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Psychic types are some of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, but they have weaknesses and counters. Learn all of them so you can fight with confidence in Pokemon GO!

Psychic Pokemon are very effective against Fighting and Poison-types, dealing double damage to them. This can be devastating to Pokemon with weak Special Defense like Beedrill or Gengar.

Fighting and Poison-type Pokemon

Psychic is one of the most powerful types in Pokemon Go and can be the difference between victory and defeat. This is because they have some of the most powerful fighting moves in the game, and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Despite their strong offensive abilities, Psychic-type Pokemon aren’t particularly good at defending themselves, and they can’t resist a lot of damage from other types. That’s why it’s important to know what types are strong against psychic.

The best way to get a good idea of what types are strong against psychic is to look at the type chart. The type chart breaks down each Pokemon’s resistances and weaknesses against every other type in the game.

Poison-types are traditionally defensive types, and they have excellent fortitude and accuracy with their poison attacks. Their ability to remove the Toxic Spikes debuff means that they can outlast or out-damage many other Pokemon, but they have their limits.

Ghost-type Pokemon have an interesting set of weaknesses and resistances that may be confusing to new trainers. The most common answer to this question is that they are “paranormal.” Interestingly, there are also some ghost Pokemon that are actually living creatures.

However, they are still considered paranormal because they are “ghosts.” This is why they have the same weaknesses as the ghost and dark-type Pokemon that can’t resist a psychic attack.

Bug-type Pokemon are another group of Pokemon that have some special weaknesses to a psychic attack. Unlike the other two types, they can’t pass through a spiritual barrier that spirits hide behind to attack them.

Ice-type Pokemon are also weak to a psychic attack because they can’t melt ice. This makes them a good choice for dealing with a psychic Pokemon that’s attacking with fire.

Electric-type Pokemon are another good choice for dealing with a psychic Pokemon because they can deal normal damage to them. Alternatively, they can use their electric attacks to hit the psychic Pokemon directly.

Fairy-type Pokemon are the other type that are a bit weak against a psychic attack, but they have some unique coverage options. They’re strong against dark-type Pokemon and they’re not vulnerable to any psychic moves, but they are weak against fighting-type and ground-type Pokemon.

Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon

Ghost and dark-type Pokemon are a popular choice for trainers. They have strong resistances to psychic attacks and can be difficult to deal with. They are also a popular choice among many Gym leaders and Elite Four members.

In addition to being resistant to psychic attacks, Ghost- and Dark-types can also be effective counters against Psychic Pokemon. These types have high base attack stats and can often deal super-effective damage when fighting against a Pokemon with Psychic moves.

Psychic attacks can often deal double the damage of other types, depending on the move's level and the STAB bonus. This is especially true of moves like Psystrike, which is a TM or technical machine that can be learned to any Pokemon in the game.

However, this is only a good strategy against Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon. These types can still be beaten by Normal and Dark-type Pokemon.

Ghost- and Dark-types are not immune to Psychic moves, but they can be beaten with a special move called Miracle Eye. This moves removes the Psychic type's immunity and its resistance to Psychic-type attacks.

It's also a good idea to use Fighting-type Pokemon against Psychic-types as well. These types have high base attack stats, as well as a few dual-type abilities that make them excellent counters to Psychic.

Another good counter to Psychic-types is Fire-type Pokemon, which have a number of fire-based moves that can be used against Psychics. They can also be a good choice for teams with other types that are strong against Psychic-types, like Steel or Electric-type Pokemon.

Aside from being powerful against Psychic-types, Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon have very few weaknesses to other types. They are not weak against Grass or Water-type Pokemon, and can be weak against Colorless or Darkness-type Pokemon.

Similarly, they are not weak to Fighting-type Pokemon, although they can be beaten by Fighting- and Fairy-type Pokemon. They are weak against Poison-type Pokemon, as well as Normal-type Pokemon.

Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon have very few dietary needs, but they do tend to consume energy. They can eat food, or they can be nourished by supernatural energy. They can even be reanimated by using certain moves and abilities.

Electric and Steel-type Pokemon

Electric-type Pokemon are strong against psychic types because they have very low Defense stats. They can also become airborne when they use Levitate or a held item like Air Balloon.

Psychic-types are weak to Steel-type moves because, unlike electric or metal, they lack life and cannot withstand the mind-controlled powers of a steel-type Pokemon. Therefore, if you want to battle against psychic, you should look for a Psychic-Ice or Psychic-Rock Pokemon and avoid Steel-types.

The steel type was introduced in the second generation along with the dark type, to balance out Normal and Psychic types as they were both great offensively but defensively was weak. It was made for the defensive side of Pokemon because of its many resistances as pure steel types had 10 resistors while electric/steel types had 11 resistors along with a Poison-type immunity for both clashes.

Steel-types are resistant to all physical attacks, except those from the Fire, Ground and Ice types. They are also resistant to Flying-type moves and can withstand the impact of a sandstorm.

Moreover, Steel-types are not susceptible to poison, except from Twineedle in Generation II or a Pokemon with Corrosion. They are also resistant to Dragon-type moves and are not affected by sandstorms, making them a good choice for teams that have several steel-type Pokemon.

In addition to being highly effective against the other Pokemon types, steel-types have one of the highest Defense stats of all the Pokemon types, and they are super effective against Rock, Ice, and Fairy-type moves. They are resistant to Fighting-type moves and have a weakness to Fire and Water-type moves when on defense, which is why steel-types tend to be used for teaming up with other restraining types.

They are also resistant to Machine-types and can withstand a lot of damage because they are usually heavy and cannot bend or break easily. This is why the phrase “man over machine” is used to describe their abilities. Despite being weak against the Psychic type, they are a strong counter to a Bug-type.

Fairy-type Pokemon

Fairy-type Pokemon are the newest addition to the Pokémon franchise. They are usually brightly colored, often sporting some sort of pink, and they are very strong against dragons.

They are also very powerful special attackers and learn a variety of support moves. They are also very vulnerable to Electric, Fighting, and Rock-type moves, so be sure to choose them carefully.

Psychic-type Pokemon are generally strong against Fire and Grass-type attacks, but they can be weak against Flying moves. Despite this, Psychic-types can be very useful in Stadium battles because they have high Special Attack Stats and learn a number of support moves.

However, Psychic-type Pokemon can be difficult to fight with because they are weak to Ghost and Dark-type moves. This can make them hard to counter with a Fire-type, Ice-type, or Grass-type Pokemon.

Another weakness to Psychic-type Pokemon is their low Defence stats, which means they are very vulnerable to Electric and Fighting moves. This can cause them to get caught in the middle of a fight and lose.

One way to counter this is by having a strong Electric type on your team. Some of the best Electric types are Plusle and Minun, who can create sparkly pom-poms to cheer on their teammates and absorb electricity.

This can help them to win a battle and defeat any psychic-type Pokemon that might be on your team. They can also use a range of Electric-type attacks and moves, including the mighty Double Header (double damage) to destroy any psychic-type Pokemon that gets too close.

Aside from these moves, Psychic-type Pokemon can also learn Rattle, which increases their speed when they are hit by Ghost or Dark-type moves. This can be a helpful tool for defending against psychic-type Pokemon, but it should not be used too frequently since it can slow your team down.

Another important weakness to Psychic-type Pokemon is that they are not resistant to Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks. These attacks are based on fear, which can challenge a Psychic-type Pokemon's concentration. These attacks can be very damaging and can even break the psyche of a Psychic-type Pokemon.