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The psychic is one of the strongest types in the game. However, it also has some weaknesses.

Psychic Pokemon cannot spit fire, and they are resistant to Bug-type moves.

They also have a few weaknesses that make them weak to Fighting-type and Poison-type attacks. Fortunately, these weaknesses can be replaced by some TMs.

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Psychic attacks are mental intrusions from free-floating energies or specific people that try to enter your psyche and make some type of detrimental impact, such as extract information. The good news is that most psychic attacks can be averted with the power of love and light.

The most effective way to prevent psychic attacks is to keep your emotions positive and empowered. The more fearful and negative you are, the more darkness you attract into your life.

This is true both in the visible and unseen worlds, and in the mystical dimension as well. It is the reason why some dark spirits and entities avoid those who are bright, who have self-confidence and personal empowerment.

It is also important to build a shield that protects you from these negative energies, whether that be an energy dome, or a physical barrier. This will prevent the energy from entering your body and causing any damage to you.

Some other ways to prevent psychic attacks are to keep your emotions positive, and be aware of your surroundings. This will help you identify dangerous spots and areas that could lead to a psychic attack.

Another method is to stay away from those who are not happy with your life choices, because they will likely be attracted to the darkness within you. It is best to choose friends and loved ones who are optimistic and encourage your growth, as opposed to those who are negative and destructive.

If you feel that you are being psychically attacked, it is best to talk to someone about it and ask for prayer. This will allow you to clear your mind and get to a better place.

Alternatively, you can try to use some psychic techniques like crystal gazing or dowsing to check if you are being harmed by a dark entity. This will give you a better idea of what is happening to you and allow you to avoid the psychic attacks completely.

Finally, a cleric class is one of the best classes to have in Dark and Darker as it will allow you to revive any fallen teammates and heal them. This is a huge advantage, and it will definitely come in handy if you are facing a horde of enemies.


What is good against psychic can depend on the specific situation. Some psychic attacks are based on an individual’s irrational fear, sorrow, or anger, while others are caused by negative forces and entities trying to interfere with someone’s life.

The most effective way to prevent psychic attacks is to avoid places where the presence of negative energy can accumulate and remain unchecked. It is also wise to practice visualization exercises, such as drawing a circle around your body or rubbing your hands together and focusing on your breathing. These are great methods to dissipate negative energy, and can be used in any room of your home.

Alternatively, you can use an incense, palo santo, or sage to clear away negative energy in the room. Sage is especially helpful, as it is associated with the fire element and can remove any residual energy that may have been accumulated from an attack.

Incense and sage are also powerful first aid for banishing the effects of psychic attacks. They smudge the air and can be lit in a corner of the room to cleanse it of negativity. This can be particularly effective in rooms that have a lot of negative energy, such as the corners of the house or the basement.

Another way to stop ghosts is to trap them with a ward. Using spells from the Enchantment school, you can create a sphere or an object that is impenetrable for ghosts. These wards are especially useful for preventing the approach of ghosts that are anchored to something, such as a corpse.

For example, you could use Otiluke’s resilient sphere to trap a ghost that has been tied to a pillar. This ward will not be effective against an apparition that has been bound to a sand castle, for instance, but it will keep out any ghost that is anchored to a stone or brick structure.

A reincarnate spell can be used to kill or disable a ghost, but this is a very difficult task. It is difficult to determine whether the spirit is genuinely dead or simply psychotic and has reincarnated in order to take advantage of a pillar, for example.


Steel-type Pokemon are powerful creatures that have a metal-like body or a robotic appearance. These are the strongest types of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but they can be challenging to deal with.

They are also incredibly resistant to most attacks, and are immune to Poison-type moves. This makes them a great choice for defensive builds.

The resistances of Steel-types are very high, so you need to be aware of how to counter them in battle. You should use Fire, Ground, or Fighting-type attacks to deal with them quickly and effectively.

One way to do this is by using a Pokemon with dual typing that allows it to resist Steel-type damage while hitting them back with Fire or Ground attacks. Examples of Pokemon that can do this are Lucario, Blaziken, and Emboar.

Lucario is a good option for this strategy because it is both a Fire and Steel-type, so it can easily take down Pokemon with either of those weaknesses. It also has a good Attack stat so it can deal a lot of damage with its Fighting attacks.

Another good choice is Bisharp, as it is a Steel/Dark-type Pokemon that can resist Ghost-type attacks and hit them back with Psychic or Dark moves. This makes it a very strong opponent for Ghost-types.

You can use a variety of cards to protect yourself against psychic attacks, including Forbidden Lance, Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Solemn Warning. This is particularly useful in a deck that is built around Psychic, as these cards can stop your opponent from attacking you for a turn so you can focus on other things.

This method can be difficult to master, as it requires a lot of patience and practice. It’s also not very effective if your opponent has a lot of Psychic-type moves.

The best way to protect yourself against psychics is by learning how to prevent them from attacking you. This can be done by learning to recognize their energy and how it affects you.

Getting familiar with how your energy interacts with others is an important part of being an effective Pokémon player, and you’ll need to start looking at this in more detail if you want to learn how to defeat psychics!