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Conjunction is one of the five major aspects in astrology. It's when two planets are close to each other in a zodiac sign.

A conjunction is considered a positive aspect because it combines the power of two or more planets. However, a conjunction can also have negative outcomes if it's not compatible with other planets or points in the chart.


In astrology, the conjunction of two or more planets is an important and sometimes dramatic event. Astrologers in ancient times were intrigued by the way the positions of celestial bodies influenced human behavior and interpreted this occurrence as a sign that something important was about to happen in the lives of people.

According to astrologers, a conjunction occurs when the Sun or Moon is in close proximity to two other planets or points in the sky. This is because a conjunction combines the energies of both of these planets or points and has the same effect as if they were placed side by side in a horoscope chart.

The significance of a conjunction in astrology depends on the planetary combinations involved and their placements within the birth chart. A conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, for example, can lead to a period of deep transformation and change.

While a conjunction may cause major changes or challenges, it is also possible for these influences to be positive and harmonious. For example, a Moon conjunct Venus aspect can be a great combination of both the Moon's focus on feelings and Venus' talents for love and attraction. However, it is important to remember that this is only a partial correlation and that other factors such as a person's birth time and their relationship to each of the planets are also important.

A conjunction between Mars and Neptune is not a particularly good example of a harmonious united energy because both planets have distinct character traits that can make them difficult to relate to. The blending of these energies can also lead to self-esteem issues and an inability to take action or compete with others.

As a result, a conjunction can be extremely difficult to interpret, especially for natives who have trouble understanding how two different characters blend together. Fortunately, some astrologers are able to decipher the effects of a conjunction, although this often depends on the astrological systems and traditions being used.

Another astrologer, Dalanah explains that conjunctions can be difficult to understand because they can be subjective. A native might feel a sense of oneness or connection with another, but they may also think that the other is simply “roundabout.” This makes it difficult for the native to differentiate themselves from their spirituality and their evasive nature.


Conjunctions are one of the most powerful aspects in astrology, as they enhance a planet's energy and create a focal point in the chart. The most common type of conjunction is a Sun-Moon aspect (usually less than 8o, but can be as close as 10o) that often reflects deep and meaningful connections between two people.

When a person's Sun sign and Moon sign are in conjunction, it means they have strong attraction for each other and have an extremely meaningful and supportive connection. It also often shows that they are connected to each other's ego and life force.

It is also possible for a person's Sun sign and Moon signs to be in opposite elements, which can sometimes be a super fab compatibility indicator. For example, if your Sun sign is in emotional Pisces while your Moon sign is in intense Scorpio, you're probably a total match!

Moreover, the presence of other luminaries like Mercury, Venus, and Mars can also play a part in determining if two people are compatible. These planets can reflect how much a person feels in love, and can also influence whether they are able to experience true intimacy with their partner.

As an astrologer, I often hear clients ask me how they can determine their astrological compatibility with their partner. Luckily, it's actually pretty simple!

First, you'll want to find your “rising” sign. This is the zodiac sign that was rising at the eastern horizon when you were born. The rising sign is incredibly important for figuring out your innate personality and how you see the world.

Next, look for your “descendant” – the zodiac sign that was six signs away from your ascendant when you were born. Opposites attract, so if you're a Virgo Rising and someone you've been crushing on is a Pisces Descendant, you are likely destined for a serious relationship!

Finally, you should also look at your natal chart. This is a map of all the angles of the planets in the sky at your birth time and is considered to be a more accurate representation of how you will feel and function throughout your lifetime.


In astrology, a conjunction of planets is an occurrence that occurs when two or more planets are very close to each other in the sky (usually within a few degrees). They form an aspect and their energy blends together. This is one of the most significant astrological events.

Conjunctions can be positive or negative depending on the planets involved and their placement in your chart. For example, if you have a Sun and Venus conjunction in the first house of your natal chart, this will give you a strong sense of personal power. Similarly, if you have Mercury and Venus conjunct in your third house of your natal chart, this will grant you the ability to charm others with your words.

However, if the two planets are not in good harmony with each other or their placement is an enemy, then this will have negative effects on you. It’s important to pay special attention to aspects to the ascendant and Midheaven, as they are very significant.

For instance, a Venus sextile to the ascendant can create a very powerful personality, while a Moon trine to the Midheaven can reveal a sensitive and emotional side. On the other hand, Saturn trine to the Ascendant will make you prone to self-esteem issues and an inability to trust people.

Trines are also a very important aspect in astrology, as they can often represent safety and security. When a sign is in trine with another, it means that they share many of the same qualities and are easy to get along with.

As a result, they can create a bond or friendship between the two signs. This is why astrologers will often call these pairs of signs “trines” for their compatibility and ease with each other.

Aside from being a powerful occurrence in astrology, conjunctions can also be significant because they are among the five major aspects in a chart. These aspects are sextile, trine, square, opposition and quincunx. The square and opposition are hard aspects, while trine and sextile are considered to be easier.

In astrology, a conjunction of three or more planets is called a stellium and is extremely rare. It’s considered to be an exceptional occurrence and it can reveal a unique set of abilities in the native.


A conjunction is the union of two or more planets. It's a very significant event in astrology, and can have both positive and negative impacts on a person's life.

Conjunctions happen when two or more planets are in the same zodiac sign and occupy the same house in your birth chart. The meanings of a conjunction vary according to the nature of the planets involved, their connection to one another, and the house or sign in which they are placed.

Astrologers consider conjunctions to be the strongest of all aspects. They are considered to operate within a larger orb of influence than sextiles and have a stronger, more energetic impact on a person's life.

They're also hyper-focused aspects that blend the energies of two or more planets and make them extra intense in a particular sign they're sharing.

While the specific impacts of a conjunction will depend on the sign and house placement in a natal chart, astrologers often analyze conjunctions to gain insight into a person's energy influences and offer guidance on how best to navigate them.

For instance, if a Venus-Jupiter conjunction occurs in your chart, it could suggest that you are extremely loving and generous. This can be a great energy to have in your chart, because it will help you to attract the people who will share your love and happiness.

Similarly, if a Mars-Neptune conjunction occurs in your chart, it can indicate that you are very sensitive and intuitive. This can help you to use subtle means to achieve your goals and avoid over-reaction.

On the other hand, a Mercury-Moon conjunction may indicate that you have difficulty controlling your emotions and are more susceptible to the negative side of life. This could mean that you have to work harder at things, which might lead to a struggle with your finances.

Finally, a stellium is a very special type of conjunction that occurs when more than two planets are in the same sign and house. It can be especially intense and meaningful in a chart because it's a chance to explore and experience all the energy of each planet's qualities, which can be very powerful.