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Psychic readings can help you understand your past, present and future. They can also help you find answers to emotional issues and recurring patterns in your life.

If you are curious about the psychic world and want to know how to develop your own powers, these books can give you a good start!

The Shining by Stephen King

The Shining is one of the most famous horror novels of all time, and has been adapted to the screen many times. It is also considered a masterpiece of cinema, and is often credited as a landmark work in modern filmmaking.

It centers on Jack Torrance, a struggling writer who moves his family to the remote Overlook Hotel for the winter, hoping that a fresh start will allow him to focus on his writing again. As Jack learns about the hotel’s past, he discovers that it’s been a notoriously evil place for years.

As Jack spends time with his wife and young son, he becomes more and more paranoid, believing that the hotel’s ghosts have taken over his mind. At the same time, he is forced to confront his own deep-rooted issues, like his alcoholism and the death of his wife.

While King’s novel is a terrifying, psychological horror story about supernatural forces, it also explores human relationships and the dark underbelly of humanity. It demonstrates how a broken man can become tormented by his demons, and that he is ultimately weak and vulnerable.

It is true that Kubrick changed the movie version a great deal from the book, but that doesn’t make it any less of a powerful work. In fact, the changes to the source material made The Shining an even better film than it was before.

The Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh

The Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh is a well written paranormal romance set in the future. It is a series of thirteen novels revolving around a central plot that involves three races: the Psy, Changeling and humans.

The Changelings are a group of people who have a mix of human and animal genes. They have a special ability to shift into animals like wolves, leopards and others.

It's not always easy to understand the world that Singh has created, but she does a good job of explaining it to her readers. She also does a great job of presenting a variety of characters with different personalities and strengths as well as weaknesses.

Characters are complex and rounded while remaining true to the limitations of their groups and culture, which makes them interesting to read about. This is a very good thing as it helps to keep the book from being too simplistic.

In addition, this is an excellent example of how to write a good story about a race that was once considered the enemy. It's a great read that you can recommend to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances.

The other major plot line in the series is centered around a new illness that afflicts some of the Psy called Scarab Syndrome. This disease affects a small number of them and essentially causes them to become megalomanical. But a community of empaths have banded together to help them get better.

The Psychic Mind by Echo Bodine

In The Psychic Mind, Echo Bodine offers her readers a clear guide to developing their psychic abilities. She explains how you can train your intuition and use it to connect with spirits, plants, animals, and objects. She also shares scientific information about how to receive intuitive information from these sources.

The author has been a psychic and a ghostbuster for forty years, and she writes this book to share her own experiences and help others understand how to deal with the supernatural. It includes stories of her own experiences, as well as letters from readers.

She also covers the various internalized voices that can mask your intuition, including those from your parents and family, peers, therapists, significant others, religious figures, and society itself. The voices bring emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, and despair, which can keep you from listening to your intuition.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned reader, The Psychic Mind is a great resource for anyone looking to develop their psychic abilities. It is filled with stories and examples, and it will make you feel like you’re having a conversation with a trusted friend.

Echo is a renowned teacher of psychic development and spiritual healing. She has appeared on national television shows, including NBC’s Today Show and A&E’s Encounters, and she has hosted her own cable TV show, New Age Perspectives. She currently teaches classes on spiritual development, living by intuition, ghost busting, and laying on hands healing.

The Psychic Pathway by Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker

The Psychic Pathway by Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker is a well-rounded book that doesn’t skimp on the details. Its most impressive feature is its extensive bibliography, which makes it the most consulted reference source in the field of psychic readers. The book isn’t without its detractors, though. Its biggest drawback is that it doesn’t make a clear distinction between the good and the bad. Nevertheless, it’s a must-read for anyone interested in the psychic biz. The book’s most important function is showcasing the best of the psychic world, both in print and in person. This is the best way to ensure the books piques the interest of the average reader, while avoiding the pitfalls that could crop up at any moment. The snag is that the company hasn’t had a clear vision of how to operate on its own for some time, and this is the reason why the book hasn’t reached its deserved cult status.

