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Psychic Pokemon can be a tricky type to fight. However, there are a few things that you can do to make sure you don’t get beat down by them.

First, you need to find a Pokemon that is resistant to psychic attacks. Dark and Ghost-types are the best choices for this.


What is super effective against psychic?

Psychic Pokemon have a weak Defense stat, which makes them vulnerable to Electric, Fighting, and Rock moves. But they also have high Special Attack and Special Defense stats, making them able to deal strong damage.

However, it's important to keep in mind that Psychic Pokemon are weak to Dark and Bug types as well. They have irrational fears, which make them highly vulnerable to these types.

If you're trying to battle a Psychic Pokemon, be sure to use a Fire-type or Flying-type Pokémon. This will help you avoid using any Ghost or Psychic moves that they might use.

Another way to prevent Psychic attacks is to create a barrier of psychic energy. This will stop psychic attacks from hitting you and can last until the end of the encounter or until it's destroyed.

You can make these barriers by combining up to four segments of psychic energy. Then you can place the barrier around your Pokemon, which will block all psychic attacks from hitting it.

These barriers are very useful against Psychics because they block their attacks and allow you to focus your attacks on one Pokemon at a time. But you need to use them carefully, as they can be used as a distraction for your opponent's Pokemon.

You can make your Psychic Pokemon stronger by using special moves that increase its strength, such as Sync or Psychic Armor. Alternatively, you can create a Barrier by using up to four segments of psychic energy, which will block all psychic attacks and allow you to focus your attacks on your Pokemon at a time.


The most effective way to take down a psychic Pokemon is to catch one that is strong against Psychic. Grass-type Pokemon can be very useful for this, since they are good at blocking Poison and Fire moves and resist the effects of Leech Seed and Psychic.

Dark-type Pokemon have a number of advantages over Psychic types, including a higher defense and the ability to block ghost-type attacks. Pokemon like Umbreon and Shadow Metagros are excellent counters for Psychic, as they have high Defense stats and can learn different moves to help them avoid the effects of psychic attacks.

Ghost-type Pokemon are weak to Psychic, which makes them a difficult type to catch in the wild. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as some ghosts can be very powerful and can even become legendary.

In addition to being weak against Psychic, Ghosts also have a weakness against Fairy and Paranormal Pokemon. Consequently, they are not the best choice for defeating Psychic Pokemon unless you have a Paranormal Pokemon in your team.

Unlike Psychic Pokemon, however, Ghosts can also be frightened by a Phantom Move and they are more susceptible to Fire, Electric, and Spectral moves. Fortunately, these weaknesses only apply to a small percentage of the Ghost population and they are easily overcome with the right moves and a lot of luck.

Ghosts also have a weakness to Flying and a weak spot against Normal, Dragon, and other Psychic-type Pokemon. Nonetheless, they can still be effective against a Psychic Pokemon if the opponent is not careful.


Psychic damage is a powerful type of damage, but it is relatively rare to find it being dealt in the games. This is because psychics are usually very specialized, and their powers tend to be very focused on spells rather than psionic damage.

Dark magic is a form of witchcraft that draws its power from hatred and anger. It is a very dangerous and evil magic type. It can be used for bad purposes, and may even injure or kill people without remorse for the damage done.

This kind of magic is very potent, and it has been shown that those who practice it have a unique connection to others’ memories. This was demonstrated when Cassie Blake was able to see Faye Chamberlain’s memories in her mind while others could not, and when she performed a spell to recall Jake Armstrong’s “lost” memories.

Witches who practice dark magic also have a special resistance to other magic users being able to negate their own. This is because Dark Magic is much more powerful than its White counterpart. This was evidenced when Faye Chamberlain conjured a storm that she couldn’t stop, and when Kate Meade tried to strip her of her magic, but it was stopped by her Dark Magic and canceled out.

Witches who use dark magic have a special ability to access the Ancestral Plane, where supernatural beings are allowed to go after death and return to life. This is a very difficult thing to do, and it is only achieved through the sheer will of the witch who practices dark magic.


Grass is any plant of the family Poaceae, characterized by leaves that arise from nodes in the stem and leaf bases that wrap around the stem. It includes plants such as wheat, corn, sugar cane and bamboo.

It is used for landscaping, and to create paths and fences. It can also be cultivated in greenhouses and composters.

According to the Universal Dreambook, a dream about fresh green grass predicts improvement of social status and stability in finances. It also suggests a happy and fulfilling life, especially for those who are in love.

A Chinese dreambook thinks that a dream about grass growing in front of a small or big gate symbolizes a promotion to a high position. It also suggests that you will receive a good fortune in the near future, especially if you are a businessman.

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Similarly, a dream about lying on a live carpet of grass predicts a pleasant love adventure. This is particularly true for those who are looking for a new marriage.

Bug attacks are highly effective against Psychic and Grass Pokemon, dealing double damage. However, bugs are weak against Fire, Flight and Rock movement, which makes them more likely to take damage from such moves.


Water is one of the most essential elements required for life. It is an odorless, transparent, and colorless liquid that forms the oceans, rivers, and rain and is the basis for all fluids used by living organisms. It is also a vital solvent that helps remove waste from the body and aids in the transport of nutrients between cells.

It is the most common type of liquid in nature and is found everywhere on earth. It is important for drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and more.

Psychic-type Pokemon are weak to Water. This is due to the high surface tension of water, which makes it difficult for them to attack.

Another great way to counter Psychic-type Pokemon is with Dark-type Pokemon. These Pokemon have strong defenses and attacks that can be devastating against Psychic-types.

They are also resistant to Psychic-types, which means that they only take a percentage of the damage from a Psychic-type attack. This is a big advantage for them, since they can easily deal damage to Psychic-types.

The most effective counters against Psychic-types are Dark and Ghost-types. They are the only two types that resist Psychic-types, and they are extremely powerful against Psychic-types.

Fire is also very strong against Psychic-types. It is very hard to damage a Fire-type Pokemon, and it is not affected by the Psychic move “Lick”.

In addition to these types, Steel is a great counter against psychic. It is resistant to Psychic, but it is not as effective against it as other types are.

You can increase the strength of your Steel-type Pokemon by adding a Ghost or Dragon type. The former will help you balance out your Steel-type with a strong secondary typing, and the latter will help it make normal-damage moves super-effective against Psychic-types.