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Chakras are energy points on the body that are known to regulate emotions and promote overall well being. When they are blocked or out of balance, illness and discomfort can wreak havoc on our bodies.

The best way to bring the chakras back into alignment is through yoga and meditation. These techniques are simple to master and can help you balance your entire chakra system.


Meditation can be a great way to balance your chakras and keep them flowing in harmony. This is a key tenet of Ayurvedic practice and has been linked to physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual development.

One of the most common ways to meditate is by sitting still and focusing on your breathing. This meditation is easy to learn and does not require any special equipment, just a comfortable seat and a clear mind.

Another simple way to meditate is by focusing on something in your environment, such as a candle or a flower. This type of meditation is a quick and easy way to bring your mind to focus and can help you relax and release stress.

A chakra meditation is a great way to cleanse your chakras and release any negative energy that you have been holding on to. Negative energies can be absorbed by your chakras and can have a negative impact on your health and life.

During your chakra meditation, you will focus on the positive attributes of each chakra and try to eliminate any emotional blockages you may have. Using visualization techniques, you can see and feel these blockages dissolving away and allowing the flow of chakra energy to flow more freely.

When you meditate, you will be able to identify where your chakras are out of balance and find ways to get them back in alignment. This will improve your mental and physical health and help you lead a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

While certain yoga postures can help your chakras stay balanced, meditation is the best method for balancing your entire chakra system. This is because it helps you connect your mind, body, and soul through a variety of movements and breaths that influence the balance of your chakras.

It can also help you to re-align your chakras if they have become overactive or blocked. This can be done through guided meditations or through specific chakra affirmations.

If you are unsure of how to start your chakra meditation, it can be helpful to watch videos online or read books on the subject. You can also talk to a therapist or healer about this topic.


When your chakras are balanced, you feel more grounded and centered. But when they become blocked, they can cause physical and emotional issues. Yoga can be a great way to get your chakras in tune with one another.

Chakras are the centers of energy that can be found throughout the body. In yoga parlance, they’re also called “wheels” or “circles.” They help the body regulate and control its overall health.

Each chakra corresponds to an element, a specific color within the rainbow spectrum, and a mantra, or repeated syllable. When these chakras are open and unblocked, their energy flows freely through the body.

Blocked or out of balance chakras can cause a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual problems, including depression, anxiety, stress, and irritability. Practicing yoga, meditation, and other holistic healing techniques can help you maintain a healthy and harmonious flow of energy.

Yoga is a practice that encourages the release of old emotions, thoughts, and compulsions. It also helps you to grow and create new, positive patterns in your life.

In addition to the physical poses, which are often called asanas, yoga practice can also help you to connect with your chakras through meditation and other activities. For example, breathing exercises such as pranayama can help you to cleanse and rejuvenate your nadis (energy channels) and chakras.

You can also take part in chakra meditation, where you focus on breathing and repeating a mantra or affirmation that corresponds to each of the seven chakras. This can help to relieve tension, improve focus and concentration, and foster a deeper connection with your spiritual self.

The root chakra, for instance, is associated with the earth. When it’s blocked, you might be feeling ungrounded and disconnected from the earth. You might have a strong attachment to material things, such as money or food, and may develop unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, or drug abuse.

If the sacral chakra is blocked, you might have a strong craving for intimacy and sexual pleasure. You might also be experiencing emotional and physical discomfort, such as anemia or low back pain.


Balanced chakras can help you experience a sense of wellbeing, centredness, and increased vitality. When your chakras are blocked, this can cause problems in your life. Fortunately, you can unblock your chakras and restore their balance with a simple technique called tapping.

The seven main chakras – the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown – are located throughout the body. When they are in balance, says therapist Olivia Lymath of Body & Brain Yoga, you feel strong, grounded, stable, and secure. When they are out of balance, you may have trouble finding your centre, and you might have a tendency to be overly emotional or worry too much about things that aren’t important.

You might also find yourself having a hard time speaking your truth and being honest with others. Physically, this could manifest as a sore throat, thyroid issues or neck and shoulder stiffness.

It is very important to remember that the chakras are interconnected and if one chakra is out of balance, other chakras will often overcompensate. This can lead to a chaotic and out of balance energy flow in the whole system.

If you are experiencing symptoms of an imbalanced chakra, it is important to work with a professional healer that can assess the problem and recommend specific practices to bring your body and mind into balance. These might include acupuncture, meditation, light therapy, crystal healing, aura cleansing, massage or other forms of energy medicine.

Another easy way to keep your chakras in check is to perform regular habits that improve the flow of energy through your entire chakra chain, including meditation, exercise, eating right and resting. You can do this on your own or with the help of a professional.

You can also use a technique called meridian tapping, which is also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This simple technique uses finger tapping to unblock your chakras and restore their flow of energy.

When you practice this technique regularly, it will allow your chakras to return to their natural, balanced state and boost your overall health.


Crystals are a highly effective way to balance your chakras, which are points where subtle energies meet and create swirling vortexes of energy. When your chakras are balanced, your body and mind are in harmony. But when they're out of alignment, your life can be filled with stress, anxiety, and confusion.

The seven main chakras are points where the subtle energy of the body meets and combines with the physical body to create a powerful energetic field. These chakras are associated with different areas of your life, from your mental wellbeing to your spiritual connection.

When your chakras are out of balance, you may experience a number of symptoms, from feeling insecure to being easily angered or greedy. These symptoms can be especially noticeable when your root chakra is out of balance and can affect your sense of stability, motivation, and grounding.

Fortunately, there are many easy and simple ways to use crystals to bring your chakras into harmony. One of the most common ways to do this is through meditation.

Once you've chosen a crystal, place it on the chakra that needs balancing and take a moment to meditate with the stone in hand. If you're new to using crystals, you can also hire a professional healer to help you with the process.

Another great way to use crystals is through reiki. A reiki practitioner can detect the energy blocks in your chakras and work with you to clear them. They can also use chakra stones to align your chakras.

In addition to reiki, you can also use crystals during yoga or meditation sessions to balance your chakras. The healing vibrations of the crystals will help you to relax and clear your chakras.

It's a great idea to choose a crystal that has a similar energy to the chakra you're working on. This will increase your chances of achieving optimal results.

You can use reiki crystals to balance your sacral chakra, which is responsible for regulating fertility. A tiger's eye or carnelian is a great crystal for this chakra, as it can promote self-trust and creativity.