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In Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, psychic types ruled the metagame. However, these days, game developers have greatly expanded the types that keep psychics in check.

Dark-type, Bug-type, and Ghost-type Pokemon are all good choices because they're immune to Psychic attacks. They also take half damage from Psychic moves.

1. Dark-type Pokemon

Psychic Pokemon have been a staple of the games and at times they’ve been some of the toughest to beat. These pokemon are notorious for having powerful moves and status effects that can alter the outcome of a battle.

They’re also weak to Ghost and Dark-type moves, so it’s important that you know what types of Pokemon you should bring when facing a Psychic. The best option is to use a Dark-type Pokemon with a strong Fighting type move to negate their weakness. This can be a good way to get an extra edge over your opponents, especially since many Psychic Pokemon can learn a Fighting-type move from their TMs.

You can also try using a Psychic/Fighting dual-type Pokemon to take down a Dark-type. They have access to a wide range of moves that can be used to nullify the opposing Pokemon’s defensive stats, such as Aura Sphere and Focus Blast.

In addition, Psychic-types have a special ability called Prankster, which increases their priority when they use most non-damaging moves. This helps them to act more quickly when they need to, so they can make it to the final stages of a battle in record time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of psychic Pokemon can learn fairy-type or bug-type moves from their TMs and move tutors, so they’re able to add a variety of moves to their arsenal. This can give you the freedom to mix and match your team to create a balanced strategy that suits you and your opponents’ needs.

Despite their weakness to Ghost-type attacks, Psychic-types are actually quite effective against most Dark-types thanks to their Prankster ability. This is why they’re often the top pick for taking down a Dark-type Pokemon with their powerful and devastating moves.

2. Steel-type Pokemon

Steel-type Pokemon are one of the toughest types in the series, and their resilience has helped them become coveted creatures for their durability. While their weaknesses make them a formidable challenge, you can still take down these bulky Pokemon with a few moves and a bit of knowledge.

The first thing to know about Steel-type Pokemon is that they resist Fire, Ground, and Fighting-type moves. This makes them a great choice for defensive'mons because it can help protect them from being hit by super-effective attacks.

Another thing to consider is that many Steel-type'mons are dual types, which means they have different strengths and weaknesses. This can be a good thing for trainers who want to field two powerful'mons in their battles, but it can also make it more difficult to decide which type to use.

When selecting a'mon, try to pick one that has the best combination of type strengths and weaknesses. For example, Bronzong is a very good Pokemon because it has a Psychic/Steel combination and it's resistant to all three of the most common Steel-type moves.

This gives it the ability to take out a lot of damage, while still keeping its defense high enough to stall out a Psychic-type opponent who doesn't have coverage for Fire. In addition, it has access to Stealth Rock and Toxic, which can keep opponents from focusing their attacks on it.

Aggron is a beast of a Pokemon, with a huge number of resistances and some unique ability combinations that make it very difficult to tackle in Mega form. It's also a good option for players who like their'mons to be able to rely on their defenses and not their attack stats.

3. Bug-type Pokemon

Bug-type Pokemon have a reputation for being weak, fragile, and small. This is mostly enforced by Pokemon like Weedle and Caterpie, but a few of these types can be quite powerful.

Most early-generation bug types are pretty slow in combat and not ideal for lengthy battles. However, game developers have reworked some of these types over time to make them more useful and effective in battle.

A good example of this is Scizor, the evolution of Scythor. This massive Bug-Fighting-type has a high CP cap and a mean Attack stat. It also has a variety of powerful STAB moves, including Megahorn and Brick Break.

This makes it a great choice for PvE raids and Battle League PvP, especially Ultra and Master League. Its 125 attack and HP stats can devastate many of the opponents it faces, and its Mega Evolves make this Pokemon even more powerful!

Another great example of a Bug-type Pokemon that is a strong offensive pick is Heracross. This iconic Pokemon made its debut in Generation II and is a powerful attacker with a range of STAB moves that can deal real damage.

While Heracross is not the fastest Pokemon by default, it can deal massive damage thanks to its bulbous pinchers and blue rolled-up body. Its Mega Heracross variation is especially intimidating with a tough and impressive horn that gives it an extra physical attack advantage.

Its Attack stat is also a huge bonus, as this allows it to easily take down even some of the most powerful Legendary Pokemon that players face. The best part is that it can do so without taking any damage from attacks.

In addition, its speed is incredibly fast, meaning it usually strikes first in battle. This makes it one of the best Bug-type Pokemon to use in battle. It also has the ability Beast Boost, which increases its most proficient stat whenever it knocks out another Pokemon.

4. Fire-type Pokemon

The Fire type is one of the most popular types in Pokemon history. They’re also one of the most effective and dangerous, as a good Fire-type Pokemon can make up for its weaknesses with its strong offense.

In terms of battling, Fire-type Pokemon are super effective against Grass, Ice, and Steel-type Pokemon because they can easily burn them while being immune to Water and Ground-type moves. However, they’re not that resistant to Bug- or Psychic-type attacks.

That said, it’s important to know what kinds of Pokemon can be used against them. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, which includes a list of the best Pokemon to use against Fire-type Pokemon and why you should choose them.

When it comes to battling Fire-types, you should focus on countering their Psychic weaknesses rather than their physical ones. The most common type of Pokemon that Psychic is weak against is Dark, so we recommend using Dark-type Pokemon whenever possible.

Another good option is Dual Types, as you can find several Pokemon that are both Dark-type and psychic type. This can be a huge advantage as you can weaken Psychic opponents while still being unaffected by Psychic attacks.

Victini is another great Pokemon to use against Psychic-types. While it might not look like it, this cute little critter has an incredible speed (95) and boasts some of the strongest defensive stats in the game.

As a result, Victini can tank a lot of damage, as well as attack your opponent with some of the most powerful fire-based attacks in the game. You’ll be able to take full advantage of this Pokemon with a strong movepool and the right support.

5. Grass-type Pokemon

Grass is a very common typing in Pokemon, but it can be difficult to determine which grass-types are the best for battling. The best Grass-types have a variety of unique battle strategies, such as status-inducing attacks, such as Sleep Powder and Leech Seed, and life-leeching attacks, such as giga drain.

Despite the many strengths of grass-type Pokemon, there are some weaknesses to watch out for as well. Grass is weak against Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison-type moves, but it’s strong against Water, Ground, and Rock-type moves.

It’s also super effective against Psychic-type moves. Psychic-types are weak against Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type moves, but they’re super effective against Fighting-type moves and Poison-type moves.

The most popular psychic-types are Slowbro, Starmie, and Slowking, but there are a number of other powerful psychic-types to consider as well. One of these is Tapu Bulu, a legendary Mythical Pokemon that first appeared in Alola.

Other good grass-types to consider include Sceptile, a dual Psychic/Grass type who has an excellent Mega Evolution that gives it extra 100 stats. It also has a great recovery ability that heals some of its HP each turn, boosting its Grass-type moves.

Another strong Grass-type is Kartana, a dual Grass/Psychic type who’s able to boost its Attack stat every time it knocks out an opponent. It’s a good choice for teams looking to take down more elite opponents and has a special move that boosts its Speed stat.

The final powerful Grass-type to consider is Celebi, a dual Grass/Psychic-type that has an excellent Mega Evolution that boosts its attack to 110 and its Special Attack to 145. It’s a good choice for teaming up with other Mythical Pokemon that can help you take down more elite trainers and has a great ability that boosts its HP by half each time it uses a Grass-type move.