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Whether you're looking for a place to meditate or you're an avid spiritual traveler, there are plenty of meditation resorts in the United States to choose from. You can find the perfect one for you and your needs, regardless of your budget.

Osho Meditation Resort

Located on a forty acre campus outside of Mumbai, India, the Osho Meditation Resort is a place where mind, body and soul can play harmoniously together. Its facilities include a massage centre, sauna, mini-mall and seminar spaces. It also boasts an impressive Zen garden and a swimming pool.

The Osho Meditation Resort has its own spin on the traditional meditation sacrament. Its meditations are geared towards relieving stress and clearing the emotional baggage. This is done through techniques such as power breathing, vocalizing and meditative dancing.

The Osho Meditation Resort also has a mini-mall where you can buy meditation chairs, paraphernalia and Osho merchandise. The site also features a video tour.

Aside from its many activities and amenities, the Osho Meditation Resort is also known for its spectacular campus. Its architecture and facilities are a mix of ancient and modern buildings, and its campus spreads out over a lovely garden. The campus is also home to a pyramidal structure.

The Osho Meditation Resort also offers a variety of meditation techniques. This includes “dynamic meditation” at six in the morning, as well as “silent seated meditations”. In addition to these, there are also traditional silent meditations, Qigong and meditative dancing.

While not a comprehensive list of Osho's fanciest and most elaborate inventions, the Osho Meditation Resort should be considered a top choice for those seeking an inspirational experience. Its facilities are modern and its surroundings are inspiring.

Osho's teachings have enlightened thousands of people every year. His enlightening discourses prove his intention to change human thinking. He was also the first to offer compulsory evening darshan. During his tenure, Osho gave daily discourses in Hindi and English.

Art of Living Retreat Center and Ayurvedic Spa

Located on the picturesque mountains of North Carolina, Art of Living Retreat Center and Ayurvedic Spa is a unique wellness resort that blends yoga and meditation with authentic Ayurvedic treatments. This retreat center is located on 380 acres of stunning scenery, providing a serene and comfortable experience for guests. The center offers meditation, yoga, and Ayurvedic spa treatments, as well as wellness workshops and creative expression.

The Art of Living Retreat Center is a non-profit organization that promotes wellness, celebration, and restoration. They offer multidisciplinary retreats, as well as workshops, and support local community groups. They offer yoga, meditation, and wellness programs that are customized to fit the needs of each guest.

The retreat center offers yoga and meditation classes, as well as nature walks, pottery classes, and creative expression. The center also offers workshops in happiness, silent reflection, and wellness. Guests can also attend Transcendental Meditation classes.

The Art of Living Retreat Center and Ayurvedic spa are located on 380 acres of scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, providing a serene and comfortable experience for travelers. The center is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and features skilled staff who are ready to help guests create their own wellness experience. They are happy to work with guests new to the Ayurvedic practice.

Art of Living Retreat Center and Ayurvedicspa have 27 hotel rooms, as well as three spa suites. Each room features a private bath and queen or king-sized beds. The center's rooms also feature organic sheets and bath products.

The Art of Living Retreat Center is a place for transformation, and is designed to help guests discover their true selves. They welcome guests from all walks of life. The center also offers workshops, as well as renowned guest presenters.

Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat

Located in the Cascade Mountains, Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center offers a rustic retreat and a variety of lodging accommodations. In addition to its natural hot springs, the center offers a labyrinth, a conference center, and a gift shop. There are also several spa treatments available.

The hot springs have been used by Native Americans for ritual purification and healing. Today, they offer a variety of workshops, holistic yoga, and massages. There is also a meditative labyrinth that you can walk around. Besides soaking in the natural hot springs, you can take part in one of the 150 wellness-oriented events offered at the retreat each year.

The Breitenbush hot springs are surrounded by mountains and national forest. You can also take advantage of the 20 miles of hiking trails. The hot springs are open to the public for day use, but you must make reservations to stay overnight. The hot springs are located inside a 150-acre wildlife sanctuary.

