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Psychic Terrain creates a low-lying psychic field that prevents grounded Pokemon from being hit by high-priority moves. It also increases the power of Psychic-type moves and nullifies moves with increased priority.

Psychic Terrain cores can be dangerous against Trick Room teams and other strategies that rely on Fake Out. The following list of counter mechanisms can help to minimize the risk of these cores being disrupted.

Psychic-type moves

Psychic terrain is a non-damaging terrain that was introduced in Generation VII. It is TM91 in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it replaces the background environment of the battlefield. It also replaces any other terrain that is currently in effect on the field, and it fades after five turns.

During the time this terrain is in effect, all Psychic-type attacks are 30% stronger. This makes it a great field for offensive Psychic-type Pokemon like Mewtwo or Hatterene.

This is a common terrain that many players have used to improve the power of their battle moves. It does not increase damage from physical attacks, but it increases the power of Psychic-type moves and can even boost Fairy-type and Dragon-type moves.

It can also decrease the enemy's special defense by a stage. This is a very handy feature for any Psychic-type Pokemon that has Psychic Surge or a Choice Scarf item.

The only downside to this terrain is that it can be nerfed by some items. This can make it less useful in certain situations, especially against Ghost and Dark-types.

However, it is still a good terrain to have on your side in most cases. It is particularly useful in double battles, as it helps Tapu Lele block moves with increased priority.

Another interesting effect of this terrain is that it can lower the target's Speed by one stage if they are holding a Misty Seed. It also removes the effects of Light Screen and Reflect, which reduce the damage from special and physical attacks by half.

Lastly, it has a 50% chance to boost the power of Psychic-type attacks and Psychic-sync moves by 1.5x, making them significantly more powerful. This makes it a good option to use in battles where you need to maximize your damage output.

This move is a popular choice for psychic-type Pokemon because of its high base attack power and excellent accuracy rating. It can also be a good coup de grace move when used on the first turn of a battle, as it has a small chance of causing the opposing Pokemon to flinch, which means it loses its moves for that turn.

Psychic Seed

Psychic terrain is a type of terrain that increases the damage of Psychic-type attacks and increases a Pokemon's base power when using Psychic-type moves. This is a powerful ability that is often given to Tapu Lele during Double Battles, as it pairs well with their Choice Scarf item.

Upon activating this Ability, the ground turns into Psychic Terrain, which blocks priority moves and boosts a Pokemon's Psychic-type attack or Psychic-type sync move by 50%. This terrain also prevents the target from being hit by a high-priority move and lowers their Speed.

While it is not a very useful ability to use in a single player game, it is important to have on your team when playing against a trainer or gym leader. Using this Ability will make your opponent more vulnerable to Psychic-type moves, which can be devastating in the long run.

If you are looking for a good strategy to take advantage of Psychic Terrain, it is a good idea to focus on attacking with Psychic-type moves and staying out of the way of other Pokemon. Psychic-type moves have a very strong base power, and can deal an incredible amount of damage.

The first Psychic-type move that you should learn is Future Sight, which sees two steps ahead of your opponent. This move is especially powerful against other Pokemon with a Psychic-type, because it can see what moves the opponent is going to use and hit them with a powerful attack.

Other Psychic-type moves include Moonblast, which deals massive damage to resisting targets and is a great STAB option for a lot of Pokemon. Another great Psychic-type move to learn is Psyshock, which breaks weaker Pokemon and makes dents in defensive Pokemon.

Psychic-type moves are very powerful and should be a staple in every player's arsenal. However, not all Psychic-type moves are created equal. There are a few that you should avoid at all costs, especially those with no type or a low Base Power. These are:

Z-Psychic Terrain

Psychic Terrain protects Pokemon on the ground from priority moves, increases the power of Psychic-type moves used by grounded Pokemon, and prevents grounded Pokemon from being hit by high-priority attacks (such as Quick Attack or Sucker Punch) if an ally is also on the same level. Psychic Terrain is one of the best ways to protect and boost your team’s damage output.

Incineroar is a great choice for a Psychic Terrain team, as it has a wide range of coverage that allows it to deal with both Steel and Ghost Type foes while limiting its own damage output. Its Intimidate is particularly helpful to reduce Physical damage, while Parting Shot can help it pivot out of unfavorable positions in the battle.

Gyarados is another good option for a Psychic Terrain team, especially since it has access to a number of Physical moves that can help it deal with the Ghost and Steel Type foes that pose issues in this matchup. Its Intimidate, in particular, is very useful against Grassy Surge Rillaboom and other Physical strikers in the metagame.

It also has access to Darkest Lariat, which hits Ghost and Psychic Type foes hard, as well as Fire Punch, which strikes Steel Type foes like Scizor and Ferrothorn for extra damage. In addition, Gyarados’ status as a Flying Type means that it has good coverage against many of the Physical strikes in this matchup.

Tyranitar is another good option for a Psychic team, as it has strong STAB and can use Max Darkness to lower the foes’ Special Defense to make Expanding Force do more damage. In addition, its Sand Stream helps break down Focus Sash, which in turn gives Tyranitar the Special Defense boost to survive a Dazzling Gleam.

Driflblim’s Unburden Ability is a powerful synergy with Psychic Terrain, as it can be used to nullify the Physical moves of opposing players. Additionally, it can perform as a Speed control outlet when set up by Tailwind and Strength Sap.

Dragapult is an extremely fast Pokemon, out-speeding most opponents. Its Base Speed paired with Psychic Terrain cores can fend off priority moves like Prankster Thunder Wave and Azumarill’s Aqua Jet, while its Stealth helps it avoid the Sucker Punch threat from Life Orb Cinderace.

Mr. Rime

Psychic terrain is one of the most baffling of all terrains introduced in Gen 6. The best way to describe it is to imagine a world where electric arcs run around the ground.

When a Pokemon with the Ability Psychic Surge enters the field, it activates a Psychic Terrain on the ground. This raises the power of Psychic-type moves and prevents priority moves from hitting grounded Pokemon, but the terrain fades after five turns.

It also protects Pokemon not Flying, Levitating, holding an Air Balloon, or under the effects of Magnet Rise or Telekinesis from moves with increased priority. Moves that target all foes can also be blocked by Psychic Terrain, even if they gain priority or become affected by abilities such as Gale Wings or Prankster.

The most important thing to remember about psychic terrain is that it only affects Pokemon on the ground. This means that if you want to use it, you'll have to make sure your team has some type of ground Pokemon (e.g. Latios) or an acrobatic type that can Levitate.

In general, it's a good idea to pair your Psychic terrain core with a Pokemon that's weak to a certain type of attack and is resistant to Psychic or Ice-type attacks. This can include a Rock-type, a Dark-type, or a Steel-type.

This will give you an easy and strong base to work from as you try to create a competitive team. It will be especially helpful if you're playing in Pokemon Go Battle League competitions and need a powerful, consistent team.

While this team is not the most ideal choice for general Pokemon Go Battle League competitions, it will be a solid option for players who enjoy competitive play and want to be a part of the newest generation of Pokemon. It should be able to help you win against most Psychic Terrain cores, as well as help you set up Trick Room when necessary.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a moveset for Mr. Rime is that you'll want to choose fast moves and charged moves. You'll need to teach your team some Ice-type and Psychic-type moves, and you'll want to pick the fastest ones that you can learn. This will give your team an edge over other teams that don't have this kind of combination.