of their possessions, but that is usually because they have worked hard to earn them.

Third House

The third house in astrology defines areas of your life that are directly related to yourself and things that surround you. This includes communication, information in general, your mind, and your immediate surroundings.

“The third house is a tricky one because it covers so many significations,” Hellenistic astrologer Dalanah tells Elite Daily. It also spotlights rituals, spirituality, and dreaming.

Generally, people with the third house in astrology are interested in learning about all kinds of topics, including information in general and how things work in the world around them. They're skilled communicators who enjoy making friends and forming common interests with others.

But they can get overwhelmed by competition and struggle to keep up with new developments. This makes them more prone to mental health issues, like depression and anxiety. It can also affect their physical health, as they might be prone to chronic diseases and allergies.

Fourth House

The fourth house in astrology reflects your home environment, the people in your life, and your childhood. In general, a strong fourth house indicates a good connection to your emotions and psyche.

Those with this placement are often progressive thinkers who strive to break away from the norms of their families or society. They may form their homes differently than others or adapt their lifestyles to fit the times they live in.

They are also affectionate and comfort-seeking natives. Their home is the most important place in their lives and they take care of it with utmost devotion. They are loving and caring towards their family members, especially their female relatives.

Fifth House

The Fifth House is the house of pleasure in astrology. It governs your creative expression, what pleases you, and the things that bring you joy.

It's ruled by Leo, and Jupiter is the natural significator. This house also represents good luck and fortune, learning, and wisdom.

People born with Mercury in the Fifth House tend to be clever, resourceful, and inventive. They enjoy mental games and activities that encourage creativity and challenge their analytical minds.

They're also good communicators, and they find satisfaction in learning and teaching others. These are traits that help them become leaders in their professions and communities. They're also very social and love to entertain. They're always up for a good time, but they also know when to be serious and take their work seriously.

Sixth House

The Sixth House in astrology is one of the most important, because it represents your health and well-being. It also relates to your habits and routines.

A good example of this is your food and exercise habits. They all affect your overall health and well-being, which is why it’s so important to keep your body in tip-top shape.

When a planet is placed in the Sixth House, it usually signifies someone who is diligent, thorough, and meticulous. They take pride in their work, and they want to do a great job every time.

When Mars is in the Sixth House, it indicates a person who is highly active and who wants to help others. These folks love to give back, and they will often try to change circumstances through hard work and determination.

Seventh House

The Seventh House in astrology is linked to long-term partnerships. It also symbolises legal contracts and economic alliances, as well as marriage.

The 7th House is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love and beauty. It's also ruled by Libra, the partnering sign.

Those with a strong 7th House ruler have the ability to find the perfect partner, one who is both kind and compassionate. Their relationships are based on compromise and harmony, and they tend to work best in a one-on-one setting.

They may also appreciate a partner who is devoted, loyal, and passionate. However, they don't enjoy being pinned down by someone else and prefer their own space.

Eighth House

The Eighth House in astrology represents all things connected with death and rebirth. It is also about mystical experiences, finding meaning hidden under the surface and sexuality.

It is ruled by the planet Pluto, which adds intensity and depth to everything it touches. Fortunately, there's a lot to love about this enigmatic sign.

For one thing, it's a powerful place to go deep in therapy and learn to face the shadows of your past. When you do, you can become more authentic and true to yourself.

The 8th house is also about health, genital organs, chronic and limb diseases, and inherited problems. It can show if you have trouble having children, and if you have a bad immune system or are suffering from rheumatism.

Ninth House

The Ninth House is home to beliefs, philosophy, religion, education, and travel. This expansive area of the chart can inspire you to take on a new path of learning, teach others or offer up your talents and knowledge to the world.

Jupiter rules this sign, and the benevolent planet naturally suggests higher education and wisdom. It can also signify a tendency toward faith and luck, as well as a natural curiosity about what life has to offer.

Mercury, the planet of communication and details, is also in this house, which means you may find yourself putting your energy into expanding your inner catalog and sharing it with others. You might also like to travel and study faraway lands.

Tenth House

The Tenth House in astrology represents a person’s career and social status. It also determines how they look to others, astrologers say.

People with the Sun in this house have a strong sense of leadership. They are natural-born managers, public personas and entrepreneurs.

Their ambition makes them very successful, especially in upper world activities such as politics, business, law and the arts. They also enjoy gaining recognition and fame for their achievements, which makes them popular.

They also are able to handle difficult situations very well, thanks to their determination and hard work.

They are able to thrive in any industry because they know how to make the most of their strengths and opportunities, according to Tran. They are also able to be assertive in a way that is likable and helpful.