The Psychic Eye by Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne was a self-proclaimed psychic who made a splash in the media and sold millions of her books. She claimed to have clairvoyant visions, divined past lives and even made psychic medical diagnoses. She was also a frequent guest on popular TV shows, including Larry King and Montel Williams.

She allegedly had a multi-million dollar publicity machine and had an enormous fan base, thanks in large part to her $850 telephone psychic readings, which generated a four-year waiting list. She was a true believer that she could talk to the dead, and she was able to help police departments find murder suspects and their missing victims.

She was also a real-life example of what can happen when a well-meaning celebrity goes rogue. Despite being exposed for her false-flag claims, Browne still managed to maintain an audience and sell a few books. Her best seller, The Psychic Eye, was a top-of-the-line guide to the afterlife that is sure to thrill and delight readers of all ages. The book is not just a collection of wacky hunches but an interactive experience that will inspire and motivate readers to pursue their own mystical quests. This is a worthy read for anyone seeking to improve their spiritual awareness or who has lost a loved one.

The Psychic Gifts by Gordon Smith

Hailed as ‘the UK's most accurate medium', Gordon Smith travels the world demonstrating his incredible abilities, healing and comforting thousands of people. His remarkable skills have attracted the attention of university scientists researching psychic phenomena, as well as countless numbers of journalists and documentary producers.

The Psychic Gifts is an excellent book for anyone interested in developing their own mediumship and communicating with the spirit world. It covers the history of mediumship, as well as a range of exercises and techniques that can help you start your journey to becoming a psychic.

In this book, Gordon teaches you how to sharpen your psychic senses and open yourself to communication from your spirit guides. He also explains how to interpret the telepathic language of the spirit world.

Unlike other books on the subject, this one is written in an accessible style and contains lots of practical information. It also has an emphasis on teaching, rather than pretension.

However, the book does contain a number of flaws. The first is that it is a bit confusing. There are chapters that go on for a long time and make many points in different ways.

Another issue is that the book includes an infamous test performed by Gordon Smith, which may be too difficult for skeptics to understand. The video is not entirely clear, but it seems that the victim was chosen out of a room full of potential victims before her reading.

Best Selling Books About Psychics

If you’re interested in becoming a psychic, there are several books that can help you get started. Some of these are specifically written for witches, while others are just as valuable for anyone who wants to learn how to develop their psychic abilities.

If you’re a beginner, Michelle Belanger’s The Psychic Energy Codex is a great place to start. It explains how to awaken your psychic ability, and also teaches you how to manipulate energy.

1. The Psychic Energy Codex by Michelle Belanger

The Psychic Energy Codex by Michelle Belanger is an excellent book on the mystical world of energy work. The author is a world-famous psychic and an occult researcher with encyclopedic knowledge, so the book will be of great value to anyone who wants to become a better energy worker.

The book de-mystifies psychic experience, taking a practical, rational approach to phenomena from psychometry to spirit communication, and teaches the underlying principles of psychic phenomena that can be applied to any interaction with the subtle world. Its style will engage beginners and experts alike, and its many hands-on exercises encourage readers to develop their own beliefs based on direct personal experience.

Belanger's engaging, almost novelistic style draws the reader in to the possibility that he or she, too, can develop innate abilities. The book also explores the roots of modern metaphysical beliefs, including the doctrine of the subtle body in the Western tradition, the origin of belief in the chakras, and core principles behind time-honored techniques such as meditation and creative visualization. Like Belanger's bestselling Psychic Vampire Codex, The Psychic Energy Codex makes esoteric topics accessible and understandable.

The Psychic Energy Codex is a must-have for any witch who has ever wanted to learn about psychics or energy work. It is filled with theory and exercises that will be useful to any witch who has ever wanted to develop their own psychic abilities.

