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Psychic Pokemon are among the strongest in Pokemon, but they can be difficult to beat if you don’t know what to do. Whether you’re battling or raiding, knowing what type of Pokemon beats psychic will help you get the win.

Ghost, Bug and Dark moves are super effective against Psychic-types. However, Steel and opposing Psychic-types resist these attacks.


Strength is a quality that helps people overcome adversity and persevere through difficult situations. It can be physical or mental, and it can be developed through training.

Many people associate strength with other desirable traits like optimism, determination, courage and success. In modern societies, people often strive to develop strength as they see it as an essential skill to help them succeed in life.

However, it's important to realize that not all strength is created equal. It can take time, dedication and effort to achieve strength in any area of your life.

As such, it's always a good idea to have at least one strong Pokemon that you can rely on in your battles, especially if you don't know what type you have or how to use it properly.

To make sure you have a strong Pokemon, it's important to know what the strength stats are for all types and how they interact with each other. This will give you an idea of what kind of damage a specific type can dish out, how fast it can move and whether or not it's a good matchup against the enemy team.

If you know the strength of your Psychic Pokemon, you'll be better able to decide how to use it. This can be done by looking at their attack and defense stats, as well as their special moves.

It's also a good idea to know what their status effects are, as these can be important in determining how they behave in battle. These effects can put opponents to sleep, confuse them or cause other unexpected side effects.

Similarly, it's also helpful to know the resistances of your Psychic Pokemon. This can make all the difference in how they interact with different Pokemon.

Psychics can be weak against Fighting, Ground, and Fairy types. They're also prone to being poisoned by Bug, Dark, and Ghost types. It's also worth knowing what their secondary-types are as these can affect how they're matched with other Pokemon, too.


The rate at which something travels, measured in metres per second. The word speed is often used as a verb, meaning to move along or travel quickly, for example, “I drove at great speed down the highway.”

In addition to being an effective weapon against psychic Pokemon, speed also has a number of other benefits. First of all, it boosts a Pokemon's base stats. This means it can use more powerful Psychic moves, like Double Team or Ghost Ball, to inflict damage.

Additionally, it improves a Pokemon's ability to withstand physical hits. This is particularly important in Single Battles where the Psychic-type tends to be slower than its Dark- and Water-type counterparts.

Another benefit of speed is that it boosts a Pokemon's dopamine levels, which are key to making the brain feel happy and reward-driven. Dopamine is responsible for motor functions, motivation, and determining how the brain interprets and subsequently experiences pleasurable feelings.

When speed is taken regularly, it can cause long-term changes to a person's brain chemistry and function. This can lead to a number of health complications, including depression and anxiety.

Aside from this, speed can also be addictive. This is because it contains amphetamines, which are highly addictive drugs. If a user becomes dependent on the drug, they may develop serious withdrawal symptoms and suffer from severe mental disorders and even psychosis.

To avoid these negative consequences, it's best to only take speed in small doses. This is because it can easily become addictive and cause a number of dangerous side effects, including anxiety and depression.

Some common signs of speed abuse include extreme euphoria, intense cravings for the drug, and a lack of appetite. These symptoms may be more common in long-term users who have developed a tolerance for it.

Speed can also cause a comedown after taking it, which can last for a couple of days. The comedown can leave a person feeling tired, depressed, irritable and uncomfortable.

It is important to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and talk with loved ones about any negative feelings you experience while on speed. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, consult a licensed medical professional for help.


Defense is an ability to protect yourself from attacks. This includes protecting your body and mind from harm. It can also include things like using shields and limiting access to your mind.

Psychic-type Pokemon can use special moves to reduce their opponent’s Defense. These moves are usually very effective, and can make an enemy unable to attack them for a turn.

However, Psychic-types are vulnerable to physical attacks that aren’t resisted by their type. For example, a Ghost-type can attack a Psychic-type with Focus Blast and a Dark-type can attack a Psychic-type using Shadow Ball.

This is why it’s important to keep your defensive stat as high as possible, so that you can survive even the most powerful of attacks. If you’re fighting with a Psychic-type, it’s a good idea to have at least one Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type on your team, as they can often counter these super effective Pokemon with moves of their own.

You can also take advantage of some Pokemon’s low Defense stat by attacking with a physical move that does a lot of damage. If a Psychic-type is hit by a strong physical attack, they can quickly be knocked out of battle.

Psychic-types are also weak to Fairy-type and Ghost-type Pokemon, so it’s important to choose a different type if you want to fight them. Psychic-types have lower Speed than other types, so it’s important to be able to outrun them before they can attack you.

Another type to consider when fighting a Psychic-type is Steel, as they can resist Psychic-type moves and will do half of their normal damage back to them. This is especially true of some Psychic-types that have a secondary type that’s weak to them, such as Scrafty.

This means that a powerful Dark-type attack could easily do enough damage to a Psychic-type Pokemon that it ends the battle with a bang!

This is why it’s important to know your enemy’s weaknesses before you start a fight. If you don’t, it’s likely that your opponent will win. The best way to do this is by scouting out your opponent’s moves and using a strong move to counter them.

Special Attack

The special attack of a Pokemon is a move that isn’t a normal Attack. These moves are usually more powerful, but they also require an investment of Ki, Life Energy or Mana (MP) to use. In video games, special attacks can often be a great way to get more damage out of a Pokemon, or just help the Pokemon hit harder than it normally would.

Physical attacks and special attacks are based on the attacker’s type, which determines their strength against other types of Pokemon. Most damaging attacks are those that are of the types Normal, Fighting, Flying, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost or Poison.

Psychic-types are very strong, and they do a lot of damage to other Pokemon. They’re only weak to Bug, Ghost and Dark in R/B/Y, they resist Fighting and Psychic, they’re super effective on Fighting and Poison, but they don’t do any damage on Steel.

One of the best Psychic-types to use is Scizor, which can be quite effective as a defender thanks to its high attack. Its ability Technician allows Bullet Punch to do extra damage, and it can even be used to finish off an opponent if they’re weakened.

Another great Psychic-type to pick up is Umbreon, which has some pretty good defensive stats. This makes it hard for other Pokemon to make a scratch on it, and it means that it can recover damages with Wish and sag away an opponent’s HP with Toxic.

It’s also got some decent stalling options, such as Thunder Wave and Leech Seed. This means that it can deal with a lot of different Pokemon without getting overrun, and that it’s also very mobile.

However, one thing to watch out for is that Psybeam can be a problem in protracted battles. Especially when the enemy’s defense is boosted by Evade and Accuracy, Psybeam will have a 33% chance to lower their Special. The chance isn’t quite as big when the enemy’s Special stat is lowered by Confusion, but this is still a huge advantage.