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If you feel a strange tingling in your spine or hairs on your neck stand up, this may be an indication that you have psychic abilities. You might also hear whispers or buzzing sounds when someone is nearby.

People often sense what other people are feeling, especially if they know them well. Psychics, however, are capable of reading energy even from strangers.

1. You have a strong intuition

If you’ve always had a strong intuition, it could be an indicator that you have psychic abilities. Psychics are extra-sensory beings who can see, hear, and feel things that the average person cannot.

You’re often able to foresee the future or know people’s emotions before they do. You can also sense when something’s going wrong or if someone is being untruthful.

Another sign that you have psychic abilities is deja vu. It’s like a flashback that comes through as though you were visiting a past experience or even multiple timelines at once.

2. You’re clairvoyant

If you’ve always been able to visualize situations clearly, this is an indicator that you have psychic abilities. Clairvoyants can see auras, energy fields, and spirits.

You can also tell if you have clairvoyance by noticing when things move out of your line of vision or prompt you to make a double take. It may be because a spirit is trying to help you or it could simply be a sign that your intuition is working on your behalf.

You can strengthen your clairvoyance skills by using meditation, visualization exercises, and other techniques. You can even use crystals to boost your spiritual awareness and improve your powers.

3. You’re clairaudient

If you’ve ever heard sounds or voices that seem to come from nowhere, then it may be a sign of clairaudience. This type of hearing is a common psychic gift, and it’s typically a positive experience.

Clairaudience is also associated with hearing messages from angels and spirit guides. These can be helpful and can come at the right time.

You’ll know you have clairaudience if you regularly hear noises like ringing or high-pitched noises. It’s important to note that if you are experiencing anxiety or confusion around these noises, see a licensed professional (like a doctor or a therapist) immediately.

4. You’re clairsentient

If you’re able to feel the energies and emotions of others without them being consciously expressed, you might be a clairsentient. This is an important psychic gift because it allows you to understand others on an emotional level and to help them heal.

You might also find yourself feeling the energy of people in crowded areas, such as a sports stadium or concert. This is a natural reaction because clairsentients experience energy on a much higher scale than the average person.

You may also feel bad feelings when you’re around someone who has a lot of negative energy. These are usually warning signs that something isn’t right, and that you need to take care of yourself.

5. You’re claircognizant

One of the four major intuitive gifts, claircognizance means “clear knowing.” Claircognizants are connected deeply with ideas and information. They have a lot of “Aha!” moments and are very creative thinkers.

If you have a strong intuition that comes in sudden, flashes of insight that seem to show up at random times – like a light bulb illuminating inside your head or a drum beat – then this is an indication that you’re claircognizant.

You may have received these thoughts from your spirit guides or your Higher Self without triggering any emotions in yourself, so it’s more about an informational knowing. You can then act on it, as long as you have enough evidence to back up the knowledge and trust your gut instincts. This can be a powerful and accurate way to guide yourself in life.

6. You’re clairaudient

Clairaudience is a psychic ability that lets you hear Spirit’s voice externally or internally. It’s a gift that can be very useful, but it’s important to use it with caution.

If you’re clairaudient, you may begin to hear voices that sound unnatural or out of place. They could sound like someone talking right next to you, in your head, or echoing as if they’re from another dimension.

You’re also likely to hear messages that are clear, calm, and concise. These can be guidance from your Spirit Guides or other loved ones in the spirit world.

7. You’re claircognizant

Claircognizance is the ability to know something without any explanation. It’s a gift that’s hard to explain and may even feel a bit like a gut feeling, but it’s a sign that you have psychic abilities!

You are able to tell when someone is telling the truth and when they’re lying, often with no logical reason. People come to you for answers, and they usually find it easy to trust you despite the fact that you don’t always have a logical answer.

You get quick intuitive ideas or insight, like a light bulb suddenly lighting up within your head, or a drum-beat pulsing in the background. You can also get “downloads” — a sudden rush of information that feels overwhelming.

8. You’re clairaudient

Clairaudience is the ability to hear and receive messages from spirit. It can be a helpful tool for psychics to use when providing guidance to their clients.

Some clairaudients hear voices that belong to friends and family members who have passed away. Others may hear music or ringing.

You’ll probably know if you have clairaudience if you regularly hear sounds that you can’t explain. This could be footsteps or children making noises, which are both spirit-generated sounds.

You’ll also hear voice advice, such as “go for it” or “be patient.” These messages come from the spirit world and aren’t based on your logical mind’s beliefs. If you’re able to recognize your clairaudient abilities, it’s important to practice meditation so that you can develop them further. It’s also a good idea to get noise-canceling headphones so that you can listen for these intuitive clues without disturbing others around you.

9. You’re clairsentient

Clairsentience, or psychic feeling, is a type of intuition that gives you clear feelings. It’s a bit different from empathy, which involves sharing your emotions with someone else, and it’s more complex than intuition.

People who have clairsentience can tap into a person’s emotions without any cues, including body language or physical energy. They also can build a picture of a situation or person without any other clues.

If you think you might have clairsentience, try this exercise: Hold a physical object that belongs to someone you know and see what intuitive insights it gives you.

This is called psychometry, and it’s an excellent way to practice your clairsentience skills. Eventually, you’ll begin to feel any emotions or physical sensations that the object invokes. This is a great indicator that you have clairsentience. You might even start to pick up on the owner’s energy!

10. You’re clairaudient

Clairaudience is the ability to hear messages telepathically from Spirit guides and loved ones who have passed on. These messages are often straightforward, but can also include guidance for a specific event or situation.

Clairaudient psychics usually feel inspired and creative suddenly, with ideas popping into their head instantly. They may even receive symbols or visions of these ideas.

They may also hear their name when no one is around, as well as music, bells, tones, radio, and whispering. If you hear these sounds, it’s a good idea to see a licensed professional (doctor or therapist) as soon as possible.

Clairaudients often have a natural connection with their Spirit Guides and are great advisors at times of crisis or when making a decision. They use their abilities to moderate experiences with spirits, give feedback, and explain when their guidance is needed.