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Astrologers divide the zodiac into houses based on the time and place of your birth. Each house represents an aspect of life, from travel and romance to career and friendships.

Starting from your ascendant, the houses move counterclockwise around your chart. Here’s what each one means and how they can help you understand yourself better.

First House

The First House is the house that represents the origin of your self and identity, and how you present yourself to the world. It also relates to your personal interests, hobbies, and any new endeavors that you have started.

People who have Mars in the First House have a strong desire to lead and take control of their lives. They have a great deal of stamina and drive, and are usually quite athletic.

These people are also highly skilled and may have a lot of technical knowledge to draw upon. They often have a very feminine sense of style, and tend to attract others with their edginess and beauty.

Those who have Saturn in the First House are typically serious and wise, and they command respect with an aura of authority. They may have a hard childhood, and they can come across as an introvert, but they are dependable and loyal. They will enjoy sweet success in life.

Second House

The Second House in astrology symbolizes possessions, money, and resources. It also indicates your desires and values.

Venus rules the Second House and represents wealth, security, and your sense of well-being. It influences your family, financial background, habits, and your relationship with others.

With Venus in the Second House, you tend to be rich and generous with your money. You value your possessions and you expect to receive gifts and material rewards when you work hard.

You are also practical, and you’re good at planning. However, you can be careless with your money and spend more than you should. You might be prone to becoming debt-ridden. You are also very competitive, and you will likely fight for your rights when necessary.

Third House

In astrology, the third house is where we focus on our communication, rituals, network and mind. When a planet transits here, this area will often get a big hit.

For example, if Jupiter hits your third house during a full moon, it could indicate that you're a very expressive person and have some big ideas, says Dalanah. Or if Mars is hitting your third house, it might mean that you're in a fight with a sibling.

In general, this house represents all forms of communication, including media, writing, publishing, education, telecommunications and transport. It also covers neighbor countries and treaties.

Fourth House

The Fourth House, also known as the Home, is where all the physical aspects of your life converge. It represents the place that gives you a sense of safety, comfort, and emotional satisfaction.

It also represents your mother, the environment in which you grow up, your relationships with family members, and your heart. It's important to understand what this house means in astrology as it can help you make more accurate predictions about what will happen next, especially when certain planets are moving through this area of your chart.

People born under the Sign/House combination of Cancer are deeply involved in their families and tend to process their emotions through nurturing, compassion, and love. However, they can also exert power over their families through emotional blackmail or manipulation.

Fifth House

The Fifth House is the house of romance, creativity, and children. The planets here often bring us eureka moments that boost our confidence, as well as opportunities to express our deepest creative passions.

In traditional astrology, this house is ruled by Venus, the goddess of pleasures and passions. She is associated with a wild spirit that wants to shake you up and make your heart sing.

She is also clairvoyant, able to pinpoint which chocolate remedy your soul craves.

In the Mundane Astrology system, this house represents intellectuals, emotional stability, communal harmony, speculative nature of the people, investments, stock exchange, children, population, universities, morals and values of the people. It also relates to the first conception, tastes and whims, artistic talents, recreation, entertainment, banquets and parties, love, affair, cinema, place of entertainment, theatrical performances and all kind of material and physical pleasures.

Sixth House

In astrology, the Sixth House is the house of health and work. This house represents how you organize your daily routine and the ways you take care of yourself.

It also represents how you take care of others and the things that serve your community. It is also about your health, diet, and exercise habits.

This house is ruled by Mercury, which means it’s all about the mind that organizes and plans. You’ll probably find yourself with a lot of ideas running through your head at any given time, so try to make sure you get some rest when needed.

Seventh House

The Seventh House is the home of love, marriage and partners. Here, the astrological sign that your partner falls into can show you a great deal about their personality.

In astrology, houses correspond with planets and signs (and the traits they wear on a daily basis). To learn how your homes map to your natal chart, consult your birth chart or use an online generator like this one.

For example, Venus in the seventh house brings good luck in business and professional partnerships. Folks with this placement can attract people with Venus-like qualities — intelligent, artistic, put together, and poised.

However, folks with this placement are also vulnerable to emotional vulnerability in relationships. They may feel emotionally blindsided by a partner or lose their identity in a partnership if they’re not careful.

Eighth House

The Eighth House is a karmic house that deals with death, regeneration and transformation. It rules all the tortured feelings of obsession, revenge fantasies and rage that rise up as we let go.

The eighth house reflects what’s dangerously unconscious, and it takes a lot of courage to face our demons and get to the root of our control issues. It’s also where we can heal the wounds that feed a personal demon and reclaim a sense of stability in our lives.

Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, is positioned in this house. Those with Venus here tend to enjoy deep, meaningful connections, and don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t light their fire.

Ninth House

The Ninth House is the astrological sign that rules belief systems, philosophy, religion and higher learning. The planets in this house can also bring up themes like travel and expansion.

People with a ninth house placement tend to be highly intuitive, often able to see into the future or feel what others are thinking, Pennington notes. They are interested in spirituality and a sense of connection to something bigger than themselves.

The planets in your ninth house can help you understand what you need to grow as a person and how you can expand your perspective. They may suggest adventures, long journeys or a desire to learn a new language.

Tenth House

The Tenth House is one of the most important houses in astrology. It can determine the direction of your career, what kind of work you do, your connections with the high and mighty, and more.

People with the Tenth House ruled by Capricorn are cautious, meticulous, and focused on long-term plans. They’re good at taking charge and helping others along the way, and are usually dependable.

They can also be a little aggressive with people they don’t know, but that’s usually just an extension of their Capricorn nature.

Saturn’s influence in the Tenth House shows how you fulfill your destiny to be a master of a certain field. It’s a journey that requires hard work, but it’s worth the effort.