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If you watched America’s Got Talent, you may have seen the clairvoyant duo Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass, who finished second on Season 11. The duo is a mentalist act that impressed Simon Cowell.

Like all magicians, the clairvoyants use a combination of hot and cold reading to make their tricks work. They may do cold reading to narrow their target down, and hot reading to get more detail about the subject.

Psychic Readings

Psychics have the ability to see things that others cannot. This is known as clairvoyance, and it can help them provide their clients with guidance, support, and a new perspective on life.

Clairvoyant readers can also receive messages from the spirit guides and angels that are surrounding them. This allows them to gain insight into their past, present, and future.

It is important to choose a psychic wisely because there are many scam artists who use fake psychic abilities to prey on vulnerable people. Before hiring a psychic, be sure to ask for references and check their credentials to make sure they are a real professional.

The best psychics are always honest and genuine. They will tell you their upfront price for the reading and never try to charge you for additional services after the first session is complete. This will save you money in the long run and ensure that you are getting a legitimate service.

When choosing a psychic, look for someone who specializes in your area of interest and has a high rating on reputable platforms. This will ensure that you get the most accurate reading possible.

Whether you need a love reading, an answer to a current issue, or something in between, a good platform will connect you with a number of psychics who can help you. Most platforms have a rating system that enables users to quickly identify the best online psychics on the site and find an advisor that matches their needs.

You can also find psychics who specialize in specific areas such as financial advice, career, and relationships. These advisors often have special introductory offers for new customers that can save you money in the long run.

Some psychics also use their clairvoyant abilities to connect with the deceased and help them guide their clients through the afterlife. This is a great way to help someone who is having trouble with their loved ones and give them the comfort that they are still around.

Another common trick that psychics use is to spot physical clues that can reveal a lot about their subject. This is a skill that they train themselves to pick up on, and it can help them read people better than others. They can see things like the shape of a person’s hands, their facial expression, the color of their skin, and much more.

Tarot Readings

Clairvoyants, psychics, and mediums are all trained to use divination tools to give clients information about their future, love, health, or other aspects of their lives. While the three are different in their approach to the reading, all of them rely on tarot cards and other spiritually-based symbols.

Tarot can be a helpful tool for people who are struggling with mental health issues or who are seeking help in getting through a tough time. It can help to spark a conversation about what is happening, find meaning in situations, and identify solutions. But it's important to remember that it doesn't replace therapy and shouldn't be used as a diagnostic or treatment tool for serious mental health conditions, like paranoia or psychosis.

To learn how to read tarot, you'll need a good deck of cards and a reference book or online resource. Then, you can begin to practice.

A typical tarot reading includes the querent asking a question and the reader pulling a set of cards from the deck, usually in a three-card spread. The cards represent past, present, and future, and can offer clues to the answer to a question.

Some tarot readers use their intuition to interpret the cards, while others rely on a combination of experience and knowledge. But either way, learning how to read tarot can be a fun and rewarding experience for anyone who is willing to put in the effort.

But tarot isn't for everyone, and it can be especially challenging for those with certain mental health diagnoses. It can be triggering for some, so it's best to speak with your therapist about whether it's right for you before trying it out.

Regardless of your beliefs, tarot is a powerful tool that can help you tap into the wisdom of the universe. It's also a form of self-care and an excellent way to channel your energy.

But tarot isn't a magic spell or a religion, and it can be a dangerous way to misinterpret the cards. It's also not a diagnostic or treatment tool for medical concerns, so it's always best to consult a medical professional.

Clairvoyant Readings

If you're in the market for a psychic, you may be wondering how they do their tricks. There are a few different techniques they use to achieve this mystical effect, but the most common are cold reading and billet reading.

In cold reading, the clairvoyant uses high-probability guesses to deduce information about their clients without them knowing it. They can do this by observing subtle facial expressions, changes in body language and other nonverbal cues. This is a very effective technique for cold reading because it allows them to gather a lot of important information about their audience without letting on that they are actually using their intuition or paranormal gifts.

The Clairvoyants, a duo from Austria who have become famous for their mentalism on America's Got Talent, have been known to use cold reading in their performances. Their ability to read minds has captivated audiences and even the judges on AGT!

They also use a combination of Morse Code and magnets in their telepathy routine. This helps them stretch their limits and achieve amazing feats of mental psyche.

For example, in one performance on AGT, the clairvoyants were given a series of random objects and asked to mentally deduce their details from each object. They did this by entering a soundproof booth and using a combination of magnets and other clever methods to make it appear as if they were communicating with each other.

Once they've figured out their client's information, they use it to predict what they will do next. This can be very useful for people who are unsure about what to do or where to go in their lives.

In addition to this, they can predict the future by reading people's thoughts. This is a great skill to have if you want to be a successful clairvoyant.

The Clairvoyants are a very popular act on AGT, and they've been performing in the show's live shows in Las Vegas. They have also been appearing at other galas, cruise ship shows and corporate events around the world. This has led them to become known all over the world for their incredible performances!


Psychic mediums are able to tune into the energy surrounding a person and gather information about their past, present and future. They use clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to communicate with spirit.

There are many different forms of mediumship, and a lot of them can be very powerful. However, if you are interested in becoming a psychic medium, it’s important to learn more about the various kinds of mediumship before choosing one.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see visions in your mind’s eye of people, places and objects that are not physically located on earth. It is the most common form of mental mediumship and can be very powerful.

A clairvoyant may also be able to sense the presence of a spirit, and even feel the same physical ailments that the spirit had while they were alive. These abilities can be very valuable for a psychic medium, and are worth the time to practice to develop them.

Another way that a clairvoyant can connect with spirits is through telepathy. They can communicate with spirits by letting them know what they are thinking and feeling. This can be very powerful and help them to gather a lot of information quickly.

This type of psychic mediumship is sometimes referred to as “trance mediumship.” They may go into a trance state in order to obtain information from spirits.

There are many different types of trance mediumship, but they all share the same basic concept: spirits are able to speak with them and relay messages from the afterlife. These messages can help the living to cope with their grief and gain spiritual guidance.

A trance medium might use things like Zener cards and Tarot cards to sharpen their trance skills. They can also practice meditation in order to open their higher chakras and become more receptive to the energies of the spiritual realm.

Some trance mediums are able to channel spirits through their hands or body, and this is called physical mediumship. Other trance mediums are able to enter a trance state to receive messages from spirits.

If you are interested in becoming a psychic medium, you need to consider a number of business factors and costs before you begin. For example, you will need to work out where you’re going to provide your mediumship services and how much you’ll need to charge for them. It’s also a good idea to ensure that you have adequate public liability insurance cover in place. This will protect your interests and your reputation if anything goes wrong with your services.