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Kurt Cobain was the founder of Nirvana, a band that revolutionized the music industry. The group became known for their edgy lyrics and unconventional melodies.

He was a gifted singer and songwriter who used his imagination to create music that was deeply emotional. He was also a highly sensitive and compassionate person.

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Kurt Cobain was born with his Sun in the sign of Pisces, the water element, and his Moon in Cancer. He had a strong love of water and the ocean and he drew many images of water from his music.

He was a very sensitive person with a lot of emotion, especially when it comes to the people around him. He could become very fixated with his own feelings and needs, or he could also turn to drugs, which are often connected with this sign as they are so intense and passionate.

The mutability of this sign allows for adaptability and the ability to make changes when necessary. This can lead to great success in any field, but it can also be the source of a lot of inner conflict and unrest.

This sign is extremely loyal and always tries to be there for others, but it can be difficult for them not to take on other people’s problems and make them worse. They will genuinely care about your emotional well-being and they may even be jealous of the things you do for other people.

When it comes to relationships, they will be very loyal and receptive but they can be very codependent and need a lot of alone time. They may not talk about their feelings as much and can sometimes get a little too emotional, but they will be there for you no matter what.

They can be very intense and passionate in their own ways, but they are also able to see when something is not right for them. They have the tendency to have tunnel vision when it comes to their obsessions, which can lead to a lot of hurt and pain.

During his early childhood, he was very hyperactive and rebellious. This caused him to be moved from one place to another, but it was this energy that allowed him to develop his artistic talents, and to have a very strong creative drive.

He was very lucky in that he had an exact trine between Jupiter, Neptune and Venus (120deg aspect). This is a very special aspect which can grant incredible talent, inspiration and artistry. This trine can also help to give the native a natural gift for expressing themselves through art and music.


The Zodiac Sign Virgo (August 23 to September 22) is represented by a Maiden holding an ear of wheat. Virgos are responsible, organized, precise, and reliable individuals who value order and logic.

Those with this zodiac sign often find their life purpose in the pursuit of perfection and a sense of achievement, says astrology expert Watt Jones. They are driven to create a world where everyone has their place and no one is left out.

A Virgo may not always feel comfortable in the spotlight or even be comfortable talking about their feelings, so it’s important to approach them with respect. They may be more than happy to discuss their intellectual interests or offer advice, but they won’t be as receptive if you try to dig into their emotions.

They are also very self-critical and can become extremely obsessive about their own image of perfection, repressing their emotional impulses. This can lead to a feeling of isolation and emptiness.

Virgos are great communicators, but sometimes they are so focused on their thoughts and ideas that they forget to show compassion for others. They may feel like their words don’t express what they’re really feeling or that they have no idea what it is they are trying to say.

For a Virgo to get on the right track with their emotions, they need to be able to talk openly about their feelings. It can be a struggle for them, but they need to learn how to express themselves so that other people will understand and appreciate them.

If a Virgo wants to build a lasting relationship with a partner, they will need to take their own needs into account and give their lover a chance to do the same. They may not be the most romantic or impulsive of lovers, but they will try to be there for their loved one, especially when their needs are not being met.

When a Virgo wants to feel loved, they will take the time to learn about their partner’s favorite things, spend quality time with them, and give them space to relax. Taking the time to listen to their partner’s needs, and showing that you care about their health and happiness are the best ways for them to feel truly loved.


Kurt Cobain, American singer, songwriter and musician, best known as the guitarist, primary songwriter and frontman of the grunge rock band Nirvana. Through angry compositions and an anti-establishment persona, he widened the thematic conventions of mainstream rock music. He is regarded as a spokesman for Generation X and was one of the most influential musicians in the history of alternative rock.

Kurt had a lot of energy and was often shuffled around in his childhood, but it was this extra energy that enabled him to channel it into his music. He was driven to success and felt compelled to achieve more than most people.

However, this drive created additional pressure, and he didn’t have the emotional foundation to handle it well. He lacked love and acceptance, and was not given the support he needed to succeed. He also achieved more than he had the emotional capacity to cope with, and it became a prison that he couldn’t escape.

He had some difficult planetary aspects in his chart, including Uranus and Pluto opposing his Ascendant (the astrological point of presentation to the world). This was a major challenge for him during his twenties.

Interestingly, this aspect also made it easy for him to attract the wrong kinds of lovers in his life. He was very idealistic in his expectations and often ended up with lovers who he couldn’t see for who they really were.

As a result, he was emotionally dissapointed and grew to despise their love for him, which ultimately led to his suicide at 27. He had a hard time dealing with his emotions, which was probably a result of his Saturn transits over his Pisces Sun.

Another important astrological aspect in his chart was Mercury trine Venus, the planet of relationships and love. This relationship planet is often referred to as the ‘goddess of romance’.

This trine creates an exact square to his Moon, which is the planet of vulnerability and moodiness, and the combination makes him more prone to suicide than any other Sun/Moon astrology combination. It is a very vulnerable Moon/Sun combination that is prone to depression and suicide more than any other Sun/Moon astrology combinations, especially when the Sun is in Pisces.


Kurt Cobain was born on February 20th, 1967 in Washington state. He was a musician, and the founder of Nirvana, one of the most popular rock bands of all time.

The astrology of his birth chart shows him to be a sensitive loner with a great taste and a knack for expressing his emotions through music. His natal Mars, Sun and Mercury are all in Pisces, and he has an exact watery grand trine between Neptune, Jupiter and his personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Saturn).

He is also very sensitive to his environment and has excellent intuition. This has served him well in his music career, as it has enabled him to feel and capture the moods of his listeners, even when they don't express themselves openly.

However, his sensitivity to other people's emotions could also be problematic. This is why it's a good idea to avoid situations where he can be tempted to be over-involved in other people's lives.

His birth chart also shows that he is very driven to succeed. With the Sun and Mercury in the 6th house he is a hard worker and always trying to get better and achieve his goals. He has Jupiter in the 11th house which indicates he knows what his goals are and will not stop until he gets them.

With all this, it's no wonder that he has become an extremely successful person in his short lifetime. It is not uncommon for a person to have a very high work ethic and he has a natural ability to overcome obstacles in order to reach his personal goals.

It is possible that Kurt's obsession with success made him unhappy and he didn't have the emotional support he needed to be happy. This may be the reason that he chose suicide rather than dealing with it in a healthy way.

He had a strong Sun-Moon connection with his wife Courtney Love, who was born under the same sign as he was. Whenever a person's Sun is on another's Moon, they are going to feel very powerful and dominant in their relationship.