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Whether you're looking to connect with your lost loved ones or are simply curious about the paranormal, psychics can help. Psychics are skilled at communicating with the dead through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentient abilities.

In a new study, researchers examined how individuals self-ascribe their paranormal abilities by conducting semi-structured interviews. These interviews provided rich insights into how people make sense of their powers in terms of the self, society and the world.


Some psychics can see and feel people, places, or objects that are not present in the physical world. They can see people who have died or other people who are in spirit form, and they can sense their auras or the energy around them. They can also see the future, and know what is going to happen in the future.

There are many different types of clairvoyants. Some are natural clairvoyants, while others have had to work hard to develop their abilities. Some have a good sense of what is happening in the spirit world, and they can help people who are experiencing spiritual problems.

Clairvoyants are often very visual and enjoy looking at art. They may also be attracted to a career in graphic design or photography. These professions are based on creativity and they are a great fit for clairvoyants because they allow them to use their clairvoyance.

In addition, clairvoyants are very visual and can see how things should work together in their minds. They are great at solving puzzles and they can easily see how different parts of a complex situation work together.

It’s important for a clairvoyant to have a clear understanding of the physical world before they can communicate with spirits. If they do not, their visions will be misinterpreted and it can lead to a lot of trouble for the person they are talking to.

The clairvoyant will also need to understand the different ways that spirits can communicate with them. For example, they might need to speak in a language that the deceased can understand, or they might need to communicate through symbols or pictures. They should also keep their language clear and direct, as this can make it easier for the spirit to hear them.

They also need to understand that the spirit can have feelings and emotions, just like they do in this physical life. They should be very careful not to let their own emotions interfere with their ability to communicate with the spirit world. This is especially important when communicating with the dead, as some spirits can be very emotional or even resentful.


Clairaudience is a rare type of psychic gift that allows a person to hear voices from the spirit world. The ability to listen to spirits and receive guidance can be incredibly helpful in many situations.

Some people are born with clairaudience while others learn to develop their skills throughout their lives. The ability to hear and channel messages from the spiritual realm can be acquired through meditation and practice.

Sometimes, clairaudients can hear unintelligible sounds or words that don't make any sense. They may also hear music or noises that sound different from the rest of the world around them. These are all signs that a person's clairaudience abilities are beginning to open up.

If a person starts hearing voices from the spirit world, it can be very scary. However, it is important to remember that this is a natural and healthy part of developing a clairaudient's ability.

It is very important to seek professional help if you're experiencing a lot of distress because of the voices you're hearing. This is especially true if the voices are evil or destructive.

Usually, a clairaudient's voices are calm and soothing. They aren't shrill or tormenting and will never be aggressive. They're often just brief and straightforward messages like “wait until after graduation” or “ask for a monthly retainer.”

There are a few different ways to tell if you have clairaudience. One of the best ways is to see a psychic who specializes in this gift. Kasamba has several clairaudient readers who will be able to give you a reading and confirm your ability.

Another way to know if you have clairaudience is to listen to nature sounds, music and other non-verbal communication. The ringing of a bell, the sound of a baby crying, the sound of wind blowing in a window are all signals that you can start to hear from the spirit world.

If you have a sensitive soul and often need to be alone to listen to your inner voice, this is also a sign that you're accessing your clairaudient abilities. It's a good idea to get into the habit of spending quiet time every day so you can hear your own inner wisdom.


Psychic mediums are clairsentient, meaning they can communicate with spirits and guide clients through the spirit world. They do this through a process called channeling. It involves matching their energy to the spirit's.

Some psychics have a natural ability to channel, and others learn how to do it through training. They often do this by focusing on a subject that is important to them.

Clairsentients are also sensitive to the emotions of people, as well as the good and bad vibrations in various locations. This can make them great at reading the energies of a person or place, says San Francisco-based psychic medium Serenity Stone.

They also have a connection to the spirit world, and can relay messages from deceased loved ones that aren't available on the surface. Some clairsentients have an uncanny sense of where to locate ghosts, she adds.

If you're a clairsentient, it's important to know that your abilities can get drained by overwork or overstimulation, she notes. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your energies calm and focused so that you can have a successful psychic reading.

Practicing meditation can help you to become more aware of your own energy and what you're feeling, she explains. It also helps you to clear your mind, which is an essential component of channeling.

Another way to increase your sensitivity is to use the healing powers of sage, an herb used for clearing and purification rituals. But sage can also confuse a ghost, so it's best to avoid using it if you want to talk to one.

While it's true that many psychics can help you connect with your departed loved ones, it's not uncommon for them to be scams. This is especially true of online psychics, which often take advantage of the naiveté and trust that many people have when it comes to the paranormal.

For this reason, it's critical to educate yourself on the difference between a genuine psychic and a fraud. This will help you to choose the right reader for your needs.

A sceptic can also challenge a psychic to prove their claim under controlled conditions, such as a JREF Challenge. This is a popular way for people to test the credibility of psychic claims and can be an effective debunking tool.


Intuition is a type of psychic ability that involves sensing the energy of a situation. This process can help people decide on their next move.

It is based on patterns of experiences stored in our long-term memories, as well as the knowledge and information we have from past generations. The information may come from the senses or through dreams, or even from our subconscious mind.

When making a decision, it is important to pay attention to your intuition and to trust it. This will ensure you make the best choice possible and prevent you from making a mistake.

Intuition can be a little tricky to recognize, but it is often a guiding force in your life. For example, you might feel a strong pull to do something even though it makes no logical sense. Alternatively, you might see a bright flash of color and know it is a sign that your gut is telling you something is wrong.

One way to improve your intuition is to learn how to name your emotions. This will help you understand what you are feeling and why it is happening. It will also make it easier to recognize and identify your intuition.

Another way to enhance your intuition is to listen to your body language. You may feel like your intuition is telling you to stand or sit in a certain way, so it is important to remember this and try not to ignore it.

You can also use visualization to better understand what you are feeling and why. This can be done with the help of a counselor or friend, but you can also do it on your own by imagining the outcome of different scenarios and then seeing which one feels right to you.

Intuition also comes from your instincts, which are based on the experiences you have had throughout your lifetime. These are often the things that have shaped your beliefs and values.

Intuition is a dependable source of guidance, but it can only be trusted when you are under stable conditions and are not in a state of duress. For instance, you can use your intuition to avoid a bear in the woods, but you cannot depend on it when you are being chased by one.