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Chiron is known in astrology as the wounded healer. It reveals what wounds you’ve suffered and how you can transform them into something you can use to help others.

People with chiron in a certain zodiac sign or astrological house have been through a major personal trauma or challenge that has left them feeling wounded. It’s possible that you’ll never fully get over this, but if you’re open to the process, you can transform your pain into strength.


A system of theories and methods based on the belief that celestial bodies affect human affairs, for example, by influencing the movements of the planets. Astrology has been around for centuries, and many people still believe in its ability to predict the future by looking at the positions of celestial bodies in relation to the stars.

Astrology is a method of divination that relies on the positions of planets and stars in relation to your birth chart, or horoscope. Its purpose is to forecast your personal qualities, your tendencies to particular diseases, and your liability to good or bad luck.

Among the most popular astrological influences are the sun, moon, and other planets. However, some astrologers have also added an extra element to their readings and forecasts by incorporating the minor planet Chiron.

Pronounced kye-ron, chiron is a comet and minor planet that orbits between structure-hungry Saturn and chaotic Uranus. In astrology, chiron is a symbol of pain and healing.

Chiron is a double-edged sword that represents our deepest wounds and insecurities. In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur (half-horse, half-human) who could not heal himself after he was struck by a poisonous arrow. His wounds and inability to heal led him to a tragic, yet noble death.

The significance of Chiron in a natal chart is extremely significant. It determines your most recurrent emotional traumas and your capacity for healing those traumas.

As a result, Chiron has a tremendous impact on your life. And because astrology is so deeply personal and complex, your specific placement of Chiron in your birth chart will reveal a slew of different aspects to this asteroid’s influence.

In Virgo, for instance, your wounds revolve around a relentless search for perfection that can take you down a road to self-loathing and depression. Your quest for perfection can make it difficult to relax or enjoy a simple pleasure, such as taking a bath or going out with friends.

For those with a Chiron placement in the sign of Sagittarius, your wounds relate to a lack of confidence and a belief that you are not smart enough or worldly enough. This is a wound that can prevent you from fully opening up to spirituality.


Chiron was a centaur and half-brother of Zeus, who was known for his wisdom. He was also a mentor and teacher for many Greek heroes. His responsibilities included teaching those who had been sent to him so that they could become great warriors, but his most important role was as a father figure.

He was a very wise being and possessed a great love of the arts, especially medicine and music. He had a natural talent for these areas and was considered to be very gifted.

When he was a young boy, he was abandoned by his parents and taken in by the gods Apollo and Athena. He learned everything they knew and became an expert in many different fields, including healing arts, music, prophecy and hunting.

In a mythological sense, Chiron represents the innate struggle between animal instinct and reason. He was also a hero who took on a noble death in order to save his fellow men.

The centaur’s dual nature was reflected in his physical appearance, as well. He was often depicted with human front legs instead of equine ones, indicating his lineage and status as a half-brother of Zeus. This contrasts with other centaurs who were commonly depicted with only a horse’s back legs, which meant that they did not have the same lineage.

Chiron’s relationship with the gods was extremely close, as he often helped Apollo, Zeus and Heracles when they needed help. He also had a close relationship with the sea god Poseidon and was seen with him at Camp Jupiter, where he is seen helping to defend it.

His connection with the sea is particularly evident in the story of the marriage between Peleus and Thetis. It is believed that Chiron taught Peleus how to catch Thetis, a minor sea goddess, who would then be able to shapeshift into human form to escape the advances of Peleus.

During this period, Greece was an unsafe place, and children were brought to Chiron to be taught how to protect themselves from harm. This practice was called the kourotrophos, or “child-rearer.” It was a common belief in ancient Greece that if you had someone to teach you how to protect yourself, you had a better chance of staying alive.


Chiron (Kheiron) is a Greek demigod, a centaur. He is known as a healer, astrologer and respected oracle and was famed for his teaching abilities. He taught the gods, including Apollo and Artemis and mentored many of the great heroes of ancient Greece, such as Heracles, Jason, Caster, Asclepius and Achilles.

He was a descendant of Cronus, the father of Zeus, and Philyra, the nymph who was pregnant with him. Unlike other centaurs, Chiron was intelligent and civilized and lived on Mount Pelion in Thessaly.

As a demigod, Chiron was immortal. He became an expert in medicine, and he was able to use his knowledge and skill to help people with illnesses. He was also skilled at resurrecting the dead. This made him unpopular with his half-brother, Zeus, who feared he would one day surpass him.

Eventually, though, Chiron suffered a terrible wound that he was unable to heal. As a result, he was doomed to endless pain.

When Chiron’s condition got to be too much for him, he sought a solution. He went to his half-brother, Zeus, and offered him a trade. In exchange for his immortality, he would release Prometheus, who had been bound to a rock by the gods for stealing fire and delivering it to humankind.

In return, Chiron took the place of Prometheus. When Chiron died, his immortality was removed, and he was guided to Mount Olympus, where he was reincarnated as the constellation Sagittarius or Centaurus.

He was also known for his love of animals, especially dogs. When he was hunting, he often brought his dogs with him so that they could follow his scent. In fact, they were so distraught at the loss of their master that they would come back to his cave seeking him.

It was this kind of relationship with animals that eventually led to his death, when he was struck by one of Heracles’ poison arrows. After he died, his soul was guided to Mount Olympus where he became a deity.

Chiron’s story is a beautiful example of how pain and affliction can transform us into great moral and spiritual leaders. The astrological significance of Chiron is that it represents the innate power within each of us to turn our personal wounds into sources of healing and strength. This is especially true for those who have experienced the agony of illness or a painful past.


In astrology, chiron is a minor planet or comet that was first discovered in 1977. Chiron isn't used as much as other planets, but he is a key element in the birth chart. He can also be contacted by other planets to reveal what is holding you back and how to heal it.

The ancient Greek myth of Chiron tells us that he was a centaur (half human, half horse) who was abandoned by his mother and taught many skills by Apollo and Artemis. He quickly became a great teacher and a skilled healer. However, he was hit by an arrow and could not cure himself.

He eventually went to Zeus, asking for help. Zeus then freed him from his immortality and gave him his place among the stars as a tribute to his work.

Chiron is a powerful force that can make you more sensitive to other people's pain and suffering, even if it's not directly your own. It is this energy that can be a valuable tool in your healing process and in helping you see the beauty and strength that lies within each person and each situation.

To heal your own wounds, you must take the time to look at what they are and the lessons that are being taught to you by them. When you do, you can transform them into something more positive and meaningful in your life.

You can do this by focusing on the healing process rather than trying to reach the perfect outcome. This can be difficult for those with Virgo-based Chiron in the 6th house, where there's no such thing as “good enough.” But it's important to take time for yourself, even if you feel that everything isn't going your way.

Those with this placement may struggle with the notion of self-worth, focusing instead on likability and social acceptance. Their wounds might revolve around a lack of confidence or feelings of being “too much.”

The solution is to cultivate beauty in their lives and to focus on things that matter, rather than worrying about what other people think. For example, they can find joy in the simple act of spending time with someone who makes them happy, or in taking an afternoon off from their usual routine to do something that is completely their own.