The Breitenbush hot springs retreat and conference center offers a variety of programs for people of all ages. Some of the workshops offered are group ceremonies, philosophy workshops, and holistic massage therapy. You can also participate in water yoga at Sierra Hot Springs.

The Breitenbush hot springs have a long history of excellence. In fact, the retreat is now the largest private geothermal facility in the Pacific Northwest. It was once operated by the Merle Bruckman family, who sold it in 1957. After the logging industry destroyed the area, the Breitenbush community purchased the land and restored the resort. In 1981, they opened it to guests.

The Breitenbush hot springs retreat is off the grid, meaning there is no electricity, cell phone service, or wifi. They also have a library and a gift shop.

Stillpoint Lodge

Located on the coast of the beautiful Alaskan coast, Stillpoint Lodge is an all-inclusive luxury retreat that offers a unique experience for those looking to connect with nature and with themselves. Stillpoint Lodge is an authentic Alaska retreat that combines wilderness hiking, kayaking, and mindfulness classes. It also offers daily yoga classes and a spa.

Stillpoint Lodge is owned and operated by Beka and Lucas Thoning. They have been in business for 15 years. They started out as a simple cabin in the woods but have transformed the property into a spiritual retreat center. They offer scheduled group retreats as well as one-on-one sessions.

Stillpoint Lodge also offers activities like fishing, bear viewing, and glacier lake kayaking. It's located near Kachemak Bay State Park. Guests can also enjoy a sauna, hot tub, and room service. The resort features eleven log cabins that offer spectacular views and rustic luxury.

The main feature of the retreat is a silent meditation area, but it's not the only thing you can do at Stillpoint Lodge. There is also a yoga studio, a labyrinth, and a nature trail.

Stillpoint Lodge offers guided meditations. You can also participate in regular journal reflections, transformative rituals, and yoga classes. They also have a labyrinth for walking meditations. They also have nightly fireside happy hours.

Stillpoint Lodge is the perfect destination for nature lovers and yoga enthusiasts. It's also a great location for those seeking a new adventure. Its location in a remote wilderness makes it ideal for exploring the Alaskan wilderness.

Stillpoint Lodge also has an organic garden and a labyrinth. Its location also makes it an ideal retreat for groups. The facility can accommodate up to 30 guests.

Zen Mountain Monastery

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner, you will find that meditation retreats offer the opportunity to learn new skills and practices. The practices can include dharma talks, breathwork, yogic breathing, meditation, qigong, yoga, and other holistic practices. They can help you improve your overall health and well-being.

Zen Mountain Monastery offers a variety of retreats. Some of the retreats include weekend retreats, residential retreats, and extended programs. You can also participate in online practice groups and learn about spiritual practice.

Located in the Catskill Mountains, Zen Mountain Monastery offers short courses and full-time monastic training. It draws on the traditions of Zen Buddhism in ancient China. The monastery is a National Historic Landmark and a state historic landmark.

Zen Mountain Monastery is part of the Mountains and Rivers Order, a Western Zen Buddhist lineage founded by John Daido Loori Roshi. It has its roots in ancient China and Japan. The monastery offers zazen, meditation, qigong, and other practices. The sangha includes Zen Center of New York City practitioners, as well as affiliate groups.

Tassajara Zen Mountain Center is the oldest Zen monastery in the United States. This retreat offers a special opportunity for the general public. You can spend a week or a month zazening, meditating, and relaxing at this beautiful place. It also offers eclectic retreats by today's most celebrated teachers.

Zen Mountain Monastery offers meditation retreats to help you improve your mental and physical health. They focus on the eight gates of Zen: zazen, body practice, work practice, study, moral teachings, art practice, and spiritual practice.

In addition to offering a variety of retreats, Zen Mountain Monastery also offers financial assistance to those in need. In addition, they have a store called The Monastery Store, which helps to support monastics and the spiritual practice of Zen Mountain Monastery.