2. The Psychic Codex by Sherrie Dillard

Bestselling author Sherrie Dillard has a gift for helping people develop their intuition. Whether it's through her intuitive development classes at Duke University, Miraval Resort or her own psychic tours in Mexico and Costa Rica, she knows how to tap into the power of our own inner selves. Her new book, The Psychic Codex, will help you unlock your innate gifts to enhance your relationships, career and health while overcoming any doubts or fears that may be holding you back. The book features a number of illuminating tidbits, including easy to follow exercises and guided meditations. The book is packed with the latest research in psychic etiquette and tarot card readings as well as other mind, body and spirit techniques.

3. Psychic Powers by Gordon Smith

Psychic Powers by Gordon Smith is a book about developing psychic abilities and learning how to communicate with spirit. The book contains exercises and meditations that can help you sharpen your psychic senses and interpret the telepathic language of spirit.

Gordon Smith is a British medium known for his ability to give exact names of people, places, and even streets in his public demonstrations. He travels all over the world to demonstrate his skills and offer healing and comfort to those who come to him for a reading.

He is a popular medium, and people flock to his public demonstrations because they can see that he is genuine. Unlike many other mediums, who can fake their abilities by using a lot of tricks to acquire information about their patrons, Smith never uses these tactics.

In this book, he talks about his own experiences as a medium and how he developed his skills. He also explains how to use these skills in helping other people who are in need of spiritual guidance and assistance.

Aside from his personal experiences, he talks about how his mother was very skeptical of his gift, and she was very afraid of him because he would be able to talk to her. Eventually, she began to realize that his abilities were real and could help her.

As he grew older, he started to notice little psychic phenomena throughout his life. This led to him becoming more and more confident in his abilities, so he decided to pursue his interest in a more serious way.

He studied at a university and began to read books about mediumship. He also attended many workshops and seminars to learn more about his abilities.

Then, when he turned 24, he became more aware of his gifts and began to work as a medium. His first clients were children who suffered from abuse or were in a bad situation, and he worked with them to help them overcome their problems.

His clients include celebrities and people from all walks of life, and he has a large fan base in Australia. He recently performed a demonstration in that country, and his accuracy was impressive. He was able to predict the gender of six unborn babies that were inside their pregnant mothers’ bellies.

4. Psychic Healing by Lisa Campion

The Psychic Healing course, hosted by Reiki teacher Lisa Campion, is a 7-week online learning journey that guides you through the practical skills and techniques you need to activate your natural psychic gifts — as well as strengthen your energetic boundaries. Each session builds harmoniously upon the previous one, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of how to trust your psychic abilities, preserve your energy, and keep your boundaries strong.

You’ll learn how to use a variety of effective methods for instantly confirming or denying your psychic impressions, and you’ll explore the ethical code of conduct all responsible psychics and empaths follow. You’ll also learn how to cultivate an intuitive and compassionate approach to using your psychic skills with others.

This course includes a powerful bonus: an interview with dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden, international bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and certified clinical hypnotherapist. In this playful 30-minute video, Lisa and Kelly discuss how to recognize when you’re feeling overwhelmed and blowing psychic circuits — and what to do when that happens.

As an empath, you’re prone to becoming overextended and emotionally exhausted in a moment. Whether you’re facing a big project, a breakup, or simply a stressful day at work, this bonus can help you recover and find balance.

What’s more, you’ll get a special bonus: a guide to your own team of spirit guides, spiritual beings who support you always. You’ll learn to connect with them and use their energy to ground, clear, and protect yourself in any situation.

In this course, Lisa shares the critical psychic development and empathy training that prepares emerging healers to step into their gifts. She’ll walk you through the process of opening up your intuitive and empathic abilities while empowering you to fully step into your power as a healer in a world that needs all of its devoted practitioners.

You’ll also learn how to set your own personal boundaries with others, which can feel challenging for empaths but is an essential skill to master. You’ll discover how to conduct a “resentment inventory” and discern when you need to say no in a firm yet kind way. You’ll also discover the benefits of cultivating your own inner strength and esteem as you set your boundaries.